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Hunt, fight, explore, and socialize in an expansive open world.

Cattails is a unique animal simulation RPG made by a husband-and-wife team. Available for PC, Mac, and Linux!

Colonies of Cats

Befriend or battle the other inhabitants of the forest. Join one of the three unique cat colonies and get to know its residents! Or, set out on your own to create your own colony that you lead. Become friends, lovers, or enemies with dozens of unique cats.

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I claim nothing of this game, Credit to the owner of this game, And credit to Erin Hunter for making the Warrior Cat Books, This starts you out as a level 35 (or 45), And with a extra save with the name me Lightning #strategy. Development Stage. RPG Maker XP Published On. May 22, 2016 Game Website. Warrior Cats, the Game: Home Power of Three Download Development Getting Started Updates Comments News Archive Glitch Report! FAQs Updating Your Game. Cats RPG.Has a Storyline. Join a Clan, help out your Clan. Help make a bit of the Warrior Code. Moderators: Admin, Mod Blackbolt, Frostleaf. 112: 7,711: LeafClan sign ups by stormtail May 21, 2020 19:58:19 GMT -5.

Warrior cats the gamehouse free online games

2) You may choose any member (a warrior) that does not already have an apprentice to be your mentor (with their agreement, of course) 3) Your mentor chooses when you become an apprentice and your leader chooses when you become a warrior. 4) Please no cyberbullying. 5) Do not use bad language. 6) No inappropriate comments or detailed mating. This website is home to the original, New Prophecy, and Power of Three single player warrior cats video games. All three games are available for free download from the download page. Also found here are instructions for getting started, a comments/questions board, FAQ section, and more!

The Apex Hunter

Track down creatures for a satisfying snack and pounce to secure your kill. The cats of the wild must eat to survive. Hunting is a careful balancing act; get close enough to pounce, but don't get too close or your victim may flee!

A Living World

Seasons pass and the weather changes. Explore the forest to find the best spots to hunt. Gather herbs and berries that can help your friends (and hinder your foes!) Wander the vast woodlands, swamps, and beaches and find treasures in the wilderness.

Start a Family

Date and marry one of sixteen eligible cats! Raise a litter of kittens together. When your children have grown up, they will join you on your adventures and learn from your actions.

Conquer the Caves

Warrior cats the gamehouse games

Find scary abandoned mines throughout the world. Those who dare to brave the dark depths of the caves may return with great treasures.. But be careful! Nasty bats will haunt your every step as you descend deeper and deeper!

Gain Territory

Defend your land from invading cats, or set out to conquer new lands in the name of your colony! Battles rage daily along the borders. Learn exciting new skills and master the art of feral combat. Join your allies and push back your enemies!

  • Customize your kitty with hundreds of unique coat and eye colors
  • Full controller support
  • Collect stylish accessories to make your cat stand out in a crowd!
  • Upgrade and customize your den
  • Weather and seasons change, so every day is different!
  • Hunt for prey anywhere
  • Marry one of sixteen eligible cats and raise a family together
  • Take your kittens out on adventures with you and teach them how to survive in the wild
  • An enormous open world
  • Participate in fun seasonal festivals and win awesome prizes
  • Create your own colony of cats and customize it to your liking
  • ..And so much more!

Tyler Thompson

Lead Developer

[email protected]

Tyler started development work for Cattails in May of 2016. He began making video games when he was 10 years old, and he hasn't stopped since. @FalconDevelops on Twitter

Beka Thompson

Marketing Coordinator

Beka, Tyler's wife, runs the Cattails social media pages. She helps manage the project and acts as the front-end for all professional inquiries. @BekaRuth11 on Twitter


Resident Cat

Elli has professional experience being a cat. She helps us with research, marketing, and general cat-related knowledge. Elli is a rescue from the local Cat Café.



The newest member of the Cattails team, Peanut provides plenty of love and affection to the team. Peanut is a rescue from the local Cat Café. She loves playtime and catnip.

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Ultimate Cat Simulator

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How do you get kittens and clan mates?

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Top Answer

To get a mate you must battle a cat without a mate and as you battle the cat you meow when it's weak then you can customize your mate and play as it. To get a kitten you must be level fifteen and there will be a empty slot for your kitten press it and you will have your kitten in fourteen minutes after the fourteen minutes your kitten will be born and you can customize the kitten and play as it.

Guest Replied
I tried that why can’t I get a mate
Guest Replied
In fact I had to kill it
Guest Replied
Hah, I’m a housecat, I had forgotten how to attack, a cat appeared IN MY HOUSE and I died right when I could meow. Silly me. ???????????
Guest Replied
You have to be at level 5 but sometimes you can’t if you’re gonna die one tip is to run away until your health is good
Guest Replied
Is that on multiplayer or single player
Guest Replied
I killed two cats trying to get a mate
Guest Replied
Dude someone said I was supposed to feed the other cat.. that did not End
Guest Replied
I keep on pressing the birth button but it dose not work
Guest Replied
Thanks! I got a mate, now I just need to do the kitten step.

If you want a warrior cats clan i think you send your mate (and kit(s)) home (tap their picture in the top left corner and tap the home icon) then, you can look for another mate. I've never tried it, so I don't know (o LOVE Warrior Cats)

Warrior Cats The Game Map

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Guest Replied
But how? Where is the “top left corner” like what page?
Guest Replied
To send your family home you tap on their profile in the top left corner and press the button that looks like a house
Guest Replied
Warrior cats clan? Like Thunder or shadow?

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