Unit 4: Travel And Tourismgeography

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Unit 4: Travel And TourismgeographyGeography

Importance Of Geography In Tourism

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Unit 4: Travel

Since the Homework Center can't tell you what to write on, here are some suggestions for coming up with a good topic.

  1. First, choose a subject that interests you. Let's say you like dogs.
  2. Then try to narrow the subject down to something you can write about knowledgeably. Let's say you have a beagle and you know a lot about beagles based on your experience of owning one.
  3. Now come up with a statement about your topic. 'Beagles are the best breed of dog.' This will be your thesis statement or 'hook.'
  4. To write your paper, answer the question 'why' at least five times. A beagle is the best because 'beagles are smart' or 'beagles are neither too small nor too big — they're just right.'
  5. Wrap it up. Write a brief conclusion that summarizes the points you have made. 'Clearly, beagles are best because they're smart and they're just the right size.'

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Importance of geography in tourism

Make sure you understand what is expected from you. Unit 4 - Customer Service in Travel and Tourism P3 - Describe the customer service skills required to meet customer needs in travel and tourism contexts ( ) Courses, subjects, and textbooks for your search. Zte blade zmax unlock code freechampionbrown.


Unit 4: Travel And Tourism Geography 14th Edition

Unit 1 - investigating the travel and tourism sector; Unit 2 - the business of travel and tourism; Unit 8 - long-haul travel destinations; Unit 5 - marketing travel and tourism products and services; Unit 15 - working as a holiday representative; Unit 6 - preparing for employment in travel and tourism; Unit 9 - retail travel operations. Operational input. It is recommended that the unit is scheduled towards the end of the learners’ programme as it is informed by and develops learning from other units namely Unit 3: The UK as a Destination, Unit 7: European Destinations, Unit 8: Long-haul Travel Destinations and Unit 13: Tour Operations.