Unit 3: Populationgeography

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  1. Unit 3 Population Geography Quizlet
  2. Unit 3 Population And Migration

Chapter 2 Key Issue 3 of The Cultural Landscape by James M. Rubenstein as presented by Andrew Patterson.

Unit 3A: Population/Development

Week 1: -----------------------------------------------
Introduce Population Unit (Quiz #1 on ~ Friday 12/06)
Chapter 2 Key Issue 1: (2.1-2.2) - Due: Friday 12/06/2019
Where are the people? and why there? (notes)
World Population At A Glance Worksheet
Week 2: -----------------------------------------------
A Look at the Population Explosion. Click HERE for video
World Population Data Sheet At A Glance Worksheet Due 12/12/2019
Chapter 2 Key Issue #2 Study Guide (2.3-2.4)~Due 12/13/2019
Week #3: ----------------------------------------------

Population Pyramids (Constructing 6 pyramids) ~Due: 1/9/2020

Chapter 2 Key Issue #2 Study Guide (2.5)Due: 12/18/2019
Population Pyramids a the local scale
Population Data Directions (local scale) ~data gathering and building pyramids with Microsoft Excel

Demographic Transition Model Lecture Video (pg 18 in notebook)
Demographic Transition Model - Notes & Video Assignment
Examine Population Pyramids for different countries: click here

World in the Balance Video (NOVA) ~video click here

H.W.Chapter 2: Key Issue #3 (2.6-2.8) ~Due:1/10/2020
Quiz #3: Population Pyramids + DTM (2.5) ~Date: 1/10/2020
Week #4: ---------------------------------------
Population Bomb! Simulation
The simulation will last all week. Introduced on Monday and final results and discussion on Friday.

Population Bomb! Reflection (google form) ~Due: 12/2020

Gapminder Student Guide

Week #6: Development(Chapter 9 of the Rubenstein textbook)
HW: Read 9.1-9.4 Key Issue #1: How does development vary among regions? ~Due:
HW: Read9.6-9.9 Key Issue #2: How can countries promote development?~Due:
China Revs Up (A study in the development of the worlds most populous country)

HW: Chose 5 developed and 5 developing countries~Due:
Week #7 Development-----------------------------------------
Day 1: Development (Chapter 9)
Developed vs. Developing Activities (country development sorting)
Characteristics of Development Notes-cut & past into notebook
HW: Chose 5 developed and 5 developing countries~Due:
Day 2: Development (Chapter 9)
Worktime: Chose 5 developed and 5 developing countries
Action Activity-Are we there yet? (evaluate your choices for developed & developing)
Day 3: Development (Chapter 9)
TED Talks on Development (Hans Rolsings New Insights on Poverty)
Day 4: Development (Chapter 9)

GapMinder: Global Casino Activity
Day 6: Development (Chapter 9) TALESH
This is a short simulation game dealing with the problems of global development to meet the basic needs of the earth's people. Its goal is to acquaint students with some of the strategies that can help poor nations become self-sufficient and economically viable.The game focuses on a fictitious nation called Talesh.The students will play the role of Taleshian development officials attempting to choose the development projects that will best help their struggling nation.
Day 6: Development (Chapter 9)
The situation in Talesh -development simulation (Day 2)

Introduce PICK-A-PING Project

Country Sign Up & Population Profile Details
2014 Population Data Sheet

PICK-A-PING HANDOUT- Overview of the project

Antebellum is the forty year period before the Civil War. It focuses on the growing division between the North and the South, also known as sectionalism, that eventually led to the war. We will look at the social and economic differences of these regions and the political compromises that tried to keep the country united. We will continue with a focus on why the Union won the Civil War and its effects, the successes and failures of the reconstruction of the South.Honors classes, please click on the following document to see your weekly homework.Antebellum VocabHonors Weekly Homework AssignmentsThe assignments below are either classwork or additional homework.Economics: North v. South (Use the

The study of the spatial and ecological aspects of population, including distribution, density per unit of land area, fertility, gender, health, age, mortality, and migration. A measurement of population per unit area, for example, per square mile. Unit 3: Cultural Patterns & Processes. Unit 3 Summary Video. FREE PREVIEW; Unit 3 Study Guide. Unit 3 Practice Quiz 1. Unit 3 Quiz 1 Answer Key & Explanations. Language Families Document. Unit 3 Practice Quiz #2 (Language) Unit 3 Study Guide Answer Key. Important Vocab & Concepts of Unit 3. Barrons AP Human Geography- Unit 3 62 Terms. AP Hug Chapter 3 Vocab 62 Terms. OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR. PHUG AMSCO Unit 1 38 Terms. Unit 2 Population Geography Vocabulary Flashcards: AP Human Geography Barron's Book AP Exam 46 Terms. PETERSENVALERIE TEACHER.

Unit 3 Population Geography Quizlet

Economics of Slavery and PopulationGrowth of the Factory to answer)Economics of Slavery ReadingAntebellum DBQ: Use the notes below to do this assignment.Antebellum DBQ Notes: Use with the assignments above.Growth of the Factory System ReadingSlave Narrative Analysis (Use

Unit 3 Population And Migration

PopulationgeographyA Slave's Life to complete)A Slave’s Life ReadingComparing the 1820 and 1850 CompromiseGuided Reading 4.1: The Divisive Politics of SlaveryGuided Reading 4.1 Part 2: The Divisive Politics of SlaverySlavery VideoPolitical Compromises to Save the Union presentation: Use the notes below.Political Compromises to Save the Union Notes: Use with the presentation above.Antebellum Movie ProductionElection of 1860 ActivityAntebellum Test Study GuideThe assignments below are either classwork or additional homework.Civil War AssignmentsPopulationgeographyThe Economics of the Civil WarMilitary Strategy and Secession MapGettysburg Video QuestionsCivil War BattlesMilitary Leadership: Comparing Robert E. lee and Ulysses S. GrantCivil War Soldier NarrativesVicksburg DBQReconstruction AssignmentsIntroduction to ReconstructionReconstruction Presentation: Use this presentation to answer the notes.Reconstruction Presentation Notes: Use the presentation to do following notes.Interpreting Civil Rights Amendments: Read the excerpts from the Amendments and explain what they say.Video Questions: The Rise of Jim CrowThe Rise and Fall of Jim Crow Website Assignment: Use the website on this assignment to learn more about Reconstruction and the Jim Crow Era.Black Codes“Strange Fruit”-Warning! Graphic images of lynchings.Plessy v. FergusonReconstruction Essay Organizer: Use this organizer for the essay.Reconstruction Essay Thesis and Organizer Helper: Use this to complete your essay organizer.