Unit 3 Communicable Diseases

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This report is produced by the Communicable Diseases Prevention Unit of Public Health Services. For any queries and feedback please make contact via [email protected] Information about influenza activity in Tasmania is available in the fluTAS Report. Information about notifiable diseases in Tasmania is available from the CDPU. These findings are the latest support to the “hygiene hypothesis” that proposes a lack of childhood exposure to infectious agents and parasites increases susceptibility to allergic diseases by suppressing the natural development of the immune system. But there may be more to it Read more at NPR.org. What does it mean to have an infectious disease? Lesson 1: Infectious Disease Detectives – Typhoid Mary Lesson 2: What are the patterns of infectious disease? Lesson 3: How do infectious diseases spread? Lesson 4: How can we prove infection causes disease? Lesson 5: Do bacteria cause stomach ulcers? Applying Koch’s postulates. Mission, Values & Strategic Plan. Executive Summary.

  1. Unit 3 Communicable Diseases Symptoms
  2. Non Communicable Diseases
  3. Unit 3 Communicable Diseases Disease
  4. Top 10 Communicable Diseases
  5. List Of Communicable Diseases
  6. Most Common Communicable Disease

A disease is a significant disturbance in health due to microbial infection.

Most of these diseases tend to spread from one person to another, from one region to another.

These are transmitted by mediators or vectors like insects, animals, air, water, soil, and human activities like sneezing, kiss, sex, etc.

They are also called as contagious diseases and epidemics. They are so deadly that if occurred, they kill thousands of people in a row.

Unit 3 Communicable Diseases Symptoms

Communicable Diseases List:

Infectious diseases can be divided based on a few aspects as.

a) The disease-causing agent

b) The transmission agent

c) The mode of spreading

d) The rate of spreading.

Based on causing agent: We have causing agents like

  • Bacteria
  • Virus
  • Protozoa
  • Fungi
  • helminth parasites, nematodes

Bacteria communicable diseases list:


Communicable diseases by bacteria are most prevalent and difficult to eradicate from the human population.

Cholera: This is caused by bacteria namely Vibrio cholera. There are immense watery, loose motions, and mostly fatal.

Typhoid: This is characterized by prolonged fever and is caused by Salmonella typhi.

Diphtheria: This is an infectious condition of the buccal cavity and trachea. It is very fatal.

Tuberculosis: This is spread by contaminated salivary droplets during sneezing, using utensils of an infected person, etc. It is a fatal infection but curable if taken medicines as prescribed.



Non Communicable Diseases

Viral diseases:

Unit 3 Communicable Diseases Disease

HIV: Human Immunodeficiency virus is a communicable virus that can results in AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).

Top 10 Communicable Diseases


Polio: A disorder characterized by a deformity in limbs.

Encephalitis: This is an inflammatory brain infection that is fatal with characteristic symptoms like fever, headache, coma, etc.

Measles: This is a respiratory infection. Spread by water or air.

List Of Communicable Diseases

Mumps: This is an infection of tonsils characterized by swelling of jaw and cheek regions with immense pain.

Rabies: This is an infection caused due to the dog bite. The vector is an infected dog.

Most Common Communicable Disease


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