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Nickelodeon Toon Twister 3-D

Developer: WayForward Technologies
Publisher: Scholastic
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: October 2003

This game has hidden development-related text.
This game has unused graphics.
This game has unused models.
This game has unused items.

Play the game, get help from Plankton, make movie, FAMOUS!

  • 1Unused Models
  • 3Development Related

Unused Models

Present in the w3d folder are all of the game's 3D files, including some that go unseen by the user.

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3dp_bed_hi.w3d is a model of Timmy Turner's bed. A different mesh with thinner outlines is used in his bedroom set.


Nickelodeon Toon Twister 3d Free

3dp_cocktail_hi.w3d is a cocktail of sorts that resembles a 3D cookie jar.

Cookie Jar

3dp_cookiejar_hi.w3d is a 2D cookie jar that goes unused.


3dp_gary.w3d is a 3D model for SpongeBob's pet snail. He appears as a 2D sprite in-game instead.

Pirate Doll

3dp_piratedoll_hi.w3d is a random pirate doll that seems a little out of place for this game.


3dp_sledgehammer_hi.w3d is yet another unused prop.

Toon twister 3d free download

Unused Graphics

Present in the root of the disc is setup.bmp, which appears to be a mockup screen for the autorun executable. It shows no real difference from the final and the Nickelodeon logo overlaps the dialog box.

Development Related

Debug Text

A debug text file aptly named debug.txt can be found in the game's main directory. It seems to handle some of the game's resources, such as the 3D renderer and the amount of memory available for the game.


Used for error logs in the swf files.

Free 3d Downloads

.swf Nodes

Nickelodeon Toon Twister 3d Free Download

In the game's directory, there are three .swf files. They aren't unused, they just are part of the game but they got some nodes that are seen off-screen.

Nicktoons Toon Twister 3d Download Free


There are 10 nodes in this file, all fully functional.

Toon Twister 3d Free Download


There is 1 node in this file, doesn't function.


Nickelodeon Toon Twister 3d Free Download

There are 5 nodes in this file, all are also fully functional.

Nickelodeon Toon Twister

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