The Third Book Of Enochrejected Scriptures

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The Third Book Of Enochrejected Scriptures

Here is a verse from the book of Enoch: 7.2 And they (human women) became pregnant and bore large giants. And their height was three thousand cubits. So, 4,500 foot tall beings walked around earth? Keep in mind, human females supposedly gave birth to these giant beings. This took 2 minutes to find in my first ever skim of the book. And behold, the third time they did understand the voice which they heard, and it said unto them, Behold my Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased, in whom I have glorified my name; hear ye him. And it came to pass, as they understood, they cast their eyes up again towards Heaven. In the third trumpet judgment, a third of the rivers and springs are poisoned (Rev. In the fourth trumpet judgment, a third of the sun, moon, and stars were struck so as to be darkened (Rev. In the fifth and sixth trumpet judgments, all men without the seal of God are tormented, and then a third of them are killed.

In Judaism, and Islam, the Third Heaven is a division of Heaven in religious cosmology. In some traditions it is considered the abode of God,[1] and in others a lower level of Paradise, commonly one of seven.[2]


The early books of the Tanakh reference Heaven (Heb. Shamayim), but not a Third Heaven or a specific number of heavens.[1] Heaven is mentioned several times in the first chapter of Genesis. It appears in the first verse as a creation of God. His dividing the light from the darkness in verses 4 and 5 has been interpreted as the separation of heaven into two sections: day (God's throne) and night (where our universe is contained). In verse 8 heaven refers to the atmosphere over the earth in which birds fly, and in verse 14 it's the setting for the celestial lights, later identified (verse 16) as the sun, moon and stars.[3]

The Third Book Of Enoch Full Text

A third concept of Heaven, also called shamayi h'shamayim (שׁמי השׁמים or 'Heaven of Heavens'), is mentioned in such passages as Genesis 28:12, Deuteronomy 10:14 and 1 Kings 8:27 as a distinctly spiritual realm containing (or being traveled by) angels and God.[4]

The ambiguity of the term shamayim in the Hebrew Bible, and the fact that it's a plural word, give 'heavens' various interpretations regarding its nature, notably the ascension of the prophet Elijah.

In the non-canonical Second Book of Enoch, Third Heaven is described as a location 'between corruptibility and incorruptibility' containing the Tree of Life, 'whereon the Lord rests, when he goes up into paradise.' (chapter 8) Two springs in the Third Heaven, one of milk and the other of honey, along with two others of wine and oil, flow down into the Garden of Eden. (verse 6) In contrast with the common concept of Paradise, the Second Book of Enoch also describes it as 'a very terrible place' for those who do wrong, with 'all manner of tortures' inflicted by merciless angels on 'those who dishonour God, who on earth practice sin against nature,' including sodomites, sorcerers, enchanters, witches, the proud, thieves, liars and those guilty of various other transgressions. (chapter 10)

In the Slavonic version of the Greek Apocalypse of Baruch, also known as 3 Baruch, the author is shown a phoenix, and a dragon residing there is said to eat the bodies of 'those that have spent their lives in evil.'[5]

In The Legends of the Jews by Louis Ginzberg, this third division of Paradise is said to be, like the other six, 'twelve myriads of miles in width and twelve myriads of miles in length,' built of silver and gold, and containing 'the best of everything there is in heaven.'[2]


Aside from the redeemed, the transgressors and various angels mentioned in the Bible and other Hebrew literature, a number of specific figures and spirits are mentioned as residing in the Third Heaven. According to The Legends of the Jews by Louis Ginzberg these include:[2]

  • the Israelites of the Exodus
  • the kings of Judah (notably David, but 'with the exception of Manasseh, the son of Hezekiah, who presides in the second division, over the penitents')


3rd Book Of Enoch

The Third Book Of Enochrejected Scriptures

New Testament[edit]

In 2 CorinthiansPaul the Apostle writes, 'I know a person in Christ who fourteen years ago was caught up to the third heaven—whether in the body or out of the body I do not know; God knows. And I know that such a person—whether in the body or out of the body I do not know; God knows—was caught up into Paradise and heard things that are not to be told, that no mortal is permitted to repeat.'[6] According to E. W. Bullinger, the Greek says 'caught away', not 'caught up' possibly reflecting Jewish beliefs that Paradise was somewhere other than the uppermost heaven.[7]

Ideas about the system of 'heavens' held by Jews and Christians in first-century communities are also evident in the non-canonical Second Book of Enoch (see previous section).

New Testament apocrypha[edit]

According to the Apocalypse of James,[8] John the Baptist dwells in the Third Heaven.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints[edit]

Latter-day Saint theology interprets the Third Heaven to be the Celestial Kingdom, the highest of three degrees of glory rewarded by God following the resurrection and final judgment.[9]


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According to Islamic tradition, Muhammad's Mi'raj (ascension through the heavens) included an admission to the Third Heaven by the angel Gabriel, in which he met Joseph, who received him warmly.[10] Islamic tradition also places Azrael, the angel of death, in the Third Heaven.[8] The third heaven is depicted as being constructed of pearl and/or other luminous metals.

According to Shi'ite sources, the Third Heaven is named Marum (Arabic: ماروم‎).[11]

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Most believers acknowledge the Bible as the ultimate source of knowledge and power. This video published by Think About It explains that though the Bible is the ultimate source of our beliefs, it is missing on elements, that being the book of Enoch.

What is the Book of Enoch?

The book of Enoch, which was written before Genesis and the rest of the Bible, was left out of the Bible in our modern King James versions. This video explains why they believe that was a mistake. According to the speaker, Steve, the book of Enoch includes explanations about giants, fallen angels, creation and more that explains various other portions of the Bible that without the books presence doesn’t quiet make sense.

The Third Book Of Enochrejected Scriptures

Book Of Enoch Scripture


The Third Book Of Enochrejected Scriptures In The Bible

Why Would The Book of Enoch Be Left Out?


According to the video, one reason the book might have been left out could be outlined in Daniel 12:4, which says, But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. You can make the assumption that the book was purposely left out to confuse and deceive believers and nonbeleivers alike until the appointed time of enlightenment, or the time of the end as it is labeled in Daniel.

What This Means For Believers Today

Steve explains the importance of learning what is the in the book of Enoch. He believes Christians cannot truly understand the Bible without the knowledge within the book. Jesus too spoke of the importance of knowing the Word of God in its entirety when he stated in John 8:32, You shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

Each person must decide for themselves whether they believe it was a mistake to remove Enoch from our modern Bibles. This video makes a good case for why we as believers should be interested in what is written within Enoch. Watch it in its entirety to learn more.