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Teleportation items dnd
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It’s time to discover teleportation spells and have some fun while you are at it. Learn how to teleport for real and see the endless possibilities. Of course, if you are an avid reader of this website and the content we provide, you probably know by now that we often refer to both real spells and games of spells. A rod to be powerful enough to transport the godbreaker parts to a place of safety. Despite being a Rod, it cannot be used as a weapon. Whack your boss game.

Teleportation Items Dnd

Crystal Mirror

Recall Crystal +Wormhole Crystal +Magic Mirror +Bed@Anvil

Right-click to set waypoint
Left-click to teleport to waypoint
Left-click a person on your team in the map to teleport to them
(Each Mirror has its own waypoint)
(Be careful when using Mirrors between worlds)

Rod of TeleportationRod of Discord + Teleportation Crystal@Mythril Anvil

Left-click to teleport to your cursor

Recall CrystalBottled Water + 30 Specular Fish + 30 Daybloom@Solidifier

Left-click to teleport to spawnpoint

Wormhole CrystalBottled Water + 30 Specular Fish + 30 Blinkroot@Solidifier

Left-click a person on your team in the map to teleport to them

Teleportation CrystalBottled Water + 30 Chaos Fish + 30 Fireblossom@Solidifier

Does nothing by itself yet

Teleportation Items Osrs

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Teleportation Items 3.5

Teleportation Items

Spells in Teleportation

Teleportation Items Terraria

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Pathfinder Teleportation Items

Spell nameSpell SchoolVSMAFDFXPRulebook nameEdition
ShuffleConjurationShining SouthForgotten Realms (3.5)
StandConjurationPlayer's Handbook IISupplementals (3.5)
StormwalkConjurationStormwrackSupplementals (3.5)
Swamp StrideConjurationSpell CompendiumSupplementals (3.5)
Tactical TeleportationConjurationComplete MageSupplementals (3.5)
TeleportConjurationPlayer's Handbook v.3.5Core (3.5)
Teleport ObjectConjurationPlayer's Handbook v.3.5Core (3.5)
Teleport, GreaterConjurationPlayer's Handbook v.3.5Core (3.5)
Teleportation CircleConjurationPlayer's Handbook v.3.5Core (3.5)
Transport Via PlantsConjurationPlayer's Handbook v.3.5Core (3.5)
Tree StrideConjurationPlayer's Handbook v.3.5Core (3.5)
Trobriand's Baleful TeleportConjurationCity of Splendors: WaterdeepForgotten Realms (3.5)
Word of RecallConjurationPlayer's Handbook v.3.5Core (3.5)