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Dedicated to the sport of riding to hounds and conserving wildlife and its habitat..


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Rocky Fork Headley Hunt is a fox hunt club dedicated to encouraging the sport of riding to hounds, perpetuating the tradition of foxhunting, and conserving wildlife and its habitat.

RFHH follows long-standing traditions of foxhunting: following hounds on horseback wearing classic English attire and tack. A mounted huntsman directs our foxhounds via horn and voice as they seek the scent of both red fox and coyote.

Various levels of riding speed are offered to suit equestrians of all backgrounds, including those relatively new to riding in the open. Grand theft auto 5 patch download speed. Please take the time to browse for information about our Hunt Club and history.

Trainer and Coach Program

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Whether your chosen field of riding expertise is in the..

Members Cook Book

Rocky Fork Headley Hunt is creating a custom cookbook featuring favorite recipes from our members..

2020 Hunter Paces

Stay Tune for Series Results Hunter paces are fun, lightly competitive rides through our..

2019 RFHH Pace Series Championship Results

Foxhunting Etiquette FAQs

Here is are some questions that you might have had about foxhunting (and were afraid to ask)..

Riding with Hounds

Hound Walking Mounted hound exercise is a good way to accustom your horse to some of the sights..

Great Lakes Invitational Hound Show

- by Master Stephanie - The inaugural Great Lakes Invitational Hound Show hosted by, and held on..

Thrills and Spills May 2019

It was wonderful seeing the more than 60 members and guests who attended Thrills, Spills, and..

Tally Ho, Tea and a Tale to Tell

The perfect holiday gift for friends and family.

Limited Quantities are available!

Rocky Fork Headley Hunt cookbook features favorite recipes and fun stories by hunt members, celebrates our rich history and showcases the talents and art of Hunt Members.

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Please watch our funny cookbook video

Fresher and Better Ingredients

NO MSG and Preservatives

Inspired by Taiwanese Street Food

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In Taiwan, “lao tao” refers to the word “foodies”- people who are constantly on the hunt for good food; people who can’t get enough from the normal daily 3 meals, but need smaller bites from street vendors, night markets, small street corner cafes, milk tea shops… and the list goes on. Interestingly enough, the word “lao tao” originally came from the name of an ancient mysterious creature whose name is “Taotie(饕餮).” He is one of the misbehaving sons of the Dragon, who ate everything he could find. Until one day, he got so hungry that he swallowed his own body.

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Our adventures began in mid-2015, when the founder and chef David Wang quit his corporate 9-5 job, grabbed everything and everyone he could find, and decided to open a Taiwanese street food inspired spot in the heart of old Chinatown. The upcoming restaurant is small (seats 25), but features lots of unique small bites that you’ve never tasted before. From the traditional “Lu Rou Fan 滷肉飯 ” (slow cooked braised pork belly with rice), to the “Thousand-Year-old Egg with Tofu in Spicy Homemade Sauce 紅油皮蛋豆腐”, Lao Tao wants to introduce various authentic dishes to people appreciated food and its culture.

Can a thin chef be a good chef? The answer is – YES! Long before David decided to quit his stable full-time job and devote himself fully to the restaurant biz, he had been cooking Taiwanese dishes for years. Many times he was asked, “Why don’t you open your own restaurant?” So after perfecting his dishes and building his reputation from his pop-up food events, David was ready to bring his restaurant dream to reality!

You might call it reincarnation, in the sense that when his parents decided to close their old-fashioned restaurant, David decided to have his own spot in Chinatown. So an new idea arose at the end of an old one, almost simultaneously.
Instead of the “American Chinese” old-fashioned fast food (“a safe bet” according to his parents), David wanted to bring out more authentic dishes and explain its culture and origin to western customers. This is a new and really bold move. From each table to everything else in the restaurant, David and his partner them from ground up. The entire restaurant was designed and drafted with aesthetics in mind which will resemble street food and casual dining. The whole restaurant was built with a small budget and the process stretched to almost 9 months. This might seem like a humble spot in Chinatown, but we are hoping to make a big impact and change the way people think about Chinese/Taiwanese food.