Suzaku Castle

Posted : admin On 8/22/2021
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Powered by Cyborg Solution. Like Us Today To Receive The Latest Updates News Via Facebook Page For Cyborg Sprite Online Shop Hurry Up! Suzaku Castle is the new Street Fighter-themed stage that's DLC alongside Ryu in Smash 3DS and Wii U. I didn't even know that the castle had a name, I just knew of it as Japan Stage. Well, besides that shower house. I wonder if that one has a name too? Suzaku Castle is a stage based off of Street Fighter. It's basically Ryu's home stage. It appears in both All-Star Battlemania games. Ryu's home stage is the Suzaku Castle in the Street Fighter series.

  • Suzaku Castle/dyr_cloud01_set.dae
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_cloud_col.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_kawara01_col.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_m_ground_a01_col.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_m_leaf_high_b01_col.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_m_roof_a01_col.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_m_roof_b01_col.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_m_trunk_high_b01_col.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_m_wall_a01_col.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_m_wall_b01_col.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_m_wall_c01_col.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_m_window_a01a_col.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_plasterwhite01_col.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_rivets01_ao.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_rivets01_col.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_rivets01_mtl.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_rivets01_nor.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_rivets01_nor_a.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_rivets01_nor_b.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_rivets01_rgh.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_rivets01_spc.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_rivets02_ao.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_rivets02_col.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_rivets02_mtl.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_rivets02_nor.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_rivets02_nor_a.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_rivets02_nor_b.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_rivets02_rgh.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_rivets02_spc.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_wood00_ao.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_wood00_col.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_wood00_mtl.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_wood00_nor.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_wood00_nor_a.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_wood00_nor_b.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_wood00_rgh.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_wood00_spc.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_wood01_col.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_wood02_col.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_wood09_ao.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_wood09_col.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_wood09_mtl.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_wood09_nor.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_wood09_nor_a.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_wood09_nor_b.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_wood09_rgh.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/s74_sf_suzaku_wood09_spc.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/sf_suzaku_bake_01_lit.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/sf_suzaku_bake_02_lit.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/sf_suzaku_bake_03_lit.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/sf_suzaku_bake_04_lit.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/sf_suzaku_bake_06_lit.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/sf_suzaku_bake_09_lit.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/sf_suzaku_bake_11_lit.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/sf_suzaku_castle_col.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/sf_suzaku_enkei_3_col.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/sf_suzaku_sky.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/sf_suzaku_sunset_pan_cube_specular_0.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/sf_suzaku_sunset_pan_cube_specular_1.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/sf_suzaku_sunset_pan_cube_specular_2.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/sf_suzaku_sunset_pan_cube_specular_3.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/sf_suzaku_sunset_pan_cube_specular_4.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/sf_suzaku_sunset_pan_cube_specular_5.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/transition_background01_con.png
  • Suzaku Castle/images/transition_ground01_con.png
  • Suzaku Castle/stc_bg_m_set.dae
  • Suzaku Castle/stc_ring_s_set.dae
  • Suzaku Castle/stc_ring_under1_set.dae
  • Suzaku Castle/stc_ring_under_set.dae
  • Suzaku Castle/transition_temporary.dae

Suzaku Castle Street Fighter 5

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To Live Is To Fight, To Fight Is To Live!

Why Was Stana Katic Fired

Population788 million
CapitalSuzaku Castle
CurrencySatsui no Hado
AnimalWrecked Car

The Fighting Game Series of HAJ Street Fighter is a huge, safe nation, remarkable for its frequent executions, compulsory military service, and absence of drug laws. The hard-nosed, cynical population of 788 million Street Fighters are ruled by a mostly-benevolent dictator, who grants the populace the freedom to live their own lives but watches carefully for anyone to slip up.

The large government juggles the competing demands of Administration, Defense, and Welfare. It meets to discuss matters of state in the capital city of Suzaku Castle. The average income tax rate is 42.2%, but much higher for the wealthy.

The Street Fighterian economy, worth 32.4 trillion Satsui no Hadoes a year, is dominated by the Beef-Based Agriculture industry, with significant contributions from Arms Manufacturing, Gambling, and Cheese Exports. Black market activity is notable. State-owned companies are common. Average income is 41,090 Satsui no Hadoes, and evenly distributed, with the richest citizens earning only 2.6 times as much as the poorest.

Sections of the police receive paramilitary training, teenage male videogamers often suffer repetitive strain wrist injuries, movies depict muscle-bound women kicking down a titanium door to carry hysterical men to safety, and all government facilities are built in the subterranean citadel of Suzaku Castle. Crime, especially youth-related, is totally unknown, thanks to a well-funded police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare. HAJ Street Fighter's national animal is the Wrecked Car, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests.

HAJ Street Fighter is ranked 137,978th in the world and 43rd in Planet Jammbo for Greatest Rich-Poor Divides, with 2.64 Rich To Poor Income Ratio.

National Happenings

Most Recent Government Activity:Battle pong victoria.

  • : HAJ Street Fighter created a custom banner.
  • : HAJ Street Fighter created a custom banner.
  • : HAJ Street Fighter changed its national capital to 'Suzaku Castle' and its nation type to 'Fighting Game Series'.
  • : Following new legislation in HAJ Street Fighter, all government facilities are built in the subterranean citadel of Suzaku Castle.
  • : Following new legislation in HAJ Street Fighter, movies depict muscle-bound women kicking down a titanium door to carry hysterical men to safety.
  • : Following new legislation in HAJ Street Fighter, teenage male videogamers often suffer repetitive strain wrist injuries.
  • : Following new legislation in HAJ Street Fighter, sections of the police receive paramilitary training.
  • : Following new legislation in HAJ Street Fighter, a milk bath costs more than bathing in money.
  • : Following new legislation in HAJ Street Fighter, the water doesn't come out of the faucet with the same rush that it used to.
  • : Following new legislation in HAJ Street Fighter, government policies change at the drop of a rabbit.