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Cylon Linux is an easy to use, pre-configured, free operating system specially designed for your home computer. It comes with a massive collection of software, which aims to fulfill your daily digital needs. From it's design, Cylon Linux brings you the best tweaks. Linux. Operating System Vendors. Intel provides you with generic versions of software, firmware, and drivers. The following companies sell and support either hardware or software solutions for Linux operating systems. If you are experiencing Linux-specific issues, the Linux operating system vendor is the best source of support.

What is Linux?

LINUX is an operating system or a kernel distributed under an open-source license. Its functionality list is quite like UNIX. The kernel is a program at the heart of the Linux operating system that takes care of fundamental stuff, like letting hardware communicate with software.

Why do you need an OS?

Every time you switch on your computer, you see a screen where you can perform different activities like write, browse the internet or watch a video. What is it that makes the computer hardware work like that? How does the processor on your computer know that you are asking it to run a mp3 file?

Well, it is the operating system or the kernel which does this work. So, to work on your computer, you need an Operating System(OS). In fact, you are using one as you read this on your computer. Now, you may have used popular OS's like Windows, Apple OS X, but here we will learn introduction to Linux operating system, Linux overview and what benefits it offers over other OS choices.

Who created Linux?

Linux is an operating system or a kernel which germinated as an idea in the mind of young and bright Linus Torvalds when he was a computer science student. He used to work on the UNIX OS (proprietary software) and thought that it needed improvements.

However, when his suggestions were rejected by the designers of UNIX, he thought of launching an OS which will be receptive to changes, modifications suggested by its users.

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The Lone Kernel & the early days

So Linus devised a Kernel named Linux in 1991. Though he would need programs like File Manager, Document Editors, Audio -Video programs to run on it. Something as you have a cone but no ice-cream on top.

As time passed by, he collaborated with other programmers in places like MIT and applications for Linux started to appear. So around 1991, a working Linux operating system with some applications was officially launched, and this was the start of one of the most loved and open-source OS options available today.

The earlier versions of Linux OS were not so user-friendly as they were in use by computer programmers and Linus Torvalds never had it in mind to commercialize his product.

This definitely curbed the Linux's popularity as other commercially oriented Operating System Windows got famous. Nonetheless, the open-source aspect of the Linux operating system made it more robust.

Linux gets its due attention

The main advantage of Linux was that programmers were able to use the Linux Kernel to design their own custom operating systems. With time, a new range of user-friendly OS's stormed the computer world. Now, Linux is one of the most popular and widely used Kernel, and it is the backbone of popular operating systems like Debian, Knoppix, Ubuntu, and Fedora. Nevertheless, the list does not end here as there are thousands of Best versions of Linux OS based on the Linux Kernel available which offer a variety of functions to the users.

Supercodercylon linux operating system ubuntu

Linux Kernel is normally used in combination of GNU project by Dr. Richard Stallman. All mordern distributions of Linux are actually distributions of Linux/GNU


The benefits of using Linux


Linux OS now enjoys popularity at its prime, and it's famous among programmers as well as regular computer users around the world. Its main benefits are -

It offers a free operating system. Vintage glass kerosene lamps. You do not have to shell hundreds of dollars to get the OS like Windows!

  • Being open-source, anyone with programming knowledge can modify it.
  • It is easy to learn Linux for beginners
  • The Linux operating systems now offer millions of programs/applications and Linux softwares to choose from, most of them are free!
  • Once you have Linux installed you no longer need an antivirus! Linux is a highly secure system. More so, there is a global development community constantly looking at ways to enhance its security. With each upgrade, the OS becomes more secure and robust
  • Linux freeware is the OS of choice for Server environments due to its stability and reliability (Mega-companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google use Linux for their Servers). A Linux based server could run non-stop without a reboot for years on end.

Is it for me?

Users, who are new to Linux, usually shun it by falsely considering it as a difficult and technical OS to operate but, to state the truth, in the last few years Linux operating systems have become a lot more user-friendly than their counterparts like Windows, so trying them is the best way to know whether Linux suits you or not.

There are thousands of Best Linux OSs and Linux softwares available based on the Linux Kernel; most of them offer state-of-the-art security and applications, all of it for free!

This is what Linux is all about, and now we will move on to how to install Linux and which Distribution you should choose.

I am asked to Learn Unix? Then why Linux?

UNIX is called the mother of operating systems which laid out the foundation to Linux. Unix is designed mainly for mainframes and is in enterprises and universities. While Linux is fast becoming a household name for computer users, developers, and server environment. You may have to pay for a Unix kernel while in Linux it is free.

But, the commands used on both the operating systems are usually the same. There is not much difference between UNIX and Linux. Though they might seem different, at the core, they are essentially the same. Since Linux is a clone of UNIX. So learning one is same as learning another.

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Insight: 22+ Best Lightweight Linux Operating Systems In 2020

Old is gold and yes, if you have an old computer in your home and don’t want to throw it away then we have a solution to make it alive. Yes, you can start playing with your old computers/laptops. There are plenty of Linux based operating system available which can easily run on computers with low specs.

Let’s have a quick look into the list of some of the best lightweight Linux operating system for your old computers or laptop.

22+ Best Lightweight Linux Operating Systems In 2020

Operating SystemRAMCPU (Min) MHzDisk ( Min)Desktop Environment
Arch Linux51264-bit compatible machine1 GBNo default desktop
Puppy Linux128233 MHz512JWM
Lubuntu512Pentium 4/Pentium M/AMD K83000LXQT
Linux Lite512700 MHz2000XFCE
ArchBang256i686 or x86_64 compatible machine700Openbox
LXLE512Pentium 38000LXDE
ArchLabsx86-64 Processor5000Bspwm, AwesomeOpenbox, XFCE4, i3,
Zorin OS Lite512700 MHz8000Custom
Bodhi Linux128500 MHz4000Moksha
CRUX192x86-64 or newer CPUs1000Openbox
Peppermint512 Intel x86 architecture3600LXDE
PCLinuxOS512Any Intel, AMD or VIA x86/64 processor12000KDE, LXDE, XFCE, Mate
Trisquel Mini128AMD K6 or Intel Pentium II3000LXDE
Manjaro Linux – Xfce Edition5121 GHz30000Xfce
Peach OSI512700 MHz processor8600XFCE, Mate & Cinnamon.
Raspbian5121 GHz5000Custom environment
Debian2561 GHz10000KDE
antiX Linux256Pentium III2.7 GBNA
Sparky Linux256i686 / AMD64 CPU10000LXDE, JWM, Openbox, KDE, LXQt, MATE, Xfce, Budgie, Enlightenment.
SliTaz192i486 or x86 Intel-compatible processors80Openbox
CrunchBang++512 MBPentium 4NANA
Elive128300 MHz700Enlightenment
BunsenLabs Linux2561 GHz10000Openbox
Slax48Any Intel, AMD or VIA x86/64 processor220KDE
Tiny Core46Pentium 211FLWM

Supercodercylon Linux Operating System Software

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Supercodercylon Linux Operating System Command

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Supercodercylon Linux Operating System Linux