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CTC values relationships with their Wisconsin partners. It takes collaboration to build a strong Wisconsin entrepreneurial ecosystem that helps push tech startups toward commercialization through training, funding and mentorship:

WEDC’s initiatives spur entrepreneurial activity by providing direct capital infusions and incenting investments through angel and venture tax credits to help support startups from seed to growth stage. Their statewide network offers entrepreneurial support services, makes early stage investments in technology-based companies and provides assistance to keep your venture moving forward.

The primary purpose of the UWM Research Foundation, Inc. is to support research and innovation at UWM by providing funding for scholarships and grants and by engaging in corporate partnering activities to that end.

The Office of Technology Development, or OTD, is MCW’s “technology transfer” office. This office manages MCW discoveries, inventions and other intellectual property assets and advance the technology from Patents to Patients®.

WiSys Technology Foundation was established in 2000 and is an independent, nonprofit supporting organization for the UW System. WiSys advances scientific research throughout the state by patenting technologies developed out of the universities and licensing these inventions to companies capable of developing them to benefit Wisconsin and beyond.

Wisconsin Technology Council is the science and technology advisor to the Governor and the Legislature. It is an independent, non-profit and non-partisan board with members from tech companies, venture capital firms, higher education, research institutions, government and law.

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) is the private, nonprofit patent and licensing organization for the University of Wisconsin–Madison. WARF’s mission is to support, aid and encourage UW–Madison research by protecting its discoveries and licensing them to commercial partners for beneficial use in the real world.

The Milwaukee I-Corps Site is a joint project of the academic institutions in the Milwaukee region to accelerate ideas using the proven I-Corps methodology. Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Innovation Corps Program, the Site fosters commercialization of applied academic research and faculty/student innovation; builds an innovation/commercialization network that supports faculty and/or student ventures; and broadens the pool of students and faculty fluent in Lean LaunchPad (LLP) methodology.

Using innovative mechanisms, CTSI members work to translate research discoveries more quickly into preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for patients. Consortium members share resources, technology, knowledge and expertise to work towards those goals.

The Milwaukee 7 is the regional economic development partnership of the seven counties of southeast Wisconsin, united around an agenda to expand and attract world-class businesses and talent to the Milwaukee Region.

D2P provides resources that can help transform innovations originating at UW–Madison into products and services that change the world. Three ways they offer assistance are direct mentorship, help navigating UW’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, training.

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IntelliJ is one of the most powerful and popular Integrated Development Environments (IDE) for Java. It is developed and maintained by JetBrains and available as community and ultimate edition. This feature rich IDE enables rapid development and helps in improving code quality.

What is IDE and its benefits?

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. It is a combination of multiple tools, which make software development process easier, robust and less error-prone. It has following benefits over plain text editor −

Submit An Ideaexplore Programming
  • Integration with useful tools like compiler, debugger, version control system, build tools, various frameworks, application profilers and so on.

  • Supports code navigation, code completion, code refactoring and code generation features which boosts development process.

  • Supports unit testing, integration testing and code coverage via plug-ins.

  • Provides rich set of plug-ins to enhance IDE functionality further.

Features of IntelliJ

IntelliJ IDEA has some top productive Java code completion features. Its predictive algorithm can accurately assume what a coder is attempting to type, and completes it for him, even if he doesn’t know the exact name of a particular class, member or any other resource.

Deep Insight

IntelliJ IDEA really understands and has a deep insight into your code, as well as the context of the coder, which makes it so unique among other Java IDEs.

  • Smart code completion − It supports context based code completion. It gives a list of the most relevant symbols applicable in the current context.

  • Chain code completion − It is an advanced code completion feature which lists applicable symbols accessible via methods or getters in the current context.

  • Static member's completion − It allows you to use static methods or constants and automatically adds the required import statements to avoid compilation error.

  • Detecting duplicates − It finds the duplicate code fragments on the fly and gives notification/suggestion about it to user.

  • Inspections and quick-fixes − Whenever IntelliJ detects that you're about to make a mistake, a little light bulb notification pops up on same line. Clicking it shows the suggestion list.

Submit An Ideaexplore Programming Tutorial

Developer Ergonomics

IntelliJ IDEA is designed around the coding principle that developers should be allowed to write codes with as less distraction as possible. That is why in this case, the editor is the only thing visible on the screen, with dedicated shortcuts for all other coding-unrelated functions.

Submit An Ideaexplore Programming Language

  • Editor-centric environment − Quick pop-ups help in checking additional information without leaving the current context.

  • Shortcuts for everything − IntelliJ IDEA has keyboard shortcuts for nearly everything, including rapid selection and switching between tool windows and many more.

  • Inline debugger − Inline debugger allows you to debug application in IDE itself. It makes the development and debugging process seamless.

Built-in Developer Tools

Submit An Ideaexplore Programming Software

To help the developers organize their workflow, IntelliJ IDEA offers them an amazing toolset, which comprises of a decompiler, Docker support, bytecode viewer, FTP and many other tools −

  • Version control − IntelliJ supports most of the popular version control system like Git, Subversion, Mercurial, CVS, Perforce, and TFS.

  • Build tools − IntelliJ supports Java and other build tools like Maven, Gradle, Ant, Gant, SBT, NPM, Webpack, Grunt, and Gulp.

  • Test runner and code coverage − IntelliJ IDEA lets you perform unit testing with ease. The IDE includes test runners and coverage tools for major test frameworks, including JUnit, TestNG, Spock, Cucumber, ScalaTest, spec2, and Karma.

  • Decompiler − IntelliJ comes with a built-in decompiler for Java classes. When you want to take a look inside a library that you do not have the source code for, you can do it without using any third-party plug-ins.

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  • Terminal − IntelliJ provides built-in terminal. Depending on your platform, you can work with the command line prompt, like PowerShell or Bash.

  • Database tools − IntelliJ provides database tools, which allow you to connect to live databases; run queries; browse and update data; and even manage your schemas in a visual interface from IDE itself.

  • Application server − IntelliJ supports major application servers: Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic, Glassfish, and many others. You can deploy your artifacts onto application servers and debug the deployed applications in IDE itself.

  • Docker support − Via a separate plug-in, IntelliJ provides a dedicated tool window that lets you connect to locally running Docker machines.

Submit An Ideaexplore Programming Pdf

Comparison between Ultimate and Community Edition

The Ultimate Edition is designed to assist in web and enterprise development, whereas the Community Edition is designed for JVM and Android Development. Let us consider a few important points that will help us understand the comparison between the two editions −

FeatureUltimate EditionCommunity Edition
LicenseCommercialOpen-source, Apache 2.0. for commercial development.
Java, Kotlin, Groovy, ScalaSupportedSupported
Android developmentSupportedSupported
Maven, Gradle, SBTSupportedSupported
Git, SVN, Mercurial, CVSSupportedSupported
Detecting DuplicatesSupportedNot supported
Perforce, TFSSupportedNot supported
JavaScript, TypeScriptSupportedNot supported
Java EE, Spring, GWT, Vaadin, Play, Grails, Other FrameworksSupportedNot supported
Database Tools, SQLSupportedNot supported