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They line the walls of basement bars and pubs, but do you ever wonder how to tell if a beer stein is valuable? We’re not talking about the ones adorned with your college football team logo—though they are a valuable reminder of your university days.

We’re talking about the big, lid-wearing beer steins seen at Oktoberfest celebrations.

“Stein” is a German word literally meaning stone but comes from the phrase, “Stein Krug” (stone mug). Steins come in a variety of materials, including ceramic, glass, wood, metal and crystal. And much like storage units, beer steins range in size—from 1 oz to over 8 gallons.

Nearly every stein seller markets their mugs as “vintage” or “authentic.” So how can you tell if your precious pint is worth more than pennies? Whether you’re a stein-collecting connoisseur or you picked up a pint at a thrift shop, here’s how to tell if a beer stein is valuable:

It’s German.

If it’s made in Germany, odds are your stein is special. Investigate the bottom of the glass. Look for “Made in Germany” or “Gemacht in Deutschland.” Obviously if it has a “Made in” mark but the country isn’t Germany, you don’t have an authentic German beer stein.

The lid is lighter on the inside.

Lids are one of the most important features when determining a beer stein’s value. Because it’s a soft metal, air exposure causes pewter to darken over time. If it’s dipped in a darkening agent and made to look old, the entire lid will be dark. However, if upon opening your stein, the inside of the lid is lighter than the outside, you may have a stein of significant value. Another lid lesson: Pewter, cone-shaped lids are typically the least valuable.

There’s no bump on the handle.

It wasn’t until the 1920s that manufacturers began adding bumps to beer stein handles. If your handle has bumps or grooves for your fingers, it was made recently, meaning it’s probably not worth much.

It’s hand-painted.

Examine your mug closely. Many reproduced steins appear to be hand-painted when they’re actually not. Look for imperfections, as well as a raised look on the design.

It tells a story.

Certain illustrations are especially valuable, including scenes featuring:

  • Biblical figures
  • Battles
  • Historical milestones

It’s made out of an expensive substance.

Steins;gate Amadeus Projecthome

Though some reproduced steins feature these materials too, the most valuable vintage ones are made of silver, ivory or glass.

Beer steins have changed over time, but those variations are subtle. Look closely when examining yours. And consult a professional appraiser to see if your stein is valuable. Whether real or replica, fill your mug and cheers yourself to your new knowledge of beer steins!


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Welcome to Steinland Gifts & Collectibles located on Route25 between Elgin and East Dundee, Illinois (Northwest suburbs of Chicago). Like our namesays, our store specialty is Beer Steins. We are full servicedealers serving the beer stein collecting hobby since 1986. Our store hasbeen here at our East Dundee location for over 29 years.

We have hundreds of different steins in our inventory. We carrysteins from Anheuser-Busch/Budweiser, Miller, Coors, Hamms, Pabst, Old Style,Strohs, OldMilwaukee, Leinenkugel and Coca-Cola. Steins are also available from producers such asLongton Crown, Dram Tree/C.U.I., Walt Disney, Harley-Davidson, Warner Brothers andApplause. We also stock or have access to almost 1000 different German steins includingcharacter steins and traditional steins. All these steins are presented for sale both inour Retail Store and our Mail-Order Catalog.

Up until the year 2010, Anheuser-Buschwas the largest producer and distributor of collectible steins. Steinland Gifts & Collectibleswas one of their top AuthorizedDealers for the majority of the time they were in the business. We were also an Anheuser-BuschApproved Secondary Market Dealer. Our Secondary Market Inventory consists of several thousand steins that have been retired or sold out fromtheir primary sources. Past issues from Anheuser-Busch are the most requested byour customers so we stock a large quantity of the early CS-Number steins. Wealso carry a selection of limited edition plates, figurines and laser-etchedcrystal produced by Anheuser-Busch.

All the popular steins from our store are available inour Mail-Order Price Catalog. Ordering steins fromour catalog is quick and convenient for those collectors that are located faraway from our store in northern Illinois. Stein orders going out are carefullypacked and shipped via U.S. Priority Mail or United Parcel Service, fully insured. Our qualityassurance policy offers a 100% money back guarantee if for some reason you arenot completely satisfied with any products we sell. We strive to offer immediateservice on shipping customer orders. In most instances customer’s orders areshipped within 48 hours of receipt. All steins are expertly packed in plentycushioning and shipped in strong cartons.

Here at Steinland Gifts & Collectibles we are dedicated tosharing our years of collecting knowledge and providing full service to our customers intheir quest of collecting beer steins and breweriana. If you would like us to mail a copy of our free catalog to you, please give us a call at: 1-847-428-3150

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Home BudweiserHoliday Christmas Steins Old Style Steins Tableof Contents Early CS # AB AnheuserBusch Steins Anheuser Busch Steins2000-2004 Anheuser Busch Steins 2004-2007 Newest Anheuser-Busch/Budweiser Steins Catalog Corona Steins MillerSteins Coors Steins HammsSteins Price List Platesand Figurines Steins on Sale
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