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Posted : admin On 8/23/2021
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  1. Space Games are going to be big in 2020 with a number of new titles and updates being released. Here's a look at the best space games of the year and my top.
  2. Best space games. There are loads of brilliant space games to be found on PC, but we’ve selected 20 of the best below. We’ve also split our best space games list across multiple pages for ease of navigation, and you’ll find the page links at the bottom of each page.

The final frontier isn’t just filled with unexplored planets and shining stars, at least not according to video games. Some of the best horror games choose the void of space to stage their adventures. Here are 15 games that show off what’s so frightening about being stranded among the stars.

Panic On The Spaceship Video Games

Note: This list is in random order and also consists of unreleased games which are expected to be pretty good when they hit the market. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, GamingBolt as an organization.

Old Spaceship Video Games

Spaceship video games

Biggest Spaceship In Video Games

Get ready for hostile aliens, asteroids, and lethal laser beams. Hone your combat skills with these outer space games.

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Alien Isolation

In space, no one can hear you scream. This was the tag line for the original alien movie, and it stands true for the amazing Alien Isolation. What it does better than the Alien game before it, is that it perfectly captures the primal predatory nature of the Xenomorph. The Xenomorph slinks through the shadows, dropping from the vents and plunging its tail into the player. You never feel safe when you know that it could be anywhere at any moment. The game knows exactly what it means to exist in the Aliens universe and treats its source material with an immense amount of respect. The sense of dread as you sneak through the desolate ship with the entirety of space to your back can’t be beat.