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A learning module in Grade 10 for students to both DepEd and private schools with the main subject, Information and Communications Technology. The module covers the first quarter until fourth quarter bringing the knowledge of technology and computer. ICT’s mobile solution offers secure access via an Android or iOS device. As a building manager, you can use the Protege Mobile App to monitor and control your business while on the go. As an end user, Mobile Credentials provide the flexibility and added convenience of card-free access from your mobile device. ICT (information and communications technology, or technologies): ICT, or information and communications technology (or technologies), is the infrastructure and components that enable modern computing. Forecast Overview. Following years of growth, ICT spending will remain relatively flat in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While traditional ICT spending is forecast to broadly track GDP growth over the next decade, the overall industry will be catapulted back to growth of more than 2x GDP as new technologies begin to account for a larger share of the market.

Custom Score

Give Sonic Intuition a spin.

The process begins by working with our clients to determine their needs and how best to enhance their highly valued project.

Once a direction is established we quickly start working. It is our goal to keep this process as seamless as possible while maintaining a high standard of excellence. In most cases we are able to present a fleshed out example within 24 hours. Most often it will be a near finished product at this time.

The end result is a perfectly tailored sonic accompaniment that gives the sense of a truly unified and dramatic experience for each and every visual project.

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Why Sonic Intuition?

Matt Zogaric

Senior A/V Producer Dolby Laboratories

“While creating everything from independent films to video game promos to trailers for studio blockbusters at A-level Hollywood movie trailer agencies; Sonic Intuition has become my go-to resource for countless projects. When looking for something special they’ve always provided outstanding sound design services and excellent custom score compositions that are often nailed straight away, if not by 90%, on take one. Most importantly, they’re always a dream to work with from inception through delivery and I’ll keep calling them at every opportunity.”

Jake York

Motion Picture and Trailer Editor at Mocean

“Having great music and FX are essential to any film project. Sonic Intuition brings all of those elements together in a very artful and effective way.” Palisade guardianjosh's pancake mix.

Julia Trainor

Los Angeles Guild Of Music Supervisors

“I have been a big fan of Sonic Intuition in my 10+ years as a music supervisor for film trailers. Their rich, luscious sound palettes are the reason I keep going back, especially when I’m looking for something a little out of the ordinary.”

Andy Bathrick

Motion Picture and Trailer Editor at Universal

“Sonic Intuition offers unique and dramatic layers and have become a key component of my story telling process.”


Josh Young

Picture Editor The Biggest Loser, The Bachelor

“Sonic Intuition has that rare ability to inspire creative thinking. Always helpful for establishing a direction for any project.”

Sonicfun In Ict 2020

Joseph Horn

DP + Lead Editor Nike Global Sales

“Whatever your project, Sonic Intuition can deliver innovative, dynamic, custom-tailored score and sound design. I regularly refer to composer Steve Phillips as the most talented person I’ve met in real life.”

Our Mission

For over 26 years, Sonic has been committed to changing the way people think about the internet. We’re revolutionizing the industry by standing up in support of an open and fair internet, setting a refreshingly high standard for customer care, and bringing accessible, affordable connectivity with member-focused policies to all.

And that mission all starts with the people we hire.

Each career opening at Sonic is an opportunity for personal growth, career development, and most importantly, making a difference towards building a better internet for our shared local community and beyond. Whether you contribute by splicing fiber, installing homes, or assisting customers on the phone, you’re part of a company that is committed to the power of good.

Join a community of internet revolutionaries re-thinking, re-wiring, and re-imagining the future of the internet.

An Industry Leader in Customer Care

People say Sonic is a different kind of ISP. Maybe that's because we put the customer first: We hire nice people, we're here when you need us, and our privacy policies mean your data is safe with Sonic.

Awards + Recognition

Sonic has been awarded a perfect score in privacy protections by the Electronic Frontier Foundation for five years, more than any other ISP.

Sonic was ranked the fastest ISP in the Southwest US, as well as the third overall fastest ISP in the country.

Sonic was ranked #1 on the West Coast by Consumer Reports, as well as the second best overall ISP in the country.

Sonic’s average Net Promoter score is the most highly ranked of any ISP, and is provided directly from our customers and how likely they are to recommend Sonic. That hasn’t gone to our heads though. We continue to improve our customer care because we want to make sure every Sonic customer is satisfied with their service.

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