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From a small fitness studio to a large gym or health club, our gym software is designed to support your specific needs and grow with your business. Accessible Whether you’re at home or on the go, stay connected to your gym 24/7 from any device with EZFacility’s online gym management software. Gym management software Zen Planner is an all-in-one fitness business management. Gym Waiver Software Features to Look For Our digital waiver software is a top-of-the-line solution for gyms, fitness and recreation centers, and indoor sports facilities looking to protect themselves from all sorts of liabilities. Specifically, the Smartwaiver platform is: Affordable. GymMaster is easy-to-use gym and health club membership management software. GymMaster is gym software designed to make it easy to maintain detailed records of your members and their memberships, book classes and trainers, process and track sales, and communicate en mass with the right members at the right time.

RhinoFit is a feature packed and easy-to-use gym management software designed for a variety of fitness business models including gyms, martial arts, athletic clubs, and sports associations. The versatile RhinoFit platform is available on all of your internet based devices and provides many gym management tools you need to run your operations smoothly and efficiently- saving you time and money. We crafted our fitness software to fit a range of your business needs and as a commitment to you, we use your feedback to introduce and adjust features to create the best gym management software.

Membership Management

Software For Gyms

Create custom gym memberships & bill your members automatically with our integrated payment processing.


Set up and embed your appointment and class calendar on your website so that your members can reserve classes online or through their mobile app.

Product Management

Build a custom product store for your gym, track your inventory, and sell your products online with our product management tools.

Email Campaigns

Create email campaigns and run special promotions for your gym to send to your potentials prospects or current gym members.

Digital Waivers

Gym Membership Software Free


Create online waivers and other health forms & capture your member’s signature with a simple mouse grab or finger touch.

Powerful Automations

Set up automatic reservation reminders and custom automation messages to go to students and staff through our e-mail and SMS system. More Features…

24/7 Gym Access

Run your gym around the clock with RhinoFit’s 24/7 gym access. Allow your members to scan in with barcode key-tags, cards, or with the RhinoFit mobile app.

Powerful Gym Management Features

All gyms and sports facilities are different, that’s why RhinoFit offers many flexible features and is available on all internet based devices. Whether you are on the go and need to check bookings or accept payments from your cell phone, want to use a tablet for the check-in kiosk feature, or want to use a laptop at the front desk to sell products and memberships, or want to check logs for your 24 hour access facility- the RhinoFit software keeps the momentum going!

RhinoFit Mobile App

Feel the power of the Rhino at your fingertips! Your members can download our free iPhone or Android app to make class reservations, track WODs and benchmarks, and view their attendance history.

Let RhinoFit™ do the heavy lifting so you can get back to the gym floor.


RhinoFit supports users in the United States & Canada.




Nutrition Software For Gyms

RhinoFit is easy to use, user friendly and members love it. Rhino makes scheduling and accounting much easier. Managing our members through Rhino is simple and the site is very user friendly. Overall great experience so far
“Have been using Rhinofit for a few years with zero issues. Great pricing, easy set up, tech support has been helpful the few times I called, jiu jitsu related progress through ranks, member interface for products, class reservations, and tracking. I switched over from a competitor and am much happier with this platform.”
The software is easy to use. There have been constant upgraded features with an understanding to the atmosphere for which the product is used. We haven’t had any problems since refunds have become possible through the Rhinofit platform.

The fitness industry has changed overnight as Covid-19 forces gyms across the country to close their doors. While gym owners wait for the go-ahead to reopen their businesses to the public, many are moving their classes online as a way to generate revenue during the pandemic.

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Software For Gyms

Although companies like Peloton, Beachbody, and Obé have been streaming classes for years, most local gyms are starting with a blank slate. One of the first decisions gym owners have to make is which platform they’ll use to deliver live streaming and on-demand content to their clients. Video conferencing tools like Zoom are easy to navigate, but they don’t necessarily offer all the features that fitness studios need to integrate online classes into their schedules or upload on-demand content to member apps. The same goes for social media channels like Instagram Live and Facebook Live.

Local fitness studios seem to be having the most success utilizing online platforms designed specifically for their needs. you’ll need to check out the latest Vigrx Plus review that many people are using to stay fit. Technology companies offering fitness management software and live streaming tools have stepped up to the plate with tailored offerings for fitness studios and gyms, and some are even finding ways to work together with Zoom, YouTube Live, and other popular video services.

Here are six options that are worth checking out.

1. Mindbody
Mindbody is making its video and live streaming tools free for a limited time. Fitness studios that use Mindbody’s platform can offer virtual workouts to their clients using nothing more than a smartphone. Virtual classes are integrated with Mindbody’s software, so clients can login to their accounts and book virtual classes just like they would book traditional in-person sessions. Gyms can also create online libraries of pre-recorded workout content with limited client-only access. Mindbody’s system supports most common video formats. Live streaming is being provided free of charge to businesses through June 30th.

2. gymGO
An online training and coaching solution, gymGO was around long before Covid-19 became a threat to local gyms. The platform gives fitness professionals a way to sell live streaming virtual training and on-demand training sessions. ith live one-to-one or small group private trainings, trainers can see and instruct up to 12 clients at a time. Clients can see and follow the trainer, but they cannot see or hear each other. With live group broadcasts, trainers can instruct up to 100 clients at a time. Communication still takes place via in-session instant messaging, even though trainers don’t see the clients they’re instructing. In addition to hosting classes and sessions, trainers can use gymGO to manage most business tasks, like scheduling, billing, and client memberships.

3. Zype
Zype is a video distribution and management hub with tools for distributing professional-quality content across multiple platforms. Fitness studios can distribute and monetize their content through Zype’s unified CMS dashboard. They can also sell live and on-demand workouts directly to clients via subscriptions, class passes, pay-per-view events, and single transactions. Live event broadcasts are viewable on any device, and they can be automatically archived, so a studio’s members can watch on-demand at a later time. Zype’s live streams are high quality, and they work across a variety of devices.

4. ClassPass
ClassPass offers studio owners a way to live stream classes, training sessions, and appointments for members. ClassPass integrates with popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom, YouTube Live, and Vimeo. Studios just need to add the streaming URL to their ClassPass class descriptions before the beginning of each class, and members can join in. As a best practice, ClassPass recommends that gyms include information about user privacy settings in their class descriptions and notify attendees that they cannot record classes. Until May 31st, studios can list live streaming workouts on ClassPass without paying ClassPass any commission fees.

Free gym management software

5. Zoom
No article about live streaming solutions would be complete without Zoom. The virtual meetings app is one of the most popular tools for gyms streaming content online, primarily because of how simple it is to use. With Zoom, trainers can video chat with many clients at once. The service works best when it’s used together with gym management software that can automate the process of sending links and login information to clients once they’ve signed up for a class. A basic plan on Zoom is free, but most gyms will want to sign up for a Pro or Business account before hosting live sessions online.

6. Glofox
The gym management software company Glofox recently announced a new platform that gives gyms and fitness studios a way to deliver live streaming and premium on-demand content to their paying clients. Setting up live stream classes through the Glofox booking system makes it easier to give access to paying clients. When members book their classes, they’re sent an automated email that contains the class details and a link to the live-streaming class. The system works best with Zoom and YouTube Live. Studios can also add on-demand content to member apps using Glofox’s tools.

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