September 06th, 2019

Posted : admin On 8/7/2021
September 16th 2019 holiday
It is with mixed emotions that I am writing this post about our “Shoe-drive” project in Caracas, Venezuela.
Emotions of happiness for being able to help this community of children with the donation of shoes, and seeing their beautiful smiles for having a new pair of shoes or listening to their voices full of excitement expressing their gratitude, but also emotions of sadness and impotence for not being able to help more children..
the political situation in Venezuela has brought an economic crisis and the most affected are the children.
Thank you to everyone who made this project possible, from donations of shoes, coming to clean them and prepare them for shipment to J&V Cargo Services Inc. for donating the shipment of two boxes, none of it would had been possible without you.
Thank you to our contacts in Venezuela for distributing the donations in the different Orphanages, schools, churches, etc.. They traveled to different communities to bring these shoes to the kids who needed them the most.
​God Bless you all.

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