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Posted : admin On 8/14/2021
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Often, a format that can be edited is the most useful. You need resources you can integrate into existing lesson plans and materials, and you need to be able to tailor resources to the specific needs of your students. Sometimes, this is as simple as making a text document available in Word format instead of PDF. THE SOLUTION: A layered lesson. If you only have one copy of each book, one solution is to do a layered lesson of creating a different lesson for each book. This is time consuming when planning but highly effective. Make a worksheet with vocabulary and reading comprehension questions for each book, then break up students to complete them in. While students need to learn about the various subject areas in a school, they also must learn how to be resourceful individuals. Frequently, a student will say that she simply cannot complete a task. The graphic organizer is another great resource for the students to identify and apply their knowledge to the three facets of natural resources. Students will be instructed to list the natural resources that they observe in the video. They are to identify if the resources are inexhaustible, renewable, or nonrenewable. All listed sites offer lessons, classroom activities, and printouts for free though most require account registration. Related guide: Educational Videos. Adolescent literacy resources for parents and educators of kids in grades 4-12.


In this series of games, your students will learn about renewable and nonrenewable resources, how we use them, how they are distributed, and how they get replenished — or don’t. The Natural Resources learning objective — based on NGSS and state standards — delivers improved student engagement and academic performance in your classroom, as demonstrated by research.

Scroll down for a preview of this learning objective’s games and the concepts they drive home.

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Concepts Covered

Everything humans use — from food to clothing to cars to buildings — comes from materials found on Earth known as natural resources. Water, plants, animals, soil, rocks, minerals, oil, gas, air, wind, and sunlight are all examples of natural resources.


Some natural resources are renewable, which means as we use them, they can be replaced quickly, within a human lifetime. Sunlight, wind, plants, and animals are all renewable resources.

Game genie for sega genesis. Others are nonrenewable and exhaustible, so we can run out of them and they won’t replenish in our lifetime. For example, fossil fuels like oil and gasoline take millions of years to form, so when we exhaust them as a resource, we will not be able to use them again.

Some resources are nonrenewable but also cannot be used up, so they are inexhaustible. Water, rocks, and minerals all go through natural cycles but cannot be destroyed or created, making them nonrenewable, inexhaustible resources.

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Different places are home to different natural resources. Geographic features and climate determine what kind of plants and animals can exist in an area, as well as how much water, wind, and sunlight that area gets.

Geologic history also affects natural resources. Oil and gas come from certain kinds of fossils, and other rocks and minerals depend on very specific processes in order to form.

Even humans can determine where natural resources exist — or, more often, where they don’t exist. We can cause deforestation by cutting too many trees, extinction by hunting too many animals, or depletion of minerals by mining.


In total, there are nine games in this learning objective, including:

  • Natural
  • Whirling World
  • The Story of Natural Resources
  • Henry the Clownfish
  • Resourceful Adventure
  • Natural Resources
  • Wealthy City
  • Grabber: Natural Resources
  • Pipe Mechanic: Natural Resources

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A further preview of each game is below.

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