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ERA (2010) This conference ranking has been created as part of the Excellence in Research in Australia (ERA). The ranking was created by Australian deans and the Australian Computing Research and Education Association of Australasia (CORE). Website traffic statistics, including Alexa Rank, engagement metrics, referral sources, and more for any site in our database. Audience insights, including sites that share an audience with your site, topics your audience cares most about, and keywords they search for. Website traffic statistics, including Alexa Rank, engagement metrics, referral sources, and more for any site in our database. Audience insights, including sites that share an audience with your site, topics your audience cares most about, and keywords they search for.

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Free PAGE RANK Checker for your Web site!

By adding our page rank checker tool (page rank icon) to your site you can instantly and easily check web ranks (i.e. check PR) of all your web site pages right on your web site.

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» Please note: Google™ search engine and PageRank™ algorithm are trademarks of Google Inc.

Learn more about Google PageRank™ algorithm on Google.com web site.
We recommend to check Ranking information and PageRank™ technology pages.

» also see our Easy, Online & InstantPR check tool

that lets you instantly check pagerank value of your web pages on-line!

In order to install our Page Rank checking tool on your site, you just need to add a small piece of HTML code to those web pages where you want to check the page rank and free PR checker tool will show the small icon that displays the current Google.com PageRank of the web page.

» Here are the examples of the small icons shown by page rank checker tool that display

the Current Google PageRank value of this (https://www.prchecker.info/) web page:

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You might also want to see how our check page rank tool works on other web sites:

- http://www.oxwell.cc - see in the Other Resources section;
- http://www.ibike.org - at the bottom of the page, below bottom navigation menu;
- http://www.dobromysl.cz - check at the very bottom of the web page;
- http://www.duhocnhatban.edu.vn - see in the left navigation column of the site;
- http://www.bojanke.com - in the orange column on the left side of the page;
- http://www.indeks.pt - see in the bottom side of the page above bottom navigation;
- http://www.gsmforum.ru - check in the bottom-right corner of the web page;
- we'll add some more soon - Contact Us if you are using our tool.

Important notes: for users of our PR Checking Icon tool

In case you experience issues when you install PR Checking Icon on your site, e.g. it does not work properly on your site, or you see 'N/A' or '?' (question) instead of the proper value of the page ranking on the PR icon, please check the following explanations and pages:

1. We had to completely re-design our PR check Icon tool due to the recent abuse
of our service by bots and other excessive automated use;
2. We strongly recommend to use our new (improved) PR Button code, what you can
generate on our NEWpage rank icon page, and replace the old code.
3. In case our Automatic PR Icon does not work for your site (e.g. site with frames),
please read the explanation, and use our newPR check button solution.

» also read our PR Checker News page with Pagerank Updates and other PR information.

How to add PAGE RANK Checker Icon to a site?

If you like this free page rank tool and would like to see our Pagerank Checker icon that displays the current page rank of your website pages, please copy one of the HTML codes provided below and paste it on your web page exactly where you want the button/icon to appear:

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT modify the code, otherwise we can not guarantee the correct work of our free page rank checking tool that displays the page rank value!

» In case you believe check PR image DOES NOT work properly on your site - click here

Webmaster Tools » Site Information Tool

Enter a URL of the website you want to get information about.


What website information can I get?


With our free tool you can explore a bunch of useful information combined:

  • The site rankings (PageRank, Alexa rank, Quantcast rank, Majestic rank, Umbrella rank, MOZ rank).
  • Linking information (referring C subnets, referring IPs).
  • Website's popularity in social media.
  • List of technologies used.
  • Safety check (WOT, Google Safe Browsing, McAfee WebAdvisor + 6 DNS-based filters).
  • Review of the most important on-page data (headings, links, images, meta tags, structured data).
  • Whois records for both IP address and domain.
  • IP address details with its reverse DNS hostname and report about its usage on other sites.
  • Server response headers along with all the redirects.

What is Open PageRank?

Resnik Information Content

Since Google PageRank data is not published anymore, Open PageRank is a good free Google PageRank alternative. Calculated by the Open PageRank initiative and based on data provided by Common Crawl and Common Search crawlers (more than 3 billion web pages indexed). Good measurement of a website's strength or for estimating search engine optimization (SEO) results.

If you need to check PageRank for many sites at once, you can use our PageRank Checker.

What is Alexa rank?

Rank Information Technology University

Alexa traffic rank is a metric that is designed to be an estimate of a website's popularity. It is a combined measure of page views and users (reach). Based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from users that have installed any of a number of browser extensions and from websites that have the Alexa script installed on their webpages. Calculated by Alexa Internet Inc., an Amazon subsidiary.

What is Majestic rank?

Majestic rank is another website's popularity indicator that shows a website position in a Majestic Million, a list of domains, ordered by the number of referring subnets. This list is compiled and published by Majestic-12 Limited.

Rank Information Coefficient

What is Umbrella rank?

Rank Information

Umbrella rank is a domain position in Cisco Umbrella 1 Million, a list of the top 1 million most popular domains, based on the number of unique client IPs visiting this domain, relative to the sum of all requests to all domains. The ranking reflects the popularity of internet activity over any port or protocol from any application and not just web activity over port 80 from browsers. Compiled and published by Cisco Systems, Inc.

What is whois?

Information Rank

WHOIS is a public directory where you can look up 'who is' responsible for a domain or IP address.

The domain's whois records contain various information about the domain: the registration and expiration date, registrar name and address, and the owner's name and contact information (now often hidden by WHOIS privacy services).

The IP address whois response shows which organization is holding which IP address blocks and their details.

Rank information playchess

What is Reverse DNS?

Rank Information

Reverse DNS lookup or reverse DNS resolution (rDNS) is the querying technique of the Domain Name System (DNS) to determine the domain name associated with an IP address. The Reverse DNS Hostname is resolved by querying the DNS server for a pointer (PTR) record. Often used in anti-spam filters.