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Posted : admin On 8/23/2021

Nations around the world are engaging in conversations around Green economy and the roles stakeholders play in these. Wecyclers recently took part in the MAKERSPACE initiative Forum in Qatar.

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Qatar 2018 Kits Empty Spaces The Blog Ideas

MAKERSPACE initiative is an interactive space where the public can learn about green economy, business, and entrepreneurship in Qatar through exhibitions, workshops and talks. The two-day event is based on the concept of creative learning, where the attendees can learn about and become involved in sustainable practices. Because of its interactive and educational nature, MAKERSPACE initiative is open to children, entrepreneurs, and generally interested public alike.

Head, HSE and Customer Engagement of Wecyclers, Mrs. Yemisi Lawal representedWecyclers at the forum speaking on the Young Green Leaders Panel at the Makerspace Initiative, sharing insights into Recycling, investment in recycling and the Wecyclers Model. Contactc mac concrete pty ltd.

Qatar 2018 Kitsempty Spaces The Blog Template

Overall, the Makerspace project aims to:

Showcase how urban green entrepreneurship and business function as part of ongoing economic diversification in Qatar.

Create awareness for different stakeholders to become part of a dynamic urban green entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Qatar 2018 Kitsempty Spaces The Blog Example

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