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  1. Office of the Curriculum Implementation Division Schools Division of Negros Oriental Capitol Area, Dumaguete City 6200 Negros Oriental [email protected]
  2. This is the download file for the iBook format of the 2020-2021 Curriculum Guide for the high School. Comments (-1) 2020 - 2021 Curriculum Guide PDF. This is the PDF file of the 2020-2021 curriculum guide for the High School. Willmar Senior High School. Inspiring and preparing all learners for their future in our community and the world.
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You are one of the recent LET Exam passers. Now that you have your Teacher’s license, do you know what to do next? What are your plans now? Let’s start your journey of becoming a DepEd Teacher. The next best thing to do is to read this DepEd Ranking Guide / DepEd Teacher Application if you want to apply for Teacher 1 Deped Entry Level Position.

#DepEd Ranking Procedures

Purok 6, Sayre Highway, Casisang, Malaybalay City (088)314-0094 (088)813-1246 [email protected] [email protected] January 4, 2021 DO 001, s. 2021 – Guidelines on the Evaluation of Self-Learning Modules for Quarters 3 and 4 for School Year 2020-2021; December 21, 2020 DO 041, s. 2020 – Guidelines on the Implementation of the School Dental Health Care Program, Including Medical and Nursing Services for School Year 2020-2021. Office of the Curriculum Implementation Division Schools Division of Negros Oriental Capitol Area, Dumaguete City 6200 Negros Oriental [email protected]

DepEd Teacher Application Process – DepEd Entry Level Position DepEd Teachers Guide

  1. Register at the Department of Education ‘s Online Application Portal at
    • NOTE: DepEd Online Application Portal is sometimes down and inaccessible due to system overload or server problems. (i.e. 404 Not Found – nginx).
    • Just visit their portal from time to time. Best time to visit? – at midnight.
  2. Encode your information at the Personal Data Sheet (PDS) and select the division where you want to be ranked.
  3. Once submitted, an Applicant Number will be issued to you.
    • NOTE: Each division assigns an e-mail address (either its official division office’s e-mail or its HR’s e-mail) where the Department of Education ‘s online system will forward the division’s applications.
  4. Gather all the application requirements and submit them to your desired division office.
    (See Teacher 1 Application Requirements below)

    Applicant Number is a MUST. If before, you have already submitted all the requirements to the division office without the applicant number, you must process your Applicant Number by going to step 1 and submit it afterwards to the division office.

Primary 1 Deped Negor Learning Resource Portal Student

DepEd Teacher 1 Application Requirements – DepEd Ranking Guide

  • Written application with the Applicant Number indicated, supported by the following documents:
    1. Applicant Number
    2. CSC Form 212 (Revised 2017) in two copies(2)with the latest 2×2 ID picture
      • Downloadable CSC Form 212 (Revised 2017) Here:

        • PDF Format – Printable CSC Form 212 (Revised 2017)
    3. Certified photocopy of PRC professional identification card or a PRC certification showing the teacher’s name, LET rating, and other information recorded in the PRC Office
    4. Certified photocopy of ratings obtained in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)/Professional Board Examination for Teachers (PBET)
    5. Certified copy of transcript of records
    6. Copies of service records, performance rating, and school clearance for those with teaching experience. If unavailable, the applicant must submit a justification citing the reason/s for unavailability.
    7. Certificates of specialized training, if any
    8. Certified copy of the Voter’s ID and/or any proof of residency as deemed acceptable by the School Screening Committee
    9. NBI Clearance
    10. Omnibus certification of authenticity and veracity of all documents submitted, signed by the applicant


  • According to the Department of Education ‘s guidelines:
    • The applicant assumes full responsibility and accountability on the validity and authenticity of the documents submitted, as evidenced by the Omnibus certification of authenticity. Any violation will automatically disqualify the applicant from the selection process.

DepEd Ranking Guidelines and Point System

Teaching Experience15
LET/PBET Rating15
Specialized Training and Skills10
Demonstration Teaching15
Communication Skills15
* * The cut-off score for inclusion in the Registry of Qualified Applicants

RQA – Passing Mark

70 Points

DepEd Ranking Criteria

  • Education – 20 points
    • Education shall be rated in terms of the applicant’s academic achievement. Thus, all subjects with corresponding units must be included in the computation.
    • Rating of Education shall be based on the following equivalents, with 1.0 as the highest and 3.0 as the lowest.
  • Teaching_Experience – 15 points
    • Teaching experience in Early Childhood (EC) Kindergarten/preschool, elementary, secondary, tertiary, higher education, Special Education (SPED), Alternative Learning System (ALS), Technical-Vocational Education and Training (TVET), learning institutions offering culture-based education programs for indigenous peoples (IP) – even prior to passing the LET – shall be given 1.50 points for every school year but shall not exceed twelve (12) points.
    • For every month of service, 0.15 point shall be given.
      Example: 8 months – 1.20 points / 10 months = 1.50 points
      The full 0.15 point per month of teaching experience shall be given to the applicant who have come from schools and institutions that are government accredited or recognized.
  • LET/ PBET_Rating – 15 points
    • Equivalent points of applicants rating in the LET/PBET shall be as follows:
      • LET RATING Points
        87 and above 15
        84 – 86 14
        81 – 83 13
        78 – 80 12
        75 – 77 11
      • PBET Rating Points
        82 and above 15
        79 – 81 14
        76 – 78 13
        73 – 75 12
        70 – 72 11
  • Specialized_Training_and_Skills– 10points
    • Specialized training for skills development in fields related to the work, duties, and functions of the Teacher I position to be filled shall be given a maximum of 10 points.
    • In the assignment of points, the following should be met.
      • Presentation of a certificate of training.
      • The skill shall be validated through demonstration .
  • Interview – 10 points
    • The Division Selection Committee shall interview applicants and ensure that all have equal opportunities to be assessed. Applicants shall be interviewed on topics such as:
      • Professional experiences
      • Instructional skills
      • Technology/computer skills
      • Classroom discipline
      • Classroom management
      • Knowledge of content/materials
      • Planning skills
      • Relationships with administration, staff,parents, and students.
      • Personal qualities
  • Demonstration Teaching – 15 points
    • The teacher-applicant is given a topic to teach for a particular class period. Always anticipate to teach a large class.
    • Applicant shall be evaluated using the following criteria.
      1. Lesson planning
      2. Class room management
      3. Teaching Learning process
      4. Language proficiency
      5. Assessment of learning outcome
      6. Reinforcement of learning
  • Communication Skills – 15 points
    • English Proficiency Test (EPT) shall be administered to applicant by the National Education Testing and Research Center (NETRC).

That’s it! Your journey to become a Teacher has begun. We hope this DepEd Teachers Guide helped you.

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Let your brand lead the way

Bubble tanks 3spiter games. Learning is one of the key activities where employees reflect and commit to changing their behavior as part of the learning process, so it's an ideal opportunity to reinforce brand values. But brand-led learning doesn't have to be from element such as visual design, tone of voice and behavioral examples as you'd typically find in an elearning programme; brand-led learning can also apply to the delivery platform, or learning management system. The learning portal should reflect the brand but also help your staff understand the brand culture and values. Visual design, such as logos and brand colours are great to include, but you also need to consider how the learning management system can embody your brand values and how it can be reflected in the learner experience. So how can you do that?

Here's some other points to consider.

Primary 1 Deped Negor Learning Resource Portal Nyc Doe

  • Interface design and consistency of visuals: (tap into your marketing and graphics team for this one) and consider this as a branding exercise. If you consider that your learners are welcomes with your organisation's brand values and messages the second they walk into the office in the morning, you want your LMS to carry that similar experience when they sit down for their learning in the afternoon.
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Need some inspiration about how to tackle a brand-led approach to

Enable the learning culture

Don't neglect the 70/20/10 approach when it comes to your online learning portals. Use your LMS to encourage learners to be self-directed, seek our the resources relevant to them and manage their own learning. So what does this mean exactly? Think blended. Give your learners the chance to book F2F meetings via the portal. Give them access to videos and relevant links to assist them in their learning. Don't make it just about the elearning; make it a whole experience that is pervasive and continuous to keep them coming back for more. And again, think with that brand-led approach.

  • Think collaborative and social: use blogs and implement social learning tools and features such as Open Badges, forums, and videos to inject more brand personality - if your organisation thrives on this, you shouldn't avoid it in your learning portal.
  • Make it a safe, open forum: use surveys to seek feedback on the learning experience; find out what's working and what's not; a controlled environment paired with effective communication and moderation can lead to powerful empathy, advice and insight. Never underestimate the power of learners to learn from each other.

Tailor the learning experience

In our 2013 learning insights report, we mentioned that it's now more important than every to personalise the learners' experience while understanding their position and challenges as it increases empathy and relevance. So while your stakeholders might want your LMS to look like a certain way, you need to remember to make your LMS customised and relatable for learners, because at the end of the day, they're the ones front and centre. One way to approach this is to determine your learner personas; you need to acknowledge the expected, pre-existing range of knowledge and experience and the range of different personalities and learning styles, plus attitudes to learning.

Key principles when tailoring the LMS experience for learners:

  • Identify key users/audiences and categorise them and create personas through dialogue with the end users.
  • Give the personas names, characteristics and identify constraints i.e. time pressures, technical competency, preferred devices - to help bring these personas to life.
  • Define their key role tasks and information requirements to help feed into the design and validation to help solves users real needs and problems.
  • Following the launch, use detailed tracking and reporting functionalities from your LMS to retrieve data on the learner's progress, scores, and this an help continuously alter how the learner journeys are arranged in your system.

Make it responsive

In this day and age, multi-device delivery is an important thing to consider; if your elearning is already moving in that direction, your LMS should be as well. When you're creating the learner journey, you need to identify gaps between work and home, and where a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet would be key to their learner journey. If your LMS is the one-stop-shop to their responsive elearning courses, five them proper access. Totara Mobile, the responsive version of Totara Learn, gives your learners increased access and convenience to your learning portal and courses on-the-go, so your learners can be more productive as they see fit.

Don't forget the marketing

From the outset, you need to remember that this learning portal is still something that needs the attention, traffic and usage from your learners to be successful. Invite and engage your marketing team to create internal communications to promote the portal and programmes it contains; whether through interactive e-zines like The Co-Operative implemented, to leveraging the engaging videos from your elearning programme to promote the portal internally across your organisation, to even old school brochure hand-outs. You've already worked with your marketing team to ensure that the learning portal is on-brand, so why not get their feedback on best practice tips to ensure a successful launch of your learning portal, and to continually reinforce learners to visit it.

And just remember..

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