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Pyridinium p-toluenesulfonate
IUPAC name
Other names
pyridinium p-toluenesulfonate
  • 24057-28-1
ECHA InfoCard
CompTox Dashboard(EPA)
  • InChI=1S/C7H8O3S.C5H5N/c1-6-2-4-7(5-3-6)11(8,9)10;1-2-4-6-5-3-1/h2-5H,1H3,(H,8,9,10);1-5H
  • InChI=1/C7H8O3S.C5H5N/c1-6-2-4-7(5-3-6)11(8,9)10;1-2-4-6-5-3-1/h2-5H,1H3,(H,8,9,10);1-5H
  • CC1=CC=C(S(=O)([O-])=O)C=C1.C2=[NH+]C=CC=C2
Molar mass251.30 g·mol−1
AppearanceColourless solid
Melting point 120 °C (248 °F; 393 K) source[2]
Acidity (pKa)5.21[1]
Except where otherwise noted, data are given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C [77 °F], 100 kPa).
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Infobox references

Pyridinium p-toluenesulfonate (PPTS) is a salt of pyridine and p-toluenesulfonic acid. It is a colourless solid.

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In organic synthesis, PPTS is used as a weakly acidic catalyst, providing an organic soluble source of pyridinium (C5H5NH+) ions. For example, PPTS is used to deprotect silyl ethers or tetrahydropyranyl ethers when a substrate is unstable to stronger acid catalysts. It is also a commonly used catalyst for the preparation of acetals and ketals from aldehydes and ketones.

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Ppts Chemical Structure

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