Post Title.the Kodály Aspiring Music Classroom

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Votedaottg rc model. Nov 23, 2016 - Explore Lindsay's Kodaly Inspired Clas's board 'Listening in the Kodaly Classroom', followed by 4214 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about kodaly classroom, teaching music, elementary music.


Post Title.the Kodá Ly Aspiring Music Classrooms

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1. Detail Documentation.
2. DFI Blog.
3. StackOverflow Tag.

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Post Title.the Kodá Ly Aspiring Music Classroom Guide

1. The media uploader screen freezes and stays blank after clicking insert into post?

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2. There is no additional image on the page when I save it or publish it?

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5. Is it possible to make DFI work only for certain post types?

Yes! It is easily possible from version 3.1.13. A filter is added in the recent version for this purpose. Refer this thread for mor info.

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Other problems? Don’t forget to check the blog and learn to create some exciting things using DFI.

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Post Title.the Kodá Ly Aspiring Music Classroom Lesson

This is a poorly documented, poorly coded half-done plugin. The plugin, if you read the fine print, assumes you would go to a github page, and follow vague instructions on what functions you need to call in your theme.. as if this is something that the average user can do. It is a great idea to show many featured images.. it is a pitty you have a be a coder, to create your child-theme and hack it to get this to work.