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Posted : admin On 8/22/2021
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A good dictionary is an essential tool for anyone learning a foreign language. Our bi-directional English Urdu Dictionary features an extensive database in both languages. It includes 37,000+ English entries and 20,000+ Urdu entries.

Jayme Adelson-Goldstein and Norma Shapiro

Oxford Urdu Dictionary By Janiall Softwares Full

Winner American Inhouse Design Award

A new edition of the popular picture dictionary, available in 13 bilingual editions that meet the language needs of young adult and adult students around the world.

Key features

Concise Oxford English Dictionary & Thesaurus Java 2.70 comes to users as an all-in-one and simple-to-use dictionary bundle which consists of the Concise English Dictionary and the Oxford Thesaurus with over 240,000 words and phrases and over 365,000. Donatesofashallow foundation analysis software. Download oxford dictionary offline for pc for free. Education software downloads - Concise Oxford English Dictionary by Oxford University Press and many. Urdu dictionary free download - Wordinn English to Urdu Dictionary, Cleantouch Urdu Dictionary, Oxford English Urdu Dictionary, and many more programs. ‎Oxford Urdu Dictionary is a continuation of the bright traditions of research and scholarship of Oxford University Press in the field of lexicography and publishing. It provides grammatical information, etymology with variants, pronunciations, alternatives and antonyms of the entries.

  • Clear, vibrant illustrations define over 4,000 words and phrases.
  • 13 bilingual editions with complete second language indexes now including new Farsi and Urdu editions.
  • Practice activities enable students to immediately use the target vocabulary.
  • Sub-topics organize words into logical groupings, making the new edition easier to navigate through.
  • New Intro pages, Story pages, and More Verbs and Phrases sections help learners improve their vocabulary as well as reading, critical thinking, and speaking skills.
  • A wealth of extra resources means teachers can use the Oxford Picture Dictionary as a fully integrated course. The full package includes lesson plans, classroom activities, workbooks, audio programme, overhead transparencies, vocabulary teaching handbook, bilingual family handbook, test software, and a companion website. A new dedicated Reading Library and Interactive CD-ROM are also available.


The Oxford Picture Dictionary (OPD) app provides instant access, anytime and anywhere, to the bestselling picture dictionary.

Developed specifically for English language learners, the OPD app is designed to enrich, extend and reinforce vocabulary learning. With over 4000 terms + bilingual audio in English and Spanish, the app provides the vocabulary essential for effective communication in English.

Oxford Urdu Dictionary By Janiall Softwares

In addition to versatile classroom use, the app is ideal for parents, translators, travelers or anyone interested in learning vocabulary in English or Spanish.

Oxford Urdu Dictionary By Janiall Softwares Download

Use the app alone or paired with the print dictionary to provide the perfect vocabulary solution for your students. The OPD app is designed for the iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch®

  • Introduce students to 4,000 terms, organized into 12 thematic units, including Everyday Language, People, Housing, Food and Recreation, and more! Each unit includes phrases and expressions from everyday life that help put words and images in context
  • Engage and motivate students with vibrant art and an easy-to-use format
  • Provide students with unlimited independent practice and multiple exposures to the terms
  • The zoom-in/zoom-out feature allows students to better experience the vocabulary within each scene and image
  • Bookmark any entry to easily search for terms
  • Use the search function, to quickly look up any term in the dictionary

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Gorgeously illustrated thematic dictionary with easy-to-learn vocabulary units, ..


Gorgeously illustrated thematic dictionary with easy-to-learn vocabulary units, ..


Gorgeously illustrated thematic dictionary with easy-to-learn vocabulary units, ..

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978-0-19-474075-3Oxford Picture Dictionary Second Edition Workplace Skills Builder Edition
978-0-19-474080-7Oxford Picture Dictionary Second Edition iOS app
978-0-19-474024-1Oxford Picture Dictionary Second Edition Vocabulary Teaching Handbook
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978-0-19-474040-1Oxford Picture Dictionary Second Edition Low-Beginning Workbook
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978-0-19-474044-9Oxford Picture Dictionary Second Edition High Beginning Workbook
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978-0-19-474014-2Oxford Picture Dictionary Second Edition English-Haitian Creole Edition
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