New Version Released 0.3

Posted : admin On 8/23/2021

Version 0.3.0 is now available for download! This version's patch notes are much shorter than usual but each change was rather large so I am happy with the size of this update. A lot of work was done getting the save system further integrated with the various needs of the game. Firefox 66.0.3 will be released later today if the schedule holds. Firefox users may check for updates manually by selecting Menu Help About Firefox. Note that the check comes up empty at the time of writing as the new version has not been released officially. If you upgraded to WHMCS v8.0 Beta 1, you may experience problems retrieving the latest version of the software via the Automatic Updater. If updating directly from v7.10.2 or earlier, this issue will not apply.


Release Notes V1.19.86

Sync 3 Version 3.0 Update

New version released 0.3 full

New Version Released 0.3 Oz


Welcome to the November 2020 release of Visual Studio Code. As announced in the November iteration plan, we continued to focus for two weeks on housekeeping GitHub issues and pull requests as documented in our issue grooming guide.Across all of our VS Code repositories, we closed (either triaged or fixed) 5242 issues, which is even more than during our last housekeeping iteration in October.

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New Version Released 0.3 Full

New Version Released 0.3

New Version Released 0.3 Ophthalmic

0.3New Version Released 0.3

New Version Released 0.3 +

  • Added native IPFS support. (#10220)
  • Added Greaselion support for Twitch creators. (#11466)
  • Added “Tabs from other devices” under brave://history when sync is enabled. (#10473)
  • Updated pre-populated search engine list. (#13283)
  • Updated visuals for both “New private window” and “New private window with Tor” to make it easier to distinguish between the two windows. (#2735)
  • Updated New Tab Page background images. (#12508)
  • Updated Brave Rewards onboarding panel under brave://welcome. (#13119)
  • Update referrer handling for better compatibility. (#13464)
  • Updated directory path of admin policy on Linux. (#12426)
  • Implemented ad conversion against the complete URL chain of trust. (#13033)
  • Removed Chromium noscript dialog from the URL bar. (#199)
  • Removed duplicate controls from brave://settings/newTab. (#12505)
  • Replaced the “Add Card” tab under New Tab Page with sub-tab “Edit Cards”. (#12625)
  • Fixed ad crash when refilling unblinded tokens after downloading catalog due to invalid blinded tokens. (#12836)
  • Fixed ads not being displayed after restart if catalog fails to download but a previous catalog bundle exists. (#10904)
  • Fixed fifth background image (yellow) not being used on tip banner. (#12596)
  • Fixed clicking on “Open in Tor” button from Guest window does not connect to Tor network. (#12470)
  • Fixed Tor crash in certain cases. (#12798)
  • Fixed Tor not working when multiple profiles are opened at the same time. (#12650)
  • Fixed open tabs not always being synced to other devices in sync chain. (#11183)
  • Fixed autoplay dialog being displayed under URL bar if global content settings under brave://settings/content/autoplay is toggled. (#12795)
  • Fixed brave://discards loading blank page. (#10451)
  • Fixed incorrect number formatting for widget. (#12816)
  • Fixed Brave Today intro card not being dismissed after being viewed. (#12960)
  • Fixed Brave Today history scoring being limited to 100 items. (#13041)
  • Fixed geolocations using the wrong endpoints in certain cases. (#11862)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 88.0.4324.96. (#13637)