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Resources for Students and Parents

In addition to your book, Khan academy, and the other iPad apps, these websites are wonderful resources providing simple explanations of difficult concepts and offering additional practice.
Brightstorm is a website that offers video explanations of many mathematical topics covered in junior high and high school. These videos consist of an overview of the topic and several practice problems.
This website offers a wide variety of educational videos organized by content area. This is a great way for students who have trouble with a lesson taught in class to have a math teacher explain it to them again.
This is another website which offers online math lessons through video instruction.

See Math offers animations that cover a variety of algebra topics.

Coolmath offers math lessons, math practice and math games in an interesting and child friendly setting. Pretty much anything math related can be found here.
This website offers help videos on a wide variety of topics. It also allows you to create your own worksheets for further practice.
This website offers help in the following trouble areas: whole number properties, integers, decimals, exponents, fractions, geometry, ratios and proportions, percents, the metric system, basic algebra, and statistics. offers a wide variety of help topics including factoring, fractions, number properties, and geometry.They also provide practice problems and quizzes.
Webmath offers help for math topics at nearly all grade levels.
Another website offering video resources for struggling students
Specific Help Areas
The following is a glossary of commonly used mathematical vocabulary words which we use in equations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
This website offers everything you need to know about order of operations.
Fractions are widely regarded as one of the most troublesome areas for math students. This is due to the difficulty to understand and visualize them. The following websites will assist with both of these issues. Another great fraction site is
The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives is a great tool for students to explore mathematical concepts. The virtual manipulatives are fun and cover a wide variety of mathematical topics.
Edhelper offers worksheets on a wide range of topics. It also has a simple program which allows you to create your own math help worksheets.
This website allows you to create your own extra practice worksheet on a variety of topics. is a great website if you are looking for fraction worksheets. is a good website for practicing the basic operations. This website allows you to create online and printable worksheets.

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