Mario's Treasure Hunt

Posted : admin On 8/22/2021

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  1. Lego Mario Toad's Treasure Hunt Instructions
  2. Super Mario Toads Treasure Hunt Expansion Set
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For my son's birthday party I designed this Super Mario 'Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker' scavenger hunt game. I've made some PDF's so that you can download and print your own Mario-themed scavenger hunt below.Island

I use Valkyr for the treasure hunt missions, I don't touch any of her abilities and just use my parkour skills to get to the end before the door closes. I just mastered cntrl-jump, aim glide and roll and it becomes super super easy. I'm only MR 6 too:).

Lego Mario Toad's Treasure Hunt Instructions

  • This is not a stand-alone set; the LEGO Super Mario Starter Course (sold separately) is required Completed expansion set measures approx. 6.5' high, 17.5' side, 16' deep Set features 4 mini-figures, 3 Toad Houses, tree, treasure chest, platforms that slide & rotate.
  • Join the kids on the scavenger hunt and be ready to help should they get stumped. Sometimes all they need is to hear a little emphasis on a couple of the words and their little Mario brains light up. The end of the scavenger hunt was fun with this large star pinata. String it up and be sure to include chocolate gold coins among the candy!
  • Lego set 71368 Super Mario Toads treasure hunt expansion set. Need building instructions for your Lego set 71368 Super Mario Toads treasure hunt expansion set? Below you can view and download the PDF building instructions for free. There are also frequently asked questions, a product rating and feedback from users to enable you to optimally use.

Super Mario Toads Treasure Hunt Expansion Set

Instructions:Mario First, print off and cut out all of the clues to hide around your party venue (go easy on little kids - make it harder for older kids!) I laminated them on brightly coloured card to make it easy for my 5-year olds. Next, print off a clue sheet for each child and give them a pencil. The children manically run around (to Mario themed music!) and tick off all of the clues as they find them. The winner is the first to find all of the clues. I gave the winner 10 gold chocolate coins. Click on the images below to download the PDF's:

Treasure Hunt Game

Download Scavenger Hunt PDF
Download Scavenger Clues PDF