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Posted : admin On 8/22/2021

Our Sunday Bible Study is:

  1. Online Lutheran Bible Study

Lutheran Bible Studies - Devotional Devotional Bible Studies are designed to be studies where small parts of scripture are read and contemplated each day. Each day's study should take around 15 minutes. Click on the link below to go to the desired Bible Study. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many hardships, even to those in the church: fear, guilt, financial strain, anger, exhaustion. As part of its Making Disciples for Life initiative, this Bible study series from The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod addresses these various trials in light of God’s Word and promises for us.


The Bible Project:

Sundays at 9:15 a.m. both in-person and on Zoom. See the recordings below.

Lutheran Devotional Bible Studiesonline Lutheran Bible StudyScriptures
  1. Daily Devotions & Bible Study. There are many publications which supplement the Scriptures with thoughts, prayers and daily devotional readings. The following are available online and are connected to the Lutheran Church in some fashion. Some are available in printed format as well.
  2. Engage in devotional, Christ-centered Bible reading and study with the distinctive, comprehensive notes and practical application of The Lutheran Study Bible. This new Bible is the first in English to be developed from the ground-up with notes that are distinctively Lutheran, prepared by Lutheran theologians and pastors from over twenty.

Join us on Zoom (Passcode: 1975). Our Bible study for the week will cover Love.

Christian Apologetics:

Paulette goddard. Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. both in-person and on Zoom. Recordings will be shared below.

This Epiphany, from January 6-February 10, we will be offering a Bible study on the topic of Apologetics - defending the Christian faith. It will be based upon the book called 'The Reason for God.'

Online Lutheran Bible Study

Our topic for this week will be: Is Christianity a Straight Jacket?Join us on Zoom.