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Dec 16th, 2016

Leave A Message Parrot's Mods For A

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  1. const bot =new Discord.Client();
  2. const config = require('./config.json');
  3. bot.on('ready',()=>{
  4. });
  5. bot.on('guildMemberAdd', member =>{
  6. guild.defaultChannel.sendMessage(`Welcome ${member.user} to this server.`).catch(console.error);
  7. let guild = member.guild;
  8. guild.defaultChannel.sendMessage(`${member.user} left this server.`).catch(console.error);
  9. console.log(`New guild added : ${guild.name}, owned by ${guild.owner.user.username}`);
  10. let guild = newMember.guild;
  11. let playRole = guild.roles.find('name','Playing Overwatch');
  12. if(newMember.user.presence.game&& newMember.user.presence.game.name'Overwatch'){
  13. newMember.addRole(playRole).catch(console.error);
  14. }elseif(!newMember.user.presence.game&& newMember.roles.has(playRole.id)){
  15. newMember.removeRole(playRole).catch(console.error);
  16. });
  17. bot.on('message', message =>{
  18. if(!message.content.startsWith(config.prefix))return;
  19. let command = message.content.split(' ')[0];
  20. let numArray = args.map(n=> parseInt(n));
  21. message.channel.sendMessage(total).catch(console.error);
  22. message.channel.sendMessage(args.join(' ')).catch(console.error);
  23. message.channel.sendMessage('List of commands: add , say , help , ping , foo , kick , eval.')
  24. message.channel.sendMessage('Pong!').catch(console.error);
  25. let modRole = message.guild.roles.find('name','Mods');
  26. message.channel.sendMessage('bar!').catch(console.error);
  27. message.reply('You pleb, you don't have the permission to use this command.').catch(console.error);
  28. }
  29. if(command 'kick'){
  30. let modRole = message.guild.roles.find('name','Mods');
  31. return message.reply('You pleb, you don't have the permission to use this command.').catch(console.error);
  32. if(message.mentions.users.size0){
  33. return message.reply('Please mention a user to kick').catch(console.error);
  34. let kickMember = message.guild.member(message.mentions.users.first());
  35. return message.reply('That user does not seem valid');
  36. if(!message.guild.member(bot.user).hasPermission('KICK_MEMBERS')){
  37. return message.reply('I don't have the permissions (KICK_MEMBER) to do this.').catch(console.error);
  38. kickMember.kick().then(member =>{
  39. message.reply(`${member.user.username} was succesfully kicked.`).catch(console.error);
  40. }
  41. if(command 'eval'){
  42. if(message.author.id!'218433593741934592')return;
  43. var code = args.join(' ');
  44. evaled = require('util').inspect(evaled);
  45. message.channel.sendCode('xl', clean(evaled));
  46. message.channel.sendMessage(``ERROR` ```xln${clean(err)}n````);
  47. }
  49. function clean(text){
  50. return text.replace(/`/g,'`'+String.fromCharCode(8203)).replace(/@/g,'@'+String.fromCharCode(8203));
  51. return text;

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Leave A Message Parrot's Mods Minecraft

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