Lazy Week

Posted : admin On 8/23/2021

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Lazy Week

August 10 is Lazy Day. Celebrate your inner couch potato by giving up all your daily chores and doing nothing the whole day long!

While we really don't want to tell you more about this awesome holiday, we are feeling lazy, you see, we will, so that you can make the most of trying to be dull for an entire day.

  • “The lazy day will surely prove the best and memorable day of a week.” You do not need to live as a machine by following the same busy, hectic routine every day. It is your right to invite a lazy day at least once in a week to unwind after getting too much fed up from the daily hustle-bustle.
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  • Aug 10 Fun Holiday – Lazy Day. August 10 is Lazy Day. Celebrate your inner couch potato by giving up all your daily chores and doing nothing the whole day long! Lazy Day is a good excuse to be slothful.

Also known in the United States as National Lazy Day, this unofficial holiday of unknown origins honors sloths, slackers, layabouts, idlers, and lazybones. It also provides an excellent excuse to those among us who are stressed and over-worked to take the day off and recharge.


How to Celebrate?

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Lazy Week
  • Do we really need to spell it out? Laze around, do nothing, goof-off, slack, and procrastinate.
  • Refuse to do any chores - you can always do them the next day.
  • Order food in instead of cooking and spend the day on the couch watching back-to-back episodes of your favorite TV show.
  • Go to the spa and get a well-deserved 'me-day.'
  • Stay in bed all day long and refuse to respond to any emails or phone calls.
  • Watch the 1929 comedy film, Lazy Day.

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Did You Know…

Lazy Weekend Quotes

…that many species of the sloth a very slow moving mammal found in Central and South America, can turn their heads 360 degrees? Now, that's a lot of effort for an animal that is named for its laziness!

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Lazy Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Lazy Day Observances
2021Tue10 AugLazy Day
2022Wed10 AugLazy Day
2023Thu10 AugLazy Day
2024Sat10 AugLazy Day
2025Sun10 AugLazy Day
2026Mon10 AugLazy Day
2027Tue10 AugLazy Day
2028Thu10 AugLazy Day
2029Fri10 AugLazy Day
2030Sat10 AugLazy Day