How To Download Gta 5 Free 2021gta 5 Mobile Download Free

Posted : admin On 8/23/2021

Is GTA V available to download free? If it is available for free, then how I download it? Is it legal to download free and so on? These are the questions that might come in your head when you are looking to play GTA V on your PC or Mobile.

GTA 5 mobile is not a regular game, it’s a true blockbuster finally delivered on mobile devices. An action-packed crime drama featuring characters with anger management problems along with a giant sandbox world with many locations and possibilities for free-roam and exploration set in Los Santos and surrounding Blain County(San Andreas) which both were featured many years ago. GTA 5 Phone FREE 2021 GTA V Mobile Download FREE GTA San Andreas Android FREE 2021 GTA Mobile Games Free FREE 2021. Viewing 1 post (of 1 total) You must be logged in to reply to this topic. Username: Password: Keep me signed in. Harsh Truth of Life.

Welcome you to the guide of GTA V free download. We try to provide an essential guide on all GTA V related questions and make you ready to become a perfect robber, criminal in the GTA world.

GTA V is the latest game in the GTA series, and it releases for different platforms at different times. GTA’s first release in September 2013 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation and PC version released on April 14, 2015, and tell the mobile version is not available from Rockstars games, but a similar version of GTA V mobile is available which is developed by unknown developers.

In this article, I will answer all these questions for you, and also we will tell you how you can download GTA V free for PC and Mobile.

How To Download Gta 5 Free 2021gta 5 Mobile Download Free Version

GTA V free download PC

GTA V available for PC users since April 2015. The game is available on the official website of Rockstars Games, but some people are not able to buy this game, and they are looking for GTA V to download. We don’t recommend you to adopt any illegal way to download GTA V.

Get a copy of GTA V PC download install it on your PC and enjoy the game.

The file of GTA V is around 60 to 70 GB, so make sure that your PC have enough free space and also fulfill the requirements of the GTA V game.

GTA V free download Mobile

GTA 5 for Mobile is not launched yet by RockStar games, but some developers make it possible and develop a copy of GTA V game that you can download and run on your mobile device. Make sure your mobile device fulfills the requirements of the GTA V game.

Get a copy of the GTA V mobile game download, and also, you should read the guide once because if you miss a single step, it may not work. You will see two different files for android and IOS and download according to your device type.

  • GTA 5 Mobile Game For Android

The process of downloading the GTA 5 game on android mobile is very easy. All you have to do is to download the required files and follow the guide.

To download GTA 5 free for Android, make sure that you have a minimum 4.0 android version, 1 GB ram, free storage, and download all the files that we provide you. It’s a beta version of GTA V, which is a lot for GTA V lovers because GTA V is a very heavy game, and yet it is not possible we directly install a play on our android device.

  • GTA 5 Mobile Game For iOS

The installation process of GTA V is almost the same on both Android and IOS devices, but before Download GTA 5 free on IOS, make sure you get a file that supports your IOS device. Also, check the requirement of the game to play on the IOS device.

If we compare to Android devices with the IOS devices, you will enjoy the GTA V game more on IOS devices because GTA V is a game that contains high graphic configuration, and IOS devices have much better graphics compared to Android. Also, IOS devices are fast and secure.

To download GTA V on IOS, download the apk file and OBB files and install them on your device.


  1. Does GTA V cost money?
How To Download Gta 5 Free 2021gta 5 Mobile Download Free

Yes, GTA V cost $9.09 if you buy through steam.

  1. Will there be a GTA 6?

Yes, in future Rockstar gamers plan to release GTA 6 for Xbox and PlayStation but yet there is no specific date to launch GTA 6.

  1. How do I download GTA 5 PC 2019?

You can download GTA 5 on PC in 2019 by following the links that we provide you in the above section.

  1. Can I download GTA 5 on Mobile?

Yes, you can download GTA on Mobile. Follow the guide, and you will get a GTA 5 on your mobile device.Conclusion

GTA V free download

Final Words

I hope this guide helps you to download, install, and play GTA V free. You can download GTA V for both PC and Mobile. All you have to do is to follow given links and guide, and you are ready to play.

If you find any problem during GTA V free download, tell us in the comment section and also don’t forget to share.

How To Download Gta 5 Free 2021gta 5 Mobile Download Free

Get GTA V for Android or iOS

Features of Mobile GTA 5 Version:

  • Compatibility with multiple devices;
  • Works on smartphones with Android and iOS;
  • Stable gameplay in the mobile version;
  • Fully free application download;
  • ONLINE mode in beta, connect with players from around the world;
  • Low application weight in relation to competitors;
  • A fully safe game without malware.


The criminal world of Los Santos and San Andreas is developing dynamically. Gang wars, drugs, illegal racing of super-fast ground vehicles as well as airborne vehicles, trafficking in people, procuring and prostitution are the everyday picture of this city on the ocean coast. Among this turmoil, three mysterious characters stand out, combining fate in a surprising way for them. Meet Franklin Clinton - a petty thief and fast-speed car lover, Michael De Santa - an elderly Mafia member who is in the witness protection program, Trevor Philips - a psychopath. Their paths have joined together to survive in a world embroiled in business conflicts, where brutal politics rules.

Grand Theft Auto V for mobile is an open-world action game originally released for the XBOX 360 and Play Station 3 consoles on September 17, 2013, to reach next-generation consoles and then personal computers after a year. It belongs to the series of games with the same title published since 1997. The game enjoys uninterrupted popularity on all platforms not only thanks to elements such as plot, graphics or gameplay but also and perhaps primarily thanks to online mode and an advanced group of moderators who prepare countless fashion to diversify the gameplay. However, you should remember not to use them online, as it may result in a penalty from Rockstar Games and blocking your Social Club account.

Hardware requirements

The version for personal computers has the following requirements. It should be noted that the game interface allows the ability to adjust many graphic parameters to liquefy and balance the load of the graphics card and its memory. The game has undergone a huge evolution in the process of optimization over the years and the version for personal computers is the crowning achievement. The graphics are detailed and impresses with the quality of cardboard, although the game has already been several years and was designed for the previous generation of consoles.


Grand Theft Auto 5 mobile introduced a unique model of exploration of the state of San Andreas and the city of Los Santos, which in its assumptions is stylized in Los Angeles, consisting of playing three playable heroes and switching to individual characters along with the development of the story. The game itself takes us through dozens of main tasks and many side missions, which we perform on the orders of our principals. There were chases, gunfights as well as slow investigations and location search while listening to the outstandingly written dialogues between characters that are colorful and authentic. The plot is linear and we have only a small impact on its course. which concerns the selection of the ending. This game is far from the sandbox, but thanks to the expressive line of the story we are able to fully penetrate the world of the American land. This is especially facilitated by small details, which at first glance may be unnoticeable. These include wild animals in forests and clearings, independent characters are drawn into the vortex of programmed work, dynamically changing weather, police responding to our actions, lack of artificial limitations of exploration, diversity of both ground and waterborne vehicles, and even aerial vehicles. In the game being part of the iconic series, you could not miss such elements as the stars of the chase and numerous radio stations while traveling by car. San Andreas soon became the base for many explorers who spend hours on finding secrets and souvenirs hidden by the game's creators. It seems today that there are still many mysteries to discover in Grand Theft Auto 5 for android, and some puzzles remain unresolved until today. Super smash bros. melee. As an example, they will not be used: ghosts seen at specific times of the day in specific places after fulfilling several complicated conditions, the remains of a mysterious space ship, serial killers stories written on the walls of buildings spread throughout the map and many other puzzles. To sum it up, it is worth mentioning that each mission and challenge has the form of motivation to pass it the best, because medals are awarded at the end for special additional conditions, such as the number of shots in the head, the time of the task or the lack of injuries.

Online mode

After passing the main storyline, a question arises in the player's mind, what will happen now? Fortunately, the Grand Theft Auto 5 on android developers met their customers' expectations and published online for their game. Thanks to him, we can create a hero for our image and carry it through the land we met earlier. We will earn money for participating in complicated, multi-stage, team attacks for banks, we will buy virtual cars constituting a trophy in the garages of numerous apartment buildings that we will have as a criminal offender. We will organize a joint exploration of the wild parts of Los Santos with logged-in friends. In the moments of respite, we will participate with other players in races, shootings and exploration challenges. This game mode changes the typical action game in the sandbox with numerous, various tools that form the basis for adapting the game world to our imaginations of a criminal, American state.

General informations about GTA V:

Six years after the release of the last major part of the series, Rockstar Games presents its latest production to the world. Grand Theft Auto V for Mobile returns to sunny San Andreas, this time the player has the opportunity to embody the three heroes entangled in a dynamic story. Former criminal Michael, after a personal crisis, returns to the criminal underworld. He is accompanied by mentally unstable Trevor, and a young wolf from the 'district' - Franklin. The creators made good use of the opportunity to put in the game numerous references to the rest of the series, including, of course, GTA: San Andreas. Even the former 'career' of Michael was part of the storyline of the latter. However, unlike San Andreas, the main topic of fictional missions in the top five are not fights of street gangs, but attacks on various types of sanctuaries. We have at our disposal a special mechanics for preparing these: acquiring equipment and helpers, and performing the jump itself.

As usual, all this takes place in a dynamic and complex environment that, with meticulous attention to detail, imitates and parodies, the modern west coast of the United States. In addition to the main storyline, San Andreas - in terms of area the largest of the games in the entire series - can of course become a field of free play of the player. Through cities, mountains and forests, he can travel by using dozens of vehicles, from a bicycle to a helicopter. Obtained in major missions or side orders, we can spend money on clothes, weapons, vehicles and apartments. We can also spend time doing sports: playing golf, parachuting, or even swimming in a bathyscaphe. Our criminal plans will be disturbed by intelligently operating police and special forces, as well as an extensive network of criminal organizations.

Noteworthy is the multiplayer mode - GTA Online Mobile, which perfectly uses the sandbox singleplayer capabilities. Together with colleagues and strangers from the Internet (up to 30 people per game), we can cooperate or fight. Among the game modes we have here both those that imitate attacks known from singleplayer, as well as special racing modes, or classic deathmatch. We can also set up a 'team', and climb the rankings, earning points for the successes in the game.

As usual in the case of production prepared by Rockstar, the audiovisual luminaire stands at the highest level. Graphics, especially in the PC version, offer full photorealism, and a breathtaking, vibrant fun environment. For the first time in the history of the series, we also have the option of using the FPP mode. The creators have also prepared 18 radio stations serving solid and varied music.

Rockstar did not disappoint, once again prepared us a rich and fascinating world in which we can spend many hours. In relation to the previous games in the series, not only the technical layer has changed, whether the gameplay mechanics itself, but also the plot itself, and the approach to the presented world, become more mature. And when we get bored with it, we will not be disappointed with Online mode, providing hours of entertainment with friends.

More informations about GTA Five:

GTA 5 for Android is the next, but not the last edition of the Grand Theft Auto series. The Rokstar North studio is responsible for its production, which has created an amazing city called Los Santos and Blaine County from over 250,000 photos of Los Angeles and its surroundings. This world, inspired by the previous parts, has been enriched enormously, and progress has been visible from the first moments behind the wheel, amazing, sports vehicles.

The rich plot of the game has been implemented in single-player mode. Its main heroes are three thieves who, with the progress of the game, have more and more attacks on their account. Michael, who decided to break with the criminal life, is again drawn to him, because after demolishing the home of his beloved lover, it turns out that he belonged to one of the mafia bosses. Necessity compels him to choose, to hit the sack or work, with which he decided to stop once and for all. In a short time, two companions join him, who also think that life with the letter of the law is not for them. The cooperation develops with the progress of the game, and the player has the opportunity to operate three characters for the first time, changing them at any time.

How To Download Gta 5 Free 2021gta 5 Mobile Download Free Download

GTA 5 for iOS
Rockstar North has tried to get a lot of excitement for players who have good equipment, enabling them to play in 4k resolution and above. The first-person game mode has also been implemented, and the GTA 5 Mobile Download Online game allows you to play together up to 30 players. However, the most important elements of the game include the world of Los Santos and Blaine County, which captivate with beauty and have been saturated with many possibilities.

Los Santos and Blaine County
It is a world built on the basis of photographs of Los Angeles and its surroundings. It allows you to move freely and perform any additional orders at any time. They are not less important than the main story missions, because often thanks to them we learn something new about heroes.

Nevertheless, the area allows for much more:

How To Download Gta 5 Free 2021gta 5 Mobile Download Free Pc

  • it is possible to buy great sports cars if you have enough cash.
  • manufacturers allowed players to move between locations using airplanes, and even to obtain a parachute and an unforgettable experience of jumping.
  • it is also possible to spend a nice time outside the city limits and, for example, organize a hunt for some bigger game.
  • diving under water and playing tennis or bowling, also add variety to the game.
  • rich player, can sign up for a lucrative golf club, or buy for themselves fantastically located and equipped accommodation.
  • All this and much, much more will be found only in Grand Theft Auto 5 for Mobile.