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Grade 8 welcome sign

Welcome to NevadaMiddle School and to 6th grade Math!I am looking forward to the beginning of another successful school year and I hope that you are too! I would like to give you a little bit of information about my class.

First of all,as many of you are aware, Saxon Math is different from many traditional math books. Each day a new concept is introduced and practiced. However, you will only work a few of the new problems on your daily assignment; the rest of the thirty problems will consist of previously covered concepts. Also, tests are given after every fifth lesson and are a review of the material covered up to that point. The only way to study for a math test is to completethe daily lessons.

Grade 8 welcome sign

It is my feeling, as well as the feeling of the publisher of Saxon, that all homework problems must be completed EVERYDAY. YOU WILL HAVE HOMEWORK EVERYDAY!! If you are unsure about how to work a problem, ASK FOR HELP!! It is my job to help you understand, and I want you to ask me for help. I expect you to come to class everyday with your assignment completed, so if you don’t understand something, you need to ASK!!

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If you ever need extra help outside of class, you are more than welcome to come to my room before or after school. I’m almost always here by 7:15, BUT if you do come in early for help, do not save the entire homework assignment to complete before school – you will not have enough time to finish all of the problems before class begins.There should always be problems on the assignment that you already know how to do. Always ask questions and get the help that you need.

I have very high expectations for all of my students, and I am excited about the challenges that the new school year brings. I look forward to the opportunity to have you in class, and I am anxious to get the year started on the right note. Remember, BE PREPARED and work hard and you are already on the right path to success!



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