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Apr 01, 2005 First Generation: 1972–1977 Like many technological advances, the idea for video games originated with the government; the mid-1960s military wanted some sort of device that would develop the reflexes of military personnel. Generation Three. Nintendo Entert.

The first generation of video game consoles lasted from 1972 until 1977. The start of the first generation began with the release of Magnavox Odyssey. The first generation ended in 1977 because of the video game crash of 1977.

Home systems[changechange source]

FirstFirst generation consoles the history of video games book

Comparison[changechange source]

NameMagnavox OdysseyMagnavox Odyssey SeriesAtari/Sears Tele-Games PongColeco TelstarNintendo Color TV Game
Launch priceUS$100US$100–230US$98.95US$50¥8,300 - ¥48,000 (Roughly $100 – $594.80 USD Today)
Release date
MediaCartridgen/aInbuilt Chip[1]Cartridge (Telstar Arcade)n/a
Accessories (retail)Light gunn/an/aController stylesn/a
Sales330,000[2]150,000[3][4]1 million[5]3 million[6]

Pong on a chip[changechange source]

Chip code/nameYearManufacturerColorsGamesConsoles
AY-3-85001976General InstrumentNo (1)Tennis, soccer, squash, practice, 2 rifle gamesTelstar (Telstar, Classic, Deluxe, Ranger, Alpha, Colormatic, Regent, Sportsman)
Odyssey (300,2000,3000)
Radio Shack TV Scoreboard
Unisonic Sportsman/Tournament
Philips Tele-Spiel ES2203 and ES2204
Zanussi/Seleco Play-O-Tronic
Videomaster (Strika, Strika 2,ColourScore 2, SuperScore)
APF TV Fun (Model 401)
BSS 01
AY-3-85101978?General InstrumentYesTennis, hockey, squash, jai alaiTelstar Colortron
AY-3-85121978?General InstrumentYesTennis, hockey, squash, jai alai, skeet, targetTelstar Marksman
AY-3-86001977General InstrumentNo(2)8 games with balls and paddlesTelstar Galaxy
Odyssey 4000
Philips Tele-Spiel ES2218
AY-3-86101977General InstrumentNo(2)[7]8 games with balls and paddles + 2 rifle gamesVideomaster Sportsworld
Philco/Ford Telejogo II
AY-3-85501976?General InstrumentNo(1)The same of 8500 but with the addition of horizontal movement of playerPhilips Tele-Spiel ES2208
AY-3-87001978?General Instrument4 games with tanksTelstar Combat!
MPS-7600-001,002,003,004 (3)(4)1977MOS TechnologyThe four versions of chip usually support 4 games.Telstar Gemini(only version 004).
Telstar Arcade(all 4 versions).
Commodore TV Game 2000K/3000H (only version 001).
MM-57100/MM-57105(PAL)1976National SemiconductorYesTennis, Hockey, SquashNational Adversary
Philips Odyssey 2001
Videomaster (ColourScore, VisionScore, ColourShot)
Philco/Ford Telejogo
MM-57106/MM-57186(PAL)1977National SemiconductorYesTennis, Hockey, Squash, Breakout, Flipper e Football.Philips N30
Philips Odyssey 2100
F43011976Universal Research LabsN/ATwo games with balls and paddles and two games of car racingIndy 500 system (Video Action 4)
Sears/Atari Speedway e Speedway IV
Interton Video 2800
MBO Tele-Ball VIII
SN76410N1977Texas InstrumentsN/ASix games of balls and paddlesTele-Match 3300R
Ricochet Super Pro (modello MT-4A)
Venture Electronics Video Sports VS-5
3659-1C/C25661975AtariNoPongAtari PONG
3659-31975AtariNoPongAtari PONG Doubles
C010073-31976AtariNo4 Pong gamesAtari/Sears Super PONG
C010073-01/C26071976AtariN/A10 Pong gamesAtari Super PONG Ten
C0107651977AtariN/AAtari Ultra PONG
Atari Ultra PONG Doubles
C011500-11/C011512-05 (4)1977AtariN/A7 games (example: Pinball, Basketball and Breakout)Atari Video Pinball

References[changechange source]

First Generation Consolesthe History Of Video Games Online

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Other websites[changechange source]

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Many of the most popular esports games today are PC games rather than console games. However, titles such as Call of Duty, Halo and Street Fighter remain important on the competitive video gaming scene. Consoles still have a big role to play in esports, and in video gaming in general, too.

There’s an ongoing debate in the gaming community about whether PC gaming or console gaming is “better”. It’s a pointless argument, really. Neither is definitively better than the other, as it’s ultimately a matter of personal preference. There will always be those who prefer to game on a PC, and there will always be those who prefer to use consoles.

PC gaming seems to have the slight edge right now, but who knows what will happen in the future? If there’s one thing we know for sure about consoles, it’s that they’re constantly evolving. There’s every chance that they’ll continue to improve, and there may well come a time when console gaming leads the way once again.

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First Generation Consoles The History Of Video Games Book

In this article, we take a look at how home video game consoles have evolved over the years. We start by explaining how it all began with the Magnavox Odyssey. Then, we go through each subsequent generation of consoles, right up to today’s models.