Firmware 1416 (fdp1cn1416ar)fasrresume

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The firmware VPD includes the firmware type and version information such as a build ID, release date, and revision number. The VPD information varies by BladeCenter component type; for example, the VPD for the management-module firmware might also include the file name of the firmware components. 1408 and 1416 Digital Telephones Release 4 Service Pack 8 (R46) Software Downloads is copyrighted software, and is to be distributed under the agreement and terms of the purchase. License Agreement The 1408 and 1416 telephones can be upgraded via Avaya.


UPDATE: HP finally surrendered after massive complaints of customers and released official firmware updates disabling the blocking mechanism for older and non-genuine cartridges. For more information and link to official firmware fix click here. Direct link to official 8610 firmware is here. The following article is kept for. The previous versions of the firmware are only intended as backup to allow a downgrade to the original version. Until now this is not known to have been necessary in any case. The respective latest version of a firmware is valid for all versions of that article number. How to update the firmware is described in detail in entry ID 77492231. Sep 21, 2020 How to Get the IPC Version ID XMEYE IP Camera; 00030750.1IPCXM53050X30-SWBWIFIXM711.711.Nat.dss.OnvifSV5.00.R02; 000529E9.1IPCHI3516EV30085HF50T.Nat.dss.OnvifS.

Falcon F16V3 Pixel Controller

Unblocked games crew!home. The controller receives 96 universes of E131 data and can output pixel data to 16-48 strings with optional expansion boards.

Board current specs

New Features

  • 96 Universes of E131/Artnet.
  • 2-Port Switch to 'Daisy-Chain' controllers.
  • Wireless ESP-07 Module with board mount antenna. Optional external antenna can be ordered.
  • Falcon Player Remote Mode. The controller can store sequences on micro SD card and play in sync with FPP master.
  • Single 4-Layer Board that is 3/8” smaller in height.
  • Ability to drive two expansion boards. (Up to 48 strings both local and remote).

Board can be powered from pixel power or external power. Both inputs can be 5-13VDC.
Power output port to power switches.
Two independent sides of power. Each one can be a different voltage.
(Expansion board also has two independent pixel power inputs giving 4 independent ports of input power when using 32 string mode and expansion board)
16 - Fused outputs for main board and expansion board.
Number of strings
16, 32 or 48 with expansion boards.
All strings can use any of the 49152 channels this controller can receive as a start address.
Each string can be independently configured for null nodes, zigzag, forward/reverse, node type, pixel count , grouping etc..
Pixel per string
1024 pixels per string in 16 string mode, 1024 pixels per string shared between main and expansion boards.

String Types
All string ports can be any of the following string types. They all can be independently set.

WS2801 / WS2803
WS2811 / WS2812 / TM1804 / TM1803 / TM1809 / TM1812 / SM16715 / INK1003
TLS3001 / TLS3002 / CY3005
LPD6803 / D705 / LPD1101 / USC6909 / UCS6912
GE Color Effects (GECE)
APA 102

DMX/Renard/Pixelnet Outputs
4 - Dedicated RS-485 outputs. 3 RJ-45 connectors and 1 3-pin connector (Not shown on image).
LCD Display,Push Buttons and Indicators
.96' OLED 128x64 matrix display for setup and status.
5 - Push buttons to control display. Up, Down, Right, Left and Select
Power LED indicator
Two multi purpose LEDS for status.
16 - Fuse LED Indicators

Temperature Sensors
1 - Processor temperature sensor.
2 - Additional Sensors
Voltage sensors
The incoming pixel voltages of main board are detected and displayed in user interface. (The webpage interface and OLED displays the voltages and temperatures.)
1) Expansion board must be within 1.5 feet of main board. Maybe further but no guarantee.

2) If you live in Australia or New Zealand, DarylC will be offering the boards over there. Pricing will differ.

This is the thread to see if you are in Australia or New Zealand. Please register on this forum.

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Firmware 1416 (fdp1cn1416ar)fasrresume Software

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Firmware 1416 (fdp1cn1416ar)fasrresume Download

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Posted by:
25 Sep 2016

My printer just started displaying the error codes today and thankfully I came across your site in the process of trying to find a solution. I used the firmware update on the page you referenced and now my printer is working again. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Posted by:
30 Sep 2016

Thanks! Good job. This really worked for me!

Firmware 1416 (fdp1cn1416ar)fasrresume -

Posted by:
03 Oct 2016

I suggest using a later version of the HP 8610 firmware that was just prior to the release that caused the printer cartridge damaged error. The original firmware on my HP 8610 printer purchased in 2015 is version FDP1CN1502AR. HP Support will not make it available even though I escalated the problem to Corporate. You can find it at
I downloaded it and installed it successfully. I no longer have the problem using the same refilled printer cartridges that gave the error before - so problem resolved.

Posted by:
05 Oct 2016

Thanks for all your shared wisdom! In an attempt to downgrade my firmware, I downloaded OJ7610_R1326A.exe, and it found my printer, but showed a status of Not Applicable. Has anyone found a workaround to this, or another version of firmware for HP7610 wide format?

Posted by:
10 Oct 2016

Thank you for your article! I bought a HP 8610 around a year ago and recently installed compatible ink. After the update it kept giving me error on some cartridges and would not let me print. Thanks to this I was able to roll back the firmware and it is now working again!!!

Firmware 1416 (fdp1cn1416ar)fasrresume Windows 10

Posted by:
13 Oct 2016

Apparently HP received enough complaints.
I did the following and my printer now works!! YAY

Posted by:
pete latorre
20 Oct 2016

Dude, I could kiss you!!
I was getting ready to throw my HP 8620 to the curb, when I tried your suggestion to roll back the firmware. I did so, then tried my generic ink and VOILA!! It worked!! You sir, are a blessing.
Thank you thank you thank you.

Posted by:
15 Nov 2016

Thanks a bunch James and bob for putting this page up.
I will not be buying another HP printer, but in the meantime, my 8610 is back working like a charm with the old firmware and ink from a third party.

Posted by:
17 Nov 2016

Was gonna get duped by HP by buying their ink, but then I said to myself: 'now this can't be right.. Printer complained about Cyan.changed the Cyan to a new Jarbo one; no complaints about that one. But then printer complained about Yellow.changed it to a new Jarbo yellow, now complaining about both new C and Y??! Something's fishy here..'

Googled, downgraded firmware via James's link, and voila. Printer works like a charm.

Posted by:
21 Nov 2016

I found a simple solution. I ditched my HP and bought an Epson all in one. Ink prices are lower and cartirages larger. I haven't resorted to third party yet. Are you listening HP???

Posted by:
T. Dwight Blix
27 Nov 2016

So 'PEOED' at HP for this. In addition to print problems at the most inconvenient times, paid way more than the Printer to buy more overpriced HP original cartridges in desperation.
Won't buy another HP just for this reason. Thanks so much for the quick fix. Much appreciated!

Posted by:
26 Jan 2017

I have a DesignJet T520 that was affected by the HP firmware upgrade despite the use of authentic HP cartridges.

The fix I used was to download an August 2016 firmware file, direct from the HP support site.

Prior to that I read an 'explanation' of the issue from a Sep 2016 note from Jon Flaxman, HP COO.

Posted by:
04 Jul 2017

All very interesting. I got the same message about 'damaged' cartridges when I replaced the magenta in an 8610, so I tried another cartridge with the same result. Then waded through HP fix pages, cleaning contacts and re-seating the cartridge to no avail. Both replacement cartridges were from a reputable business supplier and work perfectly well in an older printer, though not HP OEM. The prices charged for genuine HP cartridges are outrageous if you are a heavy user. All I can say to other business users is to avoid HP printers in future I will never purchase an HP product again after this experience!

Posted by:
26 Jul 2017

Thanks for your post Bob. I had the same problem, but solved it thanks to your advice. HP is a evil company. This is the last time I buy anything from them.

Posted by:
Peter Meier
21 Aug 2017

Hey Guys,
i have the officejet 8620 Pro, my problem is, that
i can´t find the Firmware 1416 (FDP1CN1416AR) anywhere. Can anybody tell me where to find or send it to me?? Would be a charme, thanks:-)

Firmware 1416 (fdp1cn1416ar)fasrresume 3.0


Posted by:
25 Aug 2017

This is such a tech-savvy post and gave me great information on inkjet printers. Can u suggest me the best inkjet printer?
I am confused between Canon and Epson.

Posted by:
14 Sep 2017

Thank you again Bob, the Dutch solution worked perfectly.

Posted by:
15 Sep 2017

This message appear to me yesterday. I also always have use 3rd party cartridges. INTERESTING NOTE: I have 2 printers HP Pro 8610. So when the message appear in 1 printer, and because I didn't had time to 'fix it', I just tried to print in the 2nd printer. Guess what: same message. Same problem. What is the probability that the same 'problem' appears at the same time in 2 printers? I will try to use your suggestions to fix it.


Posted by:
17 Sep 2017

Bob - you are awesome, I cant believe it!!! after being on with HP customers support for hours and them wanting to charge me for the time and THEN sell me a new 'upgraded printer'.Iwent online seeking more sneers before I bit the bullet as it just did not make sense to me?

You solution worked perfectly - HP should face some kind of class action for this nonsense.thank you and your community for helping me . My 8625 is now working perfectly again..

Posted by:
29 Sep 2017

Thanks Bob you're a hero. I kept getting the 'damaged cartridge' message on my HP6830 when trying to use non genuine cartridges. The firmware from the Dutch website sorted the problem.

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