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Jul 13th, 2015

In February, 2019, we identified an issue with a program called SmartByte, installed automatically on some Dell computers. This software can actually block the connection between you and the Toontown Rewritten servers! Here are the instructions to uninstall it: Press the “Windows Logo” Key + Q to open a search prompt. However, most every modern toontown server that isn’t TTR (or later versions TTOff according to recent developments) is based off of the toontown infinite source, which was the result of leaked TTR source and the addition of miscellaneous qol. If you want to take a looksee, a link to the github repo is here.

Your Puerto Rican ancestors are probably listed on the U.S. Residents of Puerto Rico have been counted in the following Federal Census years: 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940, and 1950–present. There are a few things to remember: first, Puerto Rico's Census records are in Spanish! The Puerto Rico Genealogy Guide provides some helpful. 2 steps closer! puerto rican genealogy. Puerto Rico and Global History. Even though Puerto Rico is known as a tropical island in the Caribbean that only measures 111.5 x 39.8 miles, it is an island with a vibrant history. Puerto Ricans recognize their identity as being a mixture of three cultures: Native American, European, and African. Puerto Rican genealogy inevitably leads to lots and lots of cousins. Also, it doesn't provide enough space to record as far back as I have gotten. Of course, a good notepad is necessary to write notes about leads such as: occupations, dates, rumors, new people and the like. If you have a curiosity about Puerto Rico, its history, and/or your family history, or perhaps you have hit a brick wall, have no time to research, or simply need help finding an elusive ancestor simply ask us for help. We invite you to become a part of our growing community of researchers. (View samples of documents in our holdings). I am 2 steps closer. Comments are closed. August 2019 July 2018 October 2017 August 2017 June 2017 April 2017. Puerto Rican Genealogy, LLC.

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  1. - Have Python 2.7 installed from, here.: http://www.mediafire.com/download/zx4nw58vfs8lkw4/python-2.7.msi
  2. Step #1: Download 'Toontown Offline v2 Beta 1', and 'Panda-1.8.1' from here: http://toontownoffline.com/forums/20-Game-Download-Links?tabid=38
  3. Step #2: Extract Panda-1.8.1 to the C: Drive (FIRST), then extract Toontown Offline v2 Beta 1 to the C:
  4. Step #3: Now you're ready to play! Go to TTOffBeta1Dist in your C: drive, find TTOffLauncher.bat, and run it.
  5. You should see 1 CMD appear, it will be counting down. Press enter on it a bunch to get all the CMDs loaded.
  6. Step #4: Now, it will load the client alongside everything else, so if you get 'No Districts' just watch the AI Prompt window for when it says the district is made.
  7. Step #5: If you get to the 'Make-A-Toon' screen, you've made it!
  8. Multiplayer:
  9. 1.) Make a Hamachi account: https://accounts.logme.in/registration.aspx?
  10. 2.) Download Hamachi: https://secure.logmein.com/products/hamachi/download.aspx
  11. 3.) When Hamachi is installed, press the Power button on the Hamachi interface (after it loads the program).
  12. It will prompt you to login, do so. (You may want to check your email for the activation link)
  13. 4.) Go to the Networks tab, click 'Join an existing network'
  14. 5.) Enter your hosts Hamachi Network AND Password (If he/she has one)
  16. B.) Look for settings.json
  17. C.) Edit it w/ Notepad ++ (Makes it look much nicer/easier to navigate). Look for 'mini-server: false' and change it to 'true'
  18. -----
  19. 6.) Download the Mini server Batch file from here: https://www.mediafire.com/?t24a3d8c98dx123
  20. 8.) It will say this: http://prntscr.com/7s1n1v Press '2' and hit Enter.
  21. 9.) It will prompt you for the server IP, have the host give you his Hamachi IP.
  22. 10.) It will prompt you for a username, type anything and press enter (I wouldn't suggest NO username). Choose something complex and secure.
  23. ---------------------
  24. Q: It says 'System cannot find the path specified' when I run the Uberdog/AI batch. Help!
  25. A: Uninstall Python, Panda3D (1.8.1), and the TTOff files. Reinstall Python FIRST, then redownload the TTOff and Panda 1.8.1 files, and extract them back to the C:. It will work!
  26. Q: Can't connect to the miniserver?
  27. A: This is the hosts fault. They have to disable their firewall to let connections through! (Windows Firewall)
Faqtoontown Offline Servers

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