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By Caleb Crosby Editorials I have the honor of leading the Alabama Policy Institute, a non-partisan, non-profit educational and research institution which has championed free markets, limited government, and strong families for over 30 years. Opinion analysis and political endorsements from The New York Times editorial board.

Archives is journal published twice a year that is intended to remain relevant over time, forming a group of identifiable authors together with their research and proposals.

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  3. January 13, 2021 January 12, 2021 A Brighty Disposition. Posted By: Kevin Horn 85 Views. It was 50 years ago tomorrow. January 14, 1971.
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Archives aims to provide an ongoing journey through different yet complementary points of view, taking into account the region, the climate, the history and the society from which the construction arises.

With the intention of taking the broadest perspective possible, Archives tours countries that make up a rich, comprehensive view through the eyes of the selected authors.

With the intention of taking the broadest perspective possible, Archives tours countries that make up a rich, comprehensive view through the eyes of the selected authors.

With a very clearly graphical identity, Archives delves into knowledge of architects’ work via previously unpublished photos of their works, their graphic documentation, interviews and explanations of their affinities and familiarity with other disciplines.

Archives was launched as a series of past experiences in the field of editorial communication about architecture, critique and photography by its directors: Carlos Quintáns and Juan Rodríguez. Dirty handz 3graffiti movies & documentaries.

C2C is an independent publisher specializing in visual culture, looking into matters related to architecture, ideas, art, photography etc. We create both books and journals worthy of the same graphic interest, taking equal care with the photography and texts.

C2C publishes a line of books dealing with topics related to architecture, ideas, art, photography etc. They are created in different formats that place an emphasis on the content of the text so as to create publications that explore the visual and tactile properties provided by paper.

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Carlos Quintáns

Editorial ArchivesFashion editorial archives
Senande-Muxía, Spain 1962

Architect from the E.T.S.A. (School of Architecture) in A Coruña, where he has been a Construction teacher since 1990 and Project Professor in several schools. Co-director of the journals Archives, Tectónica and the website Tectonicablog since their inception. With abundant architecture awards. Curator, together with Iñaqui Carnicero, of the Spanish Pavilion at the 2016 Venice Biennale, awarded the Golden Lion.

Juan Rodríguez

Insight Editorial Archives

A Coruña, Spain 1960

Fashion Editorial Archives

Trained as an architect but drawn to photography since the age of 16, in 1984 he decided to dedicate himself exclusively to this practice. In addition to architectural photography, in which he stands out as co-editor of ARCHIVES magazine, he has done numerous works in the field of documentary photography. His personal work is found in numerous public and private collections.