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100% Real Cisco CCNA Certification 200-301 Exam Dumps


Cisco CCNA 200-301 Practice Test Questions, CCNA Exam Dumps, Verified Answers

Download Free Pdf Bookscisco Certified Network Associates

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  • Cisco CCNA Certification Practice Test Questions, Cisco CCNA Certification Exam Dumps

    Real Cisco CCNA Certification Practice Test Questions & Exam Dumps for Studying. Cram Your Way to Pass with 100% Real & Accurate Cisco CCNA Certification Exam Dumps Questions & Answers. Verified By IT Experts for Providing the 100% Accurate Cisco CCNA Exam Dumps & Cisco CCNA Certification Practice Test Questions.

    If you are interested in networking, then you should go for a Cisco certification. One of the most popular certificates that this vendor has to offer is known as the CCNA.

    Certification Level

    From its name, the Cisco Certified Network Associate is an associate-level career path that prepares students for an extensive range of mid-level jobs in information technology. This path incorporates what learners should know about Cisco networks and their products at the mid-level while also preparing them for more advanced certificates such as the CCNP Enterprise and CCIE certifications.

    CCNA Exam Audience

    The new CCNA training has been simplified to focus on just a single exam while giving students the much-needed flexibility when diversifying their skills. The simplified path also means that the new CCNA is one of the best options when you want to build a career around Cisco networks and products while lessening the burden of having to study for a series of certification exams. That being said, the new CCNA certification is meant for the following audiences:

    • CCNA 200-301 exam candidates;
    • CCNA certified IT specialists who may want to recertify to update their skills;
    • Any individual looking for an awesome certificate to help them start a networking career.

    Old CCNA Certification Path

    In 2019, Cisco chose to go big, revamping the entire certification program to introduce a new learning path. It turns out the changes had a big impact on the larger IT industry, with many individuals now focused on building their careers around new technologies. Until February 24th, 2020 when the new changes took effect, students could choose one of the following tracks for their associate-level CCNA training:

    • CCNA Routing and Switching;
    • CCNA Service Provider;
    • CCNA Industrial;
    • CCNA Wireless;
    • CCNA Data Center
    • CCNA Collaboration;
    • CCNA Cloud.

    But this has since changed where candidates are now required to pass just a single exam that merges all the concepts you should master at the associate level. Remember the old CCNA version also required candidates to take a two-exam combination to complete their training. And you guessed it right. That was always hectic!

    New CCNA Exam Outline and Prerequisites

    The Cisco CCNA is an associate-level certificate that evaluates the candidates’ knowledge of the IT fundamentals, so don’t expect to learn the advanced concepts during the certification training. If you are serious about getting this certificate, you need to know a few things about the Cisco 200-301 exam. It is the only test that you need to take to obtain the Cisco CCNA. The exam is going to be 120 minutes long. There are a few topics included in the test as listed below:

    • Security Fundamentals;
    • IP Services;
    • Network Access;
    • Automation and Programmability;
    • Network Fundamentals;
    • IP Connectivity.

    This test is available in the English and Japanese languages. To register for a proctored exam, you need to create an account with the Cisco testing partner, Pearson VUE. To attempt the new CCNA exam, Cisco recommends that the test-takers in question must have fulfilled the following requirements: Line gamefree flash games.

    • Must have acquired basic computer skills;
    • Core knowledge of computer networking to help them pass 200-301 exam;
    • One or more years of proven experience in implementing Cisco solutions;
    • In-depth knowledge of network fundamentals.

    What to Know about Test Objectives?

    As already stated, the content on the new CCNA curriculum is extracted from 6 modules. Here, we cover the details of all these domains:

    IP Services

    Among other concepts, this topic will focus on your ability to perform the following operations:

    • Configuring & verifying inside source NAT using static and pools;
    • Implementing and verifying NTP operating in client and server mode;
    • Deploying network devices that are critical for remote access using SSH;
    • Defining the function and capabilities of FTP/TFTP in the network;
    • Describing the forwarding per-hop behavior including congestion, marking, and queuing.

    Network Fundamentals

    Network fundamentals contribute to the second largest percentage in 200-301 test and for a reason. Here, students will prove their ability to compare cabling types and physical interface, describe the common features of network topology architectures, detect cabling and interface issues, and describe the functions of network components.

    IP Connectivity

    IP connectivity contributes to 25% of the questions in the main exam, which is the largest portion. It addresses the components of the routing table, configuration and verification of IPv6 and IPv4 static routing, and the configuration and verification of single-area OSPFv2.

    Security Fundamentals

    Within this tested area, you will learn how to describe the main security concepts, deal with Layer 2 security features, implement WLAN using WPA2 PSK using the GUI, validate access control lists, and define security program components such as user awareness, training as well as physical access control.

    Network Access

    This topic will teach you how to work with VLANs spanning numerous switches, interswitch connectivity, Layer 2 discovery protocols, EtherChannel, Cisco Wireless Architectures & AP modes, and finally, AP and WLC management access connections.

    Automation and Programmability

    Here, you will understand how automation impacts network management works. In addition, you will cover such notions as north-bound and south-bound APIs, REST-based APIs, and JSON encoded data.

    Career Opportunities

    The CCNA training will equip you with highly marketable skills to easily make you the industry’s hotcake. The common job titles associated with the new CCNA curriculum include the following:

    • Network Administrator;
    • Network Analyst;
    • Systems Administrator;
    • Network Design Engineer;
    • Infrastructure Engineer.

    When it comes to your earning potential, it’s important to state that tons of factors will play a key role in determining your ultimate paycheck. This could include experience, the complexity of the tasks, and the specific setup you choose to work in. Thus, as per CCNA certified specialists usually earn $78,768 in one year.

    Career Path

    With all its benefits, the new Cisco CCNA certification is just an associate-level certificate. This can only tell us one thing; the CCNA curriculum opens numerous opportunities for candidates willing to work in IT. The CCNA certification path can lead you to exciting career options that are centered around the more advanced CCNP Enterprise and CCIE Enterprise training. Still, you may want to change it all together by focusing on professional-level training provided by other IT certification vendors. The onus is on you!

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  • Cisco CCNA Certification Exam Dumps, Cisco CCNA Practice Test Questions And Answers

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