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Selling Your Model Trains

Rail Model provide quality model railway kits and a bespoke laser cutting service we also offer a growing range of Model Railway equipment 🍪 This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Models News Layouts Home Models News Layouts Models. Replacement Textures. Powered by Create your own unique. Hara Model Railway Museum Nishi-ku, Japan Opened in 2012, this Japanese model train museum is already one of the most stunning creations of its kind in the world. Adding one half of the confidence model was tested and validated in 16 However, the primary reason the interval to the number of potential and, thus, may be more accurate. Models produced such imprecise donors (that is, one half of 46 is added However, regardless of the reason for estimates is that they are based on to 100 (100+23=123)). After my father passed away, we had to decide what to do with his large N scale model train collection, which was comprised of over 500 engines, 1000 cars, 1000 track sections, as well as numerous model buildings and other accessories. After doing some web searches, I came across Doug’s company, Model Train Market.

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September 2020

I inherited a large train collection 20+ years ago. At the time I was busy working and didn’t have the time to deal with it, so the trains sat on shelves in my basement. Since I’m now retired, and like so many folks sequestered at home, I figured this would be a good time to find this collection a new home. After searching the internet and talking to several buyers/sellers I had the good fortune to come upon Doug at Model Train Market. He responded promptly to my emails, reviewed my inventory in a timely manner, and offered me a fair price. I have to admit I was a little concerned shipping this collection off to someone I did not know and hoping that he’d make good on his word. I shouldn’t have wasted one second worrying. Doug not only sent a proper contract and shipping labels, but he promptly made payment as we had agreed. I highly recommend anyone looking for help selling/buying model trains to talk to Doug.

Jim A. - Virginia

June 2020

I recently sold my N scale collection to Model Train Market. It was a pleasure dealing with them. They offered a fair price and every commitment was met. I would highly recommend working with Model Train Market if you are considering the sale of your collection. 44: eugene returns policy.

Larry M.

March 2020

The owner of Model Train Market showed true professionalism and courtesy when I initially approached him regarding my husbands train collection. He visited my home and in one day did a complete inventory and gave me a fair offer to purchase the collection. My husband had just passed a few months earlier and I guess at that time I was not ready to give up something that he truly loved. A year passed, and I again contacted Doug and he was kind and considerate during our conversation and said that he was still interested in purchasing the trains at his original offer.

When he came with his workers, they worked quickly and efficiently. They were packed up and ready to leave that day.

I would recommend Model Train Market. I believe that they were fair and showed great proficiency in their work ethic.

Deborah S.

January 2020


Thank you for working with us to buy our father’s train collection. After a couple of attempts locally, we thought we had run out of options. You gave us a good price, made it easy to pack and send the trains, and paid us promptly, exactly as promised. It has been a delight to work with you. It feels good to hand the train collection along so that others can enjoy those model trains our father loved so much.

With warm regards,

Tamar and Gianna

November 2019

After inheriting my dads sizable HO collection I was put in touch with Doug at Model Train Market. He made the whole process of packing and shipping the collection across country very easy. Doug was very easy to deal with and offered me a more than fair price for the collection as a whole. I would highly recommend contacting Doug if you are looking to sell your collection.


Oklahoma City, OK

October 2019

Looking to slim down my collection of N scale rolling stock last fall, I decided to get in touch with Doug at Model Train Market. I’m happy to report that it turned out to be an excellent move. Not only did I find Doug to be extremely personable and completely professional, I was also totally satisfied with the offer he made and quite surprised at how easy he made the entire transaction. Highly recommended!

Jeff S.

Fort Worth, TX

October 2019

Hi Doug,

I just wanted to say it’s been a pleasure doing business with you and your company. You guys really do know what you’re doing from how to pack up all the different size trains to the shipping them to you. I feel you gave top dollar for our collection and you were very patient with us while everything went thru the courts.

I would recommend anyone I know that needs to sell their collection to look you up.

Thank you again,

Philip - Mena, AR

September 2019

I recently sold a large collection to Model Train Market. I was surprised how easy it was. They paid for the shipping and gave me a fair price ! Give them a try and see what Doug can do for you.

W.R. Brewster N.Y.

August 2019

I found myself with a surplus of model trains that I realized would never be used. Upon deciding to liquidate, I searched the internet and the modelling press to identify someone who might be interested in purchasing my trains. One factor in identifying Doug was my belief that he would be interested in my 100% plastic collection. I put together a list by manufacturer, model number and condition and emailed it to Doug who subsequently notified me of his interest. A couple of emails later, Doug made me an offer. I was very happy with the offer, felt it to be very fair, and accepted it. Doug then responded with a document detailing the offer. I was somewhat daunted with the prospect of packing and shipping my trains, but Doug responded with a very detailed description of how to pack the models. In addition, Doug took care of all the shipping details including insurance and sent me pre-paid shippng labels, so that I simply applied the labels to the packages and dropped them off at my local UPS store. My checks were sent to me expedited mail, with 50% up front and the balance upon delivery and inspection. It was a pleasure working with Doug and I found Doug to be a person of his word. I heartily recommend Doug and would not hesitate to deal with him again.
Thanks again.

July 2019

It was expectedly difficult to collect and sort through the large collection of HO Scale model railroad equipment of my Father's estate.

I found on the internet and saw that they offered information on how to handle the task of liquidating any size model train collection.

David at advised me that they were interested in the brass models of the estate and that his associate, Doug at would look through the rest of the list and provide a combined offer for the entire estate.

Doug and I e-mailed back and forth a few times with the usual questions and answers which led to an ample offer for the entire collection. Once I accepted the offer, Doug and I kept in close contact regarding packing and shipment of the collection which had to travel clear across the country. He answered all my questions and handled all the shipping logistics. All I had to do was carefully pack it all into the provided shipping crates and let it go.

Pick-up, delivery and payment for the collection went just as Doug had said it would.

Both gentlemen were professional, courteous and took time to talk to me about my concerns during the process.

I HIGHLY recommend and for liquidating a model railroad collection of any size.

FG Vincent
Southern California

May 2019

Model Train Market bought my HO model train collection and it was fast, easy, and straightforward. After years of collecting and modeling trains it was time to move on, and Doug Soard came to my rescue. The process was smoothly handled entirely over email and the price paid was very fair. I'd recommend Doug to anyone with more trains than they need.

May 2019

Doug was wonderful to deal with, very personable and friendly. Having a moderate size n scale collection that I needed to liquidate was a daunting task. After having done research on what I had and expected returns and reaching out to other dealers I found Doug to be the best option available. His offer was very fair, and he seems to really enjoy and love what he’s doing and that made me feel that I was making the right choice. I would happily recommend him to anyone looking sell their collection or even purchase an addition for their existing collection.


Mechanicsville, MD

Donation rule the rail models n scale

May 2019

After years of collecting, I decided that I needed to downsize and find a new home for my HO model train collection. I reached out to a few different resources and I am so glad to have found Doug and his team at the Model Train Market. As he and I exchanged a few emails to start the process, I found Doug to be highly forthcoming and he just made me feel at ease throughout our dealings.

Process started after I sent Doug a list of my collection along with a few pictures to give him an idea of my collection. After a day or two, Doug made me an offer for my collection. I will admit that Doug’s offer was better than any previous offer I had received for my collection. Once we agreed on the price. I packed up all of the items to send to Doug. I would like to also mention that Doug covered all of the shipping costs of my collection to him as well.

As I was packing up my collection, I realized that I had more items than what I had recorded on my list. I reached to Doug to let him know about this. Doug suggested to send him everything that I wanted to sell and he would re-evaluate my entire collection and then figure out a new final price. Once he received my items, a few days later, Doug reached out to me with a new final figure that was much higher than I even imagined. Thank you, Doug!

I can only speak from experience, if you have a model train collection for sale, reach out to Doug and his team – I highly recommend!.

M. Boyd

Southern California

April 2019

When my father passed away at 94, I wasn't sure what to do with his small model train collection. I live in very rural Montana and actually had no idea of anyone who would be interested in owning them. I didn't want his collection to just sit there and not be enjoyed by other train enthusiasts so I went online and found Doug and Model Train Market. I instantly felt comfortable selling my Dad's trains to Doug after a few emails back and forth. I knew they were going to a good home and would be enjoyed by others. Doug explained the whole process thoroughly including how to wrap, pack and ship the collection. Not once did I ever have any qualms or questions about the trustworthiness or honesty of Doug and Model Train Market. My father's collection went from Montana clear to Florida and I know it is being well taken care of. Doug provided payment promptly and kept in communication from beginning to end. I am so glad I chose Doug and Model Train Market to entrust my father's collection to. I would choose them again without question. Thank you, Doug!
Southeastern Montana

March 2019

Donation Rule The Rail Models Must

Doug and the MTM team were very fair, honest and prompt in the purchase of my large train collection. I was extremely impressed in the fast payoff.

I would do business with them again if the need arises.

Al Rutten

Boardman, Or

February 2019

I had a small Z Scale collection and Doug @ Model Train Market made a fair offer including paying shipping. He was very courteous to deal with and I would recommend using them to anyone.


My father in law Bill Taub was the senior Photographer for NASA from its inception thru the end of the Apollo Space Program. His hobby was HO trains and having traveled all over the world he had amassed a rather large and unique collection.

After he passed it was time to sell the collection. Knowing that the thousands and thousands of engines, tenders, cars, original boxes and accessories would be worth quite a bit, we began researching the best way to sell. After many months of educating ourselves as to the approximate value and best way to sell the collection, it was our good fortune to find Doug at The Model Train Market.

Donation Rule The Rail Models N Scale

We had considered selling the items ourselves but decided against that and then spoke with a number of folks that buy collections. As you can imagine the offers were all over the map and most quite low. We even had some local collectors come and go thru the everything, however their offer was much lower than the final figure from Doug.

Doug and his team were very easy to work with right from the start and helped us get a real handle on the value of what we had. They also understood the uniqueness of the collection and gave us an initial estimate of its potential value. After reading other reviews we were impressed with the way everything was handled thru Model Train Market and went with them. The contract was clear and concise and we received a check within a few days for half of the estimated value.

Rule The Rail Pass Words

Doug arranged for shipping containers to be delivered to our home & we packed everything carefully in bubble wrap. We found that banker boxes worked the best and were easiest to handle. Then the containers were picked up and within a few days arrived at Doug’s. They kept in touch with us thru the whole process and after going thru everything came up with a final figure much higher than we expected.

If you are considering selling a few pieces or a whole collection we highly recommend Doug and The Model Train Market. They are consummate professionals, understanding, and caring, you won’t be disappointed.

Sincerely, Ron Specht & Myra Taub Specht

November 2018
I would like to thank Doug and his staff for the help in selling my N scale Collection. I tried marketing it on my own, but here come the scammers. Doug was a big help. Offered me a fair price and handled everything. If you need help, contact Doug. I wish you success in the coming year Doug.
V. Lipscomb

October 2018

After hanging on to our late mother’s small railroad collection for several years, my siblings and I decided it was time to let someone else enjoy the pieces. I am grateful to have found Doug and Model Train Market online. From my very first email inquiry to the end of our transaction, Doug was great to work with. He followed through with what he committed to and made the shipping and selling process both easy and convenient. I would highly recommend Doug and Model Train Market!

Anne C.

Richland, WA

Donationrule The Rail Models !
October 2018

When I began to research companies which purchase model train collections I spoke with several people and all were very friendly. However, when you have a need to expedite the transaction due to downsizing it results that count and that is why in the end I chose Model Train Market. Doug was very helpful and quickly completed the purchase of my collection. I highly recommend Doug and Model Train Market.

John McWhorter

Rutherfordton, NC

August 2018

I would like to take a moment to share my experience with the team at Model Train Market, specifically Doug. When my father passed away, we knew he was a collector of trains. We had no idea that he had been collecting thousands upon thousands of them. When sorting out his estate, we had no idea where to turn. He was a railroader, and many of his friends had pointed us to folks who were willing to buy some, but not all; or folks who were giving us very, very low estimates. My husband happened across Model Train Market, and put everyone in touch. Doug went above and beyond to work long distance with us as we sorted through 6,000+ locomotives and freight cars, provided us a more than fair estimate, was patient with my family as we made decisions, and was a consummate professional every step of the way.

There are three things that really stood out to me about Doug and the team – First, Doug made personally sure that I provided him appropriate documentation that I was an Executor on the estate. I appreciated his diligence on that, and how seriously he took the matter (as opposed to many other folks who aggressively pushed us for cash offers on tight deadlines). Second, we did our homework. And the wholesale estimated value of the trains was exactly in line with what Doug offered. Third and finally, while Doug was at my father’s estate, he treated it with such care. He even made a point to talk with my stepdaughter. He is a true family man, an excellent business person, and the most knowledgeable person we have met on the subject. We are so lucky we found Model Train Market. Doug and the team provided my family with the best possible outcome of a very daunting, stressful, and emotional situation. Thank you Doug :)

Kathleen S. in New Jersey

After my father passed away, we had to decide what to do with his large N scale model train collection, which was comprised of over 500 engines, 1000 cars, 1000 track sections, as well as numerous model buildings and other accessories. After doing some web searches, I came across Doug’s company, Model Train Market. I sent Doug a fairly detailed description of the train collection, plus some photos. He immediately responded with a fair offer to purchase the collection. Over the next few weeks I had several phone conversations with Doug and he provided me with valuable packing suggestions. I shipped the train collection in 17 boxes to Doug. It was a lot of work, but well worth it. We not only received a fair price for the collection, but the satisfaction of knowing that dad’s model trains would be available to other train enthusiasts to enjoy in the coming years. During the entire process, Doug’s professionalism and helpfulness made the process go very smoothly. I know my father would have liked Doug. I highly recommend him if you have a train collection that you need to sell.

Ken in Kansas

My husband left me with a very large N-Scale collection and cases of train memorabilia. After struggling for four years with what to do with all of these trains and knowing very little about trains or model trains, I was fortunate to make contact with Doug who responded immediately to my inquiry. He actually came to Maine to view the collection -something that was important to me as opposed to the blind offers others had proposed. He explained and helped me understand not only the values but I also learned quite a bit about how my husband had put this collection together. I felt that his offer was fair and well explained. He made the arrangements for all the shipping right out of my garage before he left.

Although parting with all these trains was a bit sad and another milestone in the end of a 43 years marriage, I felt good about the entire transaction .

Doug is a pleasure to deal with both personally as well as professionally and would highly recommend his company and services!

Nancy , Boothbay Harbor Maine

Donation Rule The Rail Models 2020

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Doug at Model Train Market! My brother and I were ready to sell our late father’s beloved train sets and didn’t know where to start. Doug responded quickly to my email and helped us through the process. His team did a great job with the photos and the listing. We received a wonderful price from the consignment auction bidding. Doug kept in touch and followed through. We are grateful for the whole experience!“

May, 2018

“When I offered by train collection for sale, I was contacted by five different dealers. It was an easy decision to choose Doug Soard at Model Train Market. He was by far the most professional and accommodating individual. I enjoyed dealing with him and his solid knowledge of the model railroad market. I got an informed offer and a very fair price, and Doug took extra steps to make the sale easy and convenient for me.'

Donationrule The Rail Models Ford

- Tom in Central Pennsylvania

April, 2018

'Over the years, I have sold collections of everything from comic books to Boy Scout memorabilia.. French wines to large format cameras to online buyers whom I never met. Why? Because they always pay significantly more than locals shops.

I recently inherited a 350 piece (~$10K retail value) n-scale model train collection which lead me to discover (MTM), whom I found to be head and shoulders above the other model train buyers AND indeed the best online buyer I have dealt with period.

Overall, Doug at, always did what he said he would do or what his website promised, on time and often days sooner than stated. I was able to relax through-out the entire process because the process and the people at MTM engender trust.

If you have model trains to sell, and are under any time crunch, save some effort and stress and just go straight to'

- Richard H. Seattle, WA

'When my husband recently passed away, I was left to deal with his very large N-scale model train collection and accessories. Fortunately, before he passed, he had worked with Dan Glasure of Dan was extremely knowledgeable, honest and fair when my husband sold part of his collection to him. Doug Soard of Model Train Market took over Dan's business, and was equally helpful in purchasing the remainder of the collection. Doug made the process of identifying the items that I had to sell and transporting them very easy and seamless. He was fair with his offer and made me feel good to know my husband's collection would bring pleasure to another train collector. I highly recommend Doug if you have a train collection to sell.'

- Thanks, Kim Z.

April, 2017

'After many years as model train enthusiasts with an 'empire' in our basement that included a homemade 12' x 15' train table, we made the decision that it was time to downsize and sell our HO model train collection of almost 1,300 rolling stock and engines. We researched several options for selling, contacting both auctioneers and model train collectors and vendors. Through very good luck, one of the individuals we contacted, who was not interested in our collection, passed along our information to Doug Soard of Model Train Market. We worked directly with Doug through email and phone calls to ensure he could make an accurate evaluation of our collection. We found Doug to be highly ethical and trustworthy, and we were very pleased with the offer he made for our collection. The process of receiving the shipping crates and packing them to send to Model Train Market went very smoothly. Payment was made promptly as promised. For anyone trying to decide what to do with a train collection that you no longer need or want, we highly recommend that you contact Model Train Market for an evaluation of your collection.'

- Peter and Linda J. / Collegeville, PA