Donatesofashallow Foundation Analysis Software

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Donatesofashallow Foundation Analysis Software Review

Mat3D is a general multi-pier mat foundation analysis/design tool for soil or pile supported foundations. It has the following features: Allows multiple system of units for input and output - English, Metric and SI; Supports ACI 318 and BSI 8110 building codes; Considers buoyancy effects in the calculation of bearing pressures, stability ratios and pile capacities for footing/pile cap design; Accepts unlimited type and number of load cases; Accepts unlimited type and number of factored and unfactored load combinations; Analyzes/Designs pile cap on square, and rectangular regular and irregular pile patterns; Designs square, rectangular, octagonal and circular piers; Provides multiple choices of longitudinal rebar arrangement in piers; Analyzes/Designs square, and rectangular footings/pile caps; Considers wide beam shear and punching shear in footing/pile cap design; Provides positive and negative moment reinforcement in the footings/pile caps; Provides multiple choices of footing rebar arrangement; Allows the user to change the footing rebar size and spacing; Accepts anchor bolt arrangement on piers for display on sketches and construction drawing; Generates material quantities; Creates user-specified sections through the piers and the mat on the fly; Generates detailed design sketches of foundation plan, elevations and sections through the pier showing reinforcement; Interfaces with Autocad, Microstation and SmartSketch to produce detailed construction drawings; Generates a summarized and a detailed input and output report; Design sketch of a mat plan and a user-defined section through piers. X games 2012 hot wheels double dare looper. A 30 day evaluation version is available on the WWW.

Donatesofashallow Foundation Analysis Software

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Donatesofashallow foundation analysis software review

Donatesofashallow Foundation Analysis Software Reviews

Geotechnical Engineering Modelling Software (G E M S) brings you feature rich, easy-to-use CAD software for foundation design & analysis.G E M S foundation analysis suite uses finite element modelling techniques for design & analysis of shallow and deep foundations. Presently the foundation analysis suite includes modules for beam foundations and offshore pile foundations. GEO5 contains several programs for design and analysis of pile foundations. It is necessary to select a suitable program considering the structure type and available results of a geotechnical survey. Programs for Pile Foundation Design. A comprehensive suite of tools for analyzing the settlement of foundations and surface loads. Perform time-dependent settlement and consolidation analysis with Settle and analyze surface deformation and bearing capacity problems using finite element analysis in RS2 and RS3.