Cars I Want To Dogames123 Nr2003 Designs

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NR2003 Categories ». Design Mods Concept. Crew Chief; Posts: 192. If you want some nice 1980 - 81 cars for the aero88 mod go here.

2008 Optical Frequency Car Set (For gns mod) Agfa processor manual.

Original date added: 7/28/2010

Creator: Mystical

Car Set info:

Cars I Want To Dogames123 Nr2003 Designs
  • This file download replaces the original flat colored game car bodies with the complete set of Metal-Flaked painted bodies. It is a straight across replacement that will Only change the cars to Metal-Flake and still maintain the games original 8 car colors. Installation is as usual, Simple to do. DOWNLOAD: NR2003: Blimp Replacement Update.
  • A competitive NR2K3 nascar racing 2003 season league that hasn't forgotten how to have fun and enjoy sim racing. Best racing league.

This is 2008 Optical Frequency Series car set. This car set includes 47 unique cars and a total of 80+ designs including the various alternate schemes. This car set uses the regular cup mod. The Optical series no longer runs any races and many of the drivers are now in the fictional Armory Digital Cup Series.

Cars I Want To Dogames123 Nr2003 Designs For Beginners

How to install to NR2003:

Unzip the folder and copy all the files within the cars folder to your NR2003 directory: NR2003/Series/Cars folder. If you want to use the mainback file simply copy this into the same series folder as the cats are place. Likewise you can create a new series folder and add the mainback to that with these cars.


– Bases and numbers on cars all painted by Mystical in photoshop / after effects.

– Logos from google, masgraphix, and best brands of the world.

Cars I Want To Dogames123 Nr2003 Designs Custom

– Templates from masgraphix and

Version: 1.0

Cars I Want To Dogames123 Nr2003 Designs Step By Step


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I no longer make NR2003 downloads as of 2014 so I want to give a big shout out to the tens of thousands of fans that downloaded all of my work for NR2003. Your praise and downloads are much appreciated and thank you so much for a wonderful NR2003 producing career. All my downloads are free and I support open and creative communities. Thanks!

Modifications & Addons
This section contains Roguetoad27’s mods/addons for NR2003 including Reflection Updates, UI Updates, and other changes.

NR2003 2011 Cup Series “Mainback” Set24mb
NR2003 2011 Nationwide Series “Mainback” Set20mb
NR2003 2013 Manufacturer Logo Set200kb
NR2003 2013 UI Update10mb
NR2003 2014 UI Update4mb
NR2003 Copyright Screen Set20mb
NR2003 Layout Update2mb
NR2003 Mainback Maker (v2.0)4mb
NR2003 Player Info Page Reflection Set9mb
NR2003 Reflection Update V64mb
NR2003 Reflection Update V75mb

Check out the Eyjix series of track variants for NR2003, a set of tracks that bring crazier racing to your NR2003. Sand pits, high-grip racing surfaces, low-grip grass, alternate trackside layouts and more are available on every Eyjix track variant.

Cars I Want To Dogames123 Nr2003 Designs Free

NR2003 Atlanta – Eyjix Edition9mb
NR2003 Auto Club Speedway – Eyjix Edition12mb
NR2003 Bristol – Eyjix Edition6mb
NR2003 Daytona – Eyjix Edition10mb
NR2003 Daytona 2014 – Eyjix Edition8mb
NR2003 Infineon – Eyjix Edition8mb
NR2003 Phoenix – Eyjix Edition11mb
NR2003 Talladega – Eyjix Edition7mb
NR2003 Texas – Eyjix Edition5mb