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A Simplification of English Spelling, Grammar, and Lexicon
By Jack Eisenmann

Math 9 (Math Makes Sense) - Mrs. Gill Grade 9 Math Curriculum The Grade 9 Math Curriculum is designed to prepare students for high school mathematics, as well as post-secondary studies. A strong focus on numeracy will also help students develop the general math skills that are a vital part to our lives. Grade 9 Math - Mr. Number Theory Combinatorics Geometry Algebra Calculus & Diff Eqs Probability & Statistics Set Theory & Foundations: Reflections on Relativity History Physics.

= = = RESOURCES = = =

Example Sentences
Alphabet Transcriber
Abridged Word List
Sorted Word List
Monochrome Alphabet

= = = INTRO = = =

Through years of traveling, I have observed that English is frequently used as a common language. English is a decent language; it has relatively simple inflection, simple grammar, and has both germanic and romance words. Its fatal flaws are that it has unpredictable pronunciation and an excessive number of words. Iqglic is an attempt to make English easier to learn for foreigners while remaining intelligible to native speakers. The grammar and lexicon are derived mainly from my last constructed language, Pegakibo.

The goals of Iqglic include:
- One word for one meaning, one meaning for one word. No synonyms or ambiguities.
- Phonetically precise spelling.
- Logical, minimal grammar.
- Moderate convenience for use.

= = = ALPHABET = = =

There are 20 consonants and 8 vowels in Iqglic. Every letter is pronounced in exactly 1 way.

A (as in bAt) E (as in bEt)
I (as in bIt) Y (as in bEEt)
O (as in bOAt) Ö (as in bOUGHt)
U (as in bUt) W (as in bOOt)

B (as in Bat) P (as in Pat)
D (as in Dot) T (as in Tar)
F (as in Fat) V (as in Vat)
G (as in Got) K (as in Cat)
H (as in Hat) Q (as in raNG)
L (as in Lot) R (as in Rat)
N (as in Not) M (as in Mat)
S (as in Sat) Z (as in Zap)
Ð (as in THen) X (as in THought)
C (as in SHot) J (as in meaSure)

These letters may also be represented with a much more awesome writing system. This alphabet, which is based on both shapes and colors, is here.

Words do not have emphasis on any particular syllable. Counting is in base 10, with the least significant digit on the right side.

= = = GRAMMAR = = =

Every word in the dictionary has exactly ONE part of speech: either noun, verb, descriptor, or preposition. Descriptors can act as adjectives or adverbs depending on context. Certain words that would be conjunctions in English are prepositions in Iqglic. ALL verbs are transitive.

Word order follows the subject-verb-object paradigm: a noun before a verb performs the verb, a noun after a verb receives the verb's action. Descriptors are placed before the word they describe. Numbers act as descriptors, and thus are placed before what they modify. If two nouns ('x' and 'y') are placed adjacent to each other, the construction is interpreted as 'y of or pertaining to x'.

There are a handful of suffixes one can add to words:
'-s'/'-z' or '-iz': makes a noun plural.
'-d'/'-t' or '-id': makes a verb into a passive descriptor.
'-iq': makes a verb into a gerund.
'-r'/'-er': makes a verb into an object or person which routinely performs the action.
'-nis': makes an adjective into a noun representing a state or quality.

A clause may be surrounded by quotation marks to form a subordinate clause or a gerund. Such a grouping is functionally treated as a noun, and thus is called a 'situation noun'. A situation noun refers to the action or process of its clause (unless certain descriptors are added).

= = = CORRELATIVES = = =

The table below shows a collection of words formed by combining certain suffixes and prefixes. These suffixes and prefixes may not be used in any other context.

W[I]- (which)H[I]- (this)Ð[A]- (that)EVRY- (every)ENY- (any)SUM- (some)NO- (no)
-BUDY (person, N)WIBUDY
(this person)
(that person)
-XIQ (thing, N)WIXIQ
(this thing)
(that thing)
-[I]TC (one, D)WITC
(this one)
(that one)
(every one)
(any one)
(some one)
-EN (time, D)WEN
(at some time)
-ER (place, D)WER
-UY (reason, D)WUY
(for this reason)
(for that reason)
(for every reason)
(for any reason)
(for some reason)
(for no reason)
-AW (way, D)WAW
(in this way)
(in that way)
(in every way)
(in any way)
(in no way)
-MUTC (amount, D)WIMUTC
(how much)
(this much)
(that much)
(all amounts of)
(any amount of)
(some amount of)
(none of)

= = = THE DICTIONARY = = =

This list contains all 2000 words of Iqglic.

N: noun V: verb D: descriptor P: preposition

Ac (N): ash.
Ad (V): to add; append.
Adik (N): attic; the unfinished top floor of a house.
Admit (V): to admit (to something); confess.
Adm (N): atom.
Advanst (D): advanced.
Advrtuyz (V): to advertise (something).
Advuys (N): advice; a helpful suggestion.
Aftr (P): after.
Akcn (N): action; something which is done.
Aks (N): axe; a tool used to cut down trees.
Aksent (N): accent; a way of speaking.
Aksident (N): accident.
Aksis (N): axis.
Aksl (N): axle; used in a hinge.
Akt (V): to act (like something); perform (as something); pose as.
Aktcwul (D): actual; real; existing.
Album (N): album; a collection of songs.
Ambr (N): amber; hardened tree sap.
Amplifuy (V): to amplify (something); make greater.
And (P): and.
Animl (N): creature; animal.
Anivrsry (N): anniversary; an annual celebration of something.
Ansr (V): to answer (with text/speech); respond.
Ant (N): ant; a small insect.
Antcovy (N): anchovy; a small kind of fish.
Antenu (N): antenna (of a bug or electronic device).
Apl (N): apple.
Ask (V): to ask (a question).
At (P): at.
Awl (N): owl.
Awr (D): our; belonging to us.
Awt (P): outside of; out; not inside.
Awtlet (N): outlet (for electricity or another resource).
Awtpwt (N): output.
Axlyt (N): athlete; a sports player.
Az (D): as; to an extent; so.
Babl (V): to babble (text/speech).
Bad (D): bad/badly.
Badjr (N): badger.
Badry (N): battery.
Badsensr (V): to censor (something).
Bag (N): bag.
Bagidj (N): baggage; luggage.
Bak (N): back; the back of something.
Bakgrawnd (N): background.
Baktyrya (N): bacteria.
Bakwerd (D): backward.
Balents (V): to balance (something).
Bandidj (N): bandage.
Baskit (N): basket.
Bat (N): bat; used in baseball.
Bawnts (V): to bounce (something); cause to bounce.
Bax (N): bath.
Bed (N): bed.
Beg (V): to beg (for something).
Bel (N): bell.
Belt (N): belt.
Bend (V): to bend (something).
Ber (N): bear; an animal.
Berl(N): barrel.
Berly (D): barely; hardly at all.
Bery (N): berry; a kind of fruit.
Bet (V): to bet (that something will happen).
Bey (N): bay.
Beyby (N): baby; infant.
Beygl (N): bagel.
Beyk (V): to bake (something); a way of cooking something.
Beykn (N): bacon.
Beqk (N): bank; a place for keeping money.
Beys (N): base.
Beysböl (N): baseball; a sport.
Beysik (D): basic; simple.
Beysment (N): basement: the underground floor of a house.
Beyt (N): bait; lure.
Bid (V): to bid (on something).
Bil (N): bill; check; something which must be payed.
Bild (V): to build (something); construct; assemble.
Bildiq (N): building; a structure with a roof and walls.
Biskit (N): biscuit.
Bit (N): bit; a very small piece of something.
Bizy (D): busy/busily; preoccupied.
Blak (D): black.
Blast (V): to blast (something); cause to explode; detonate.
Bleyd (N): blade; a cutting edge.
Bleqk (D): blank; bare; bald.
Bleqkit (N): blanket; quilt; sheet.
Blimp (N): blimp; a kind of aircraft.
Bliqk (V): to blink (something); flash; turn something on and off.
Blo (V): to blow (onto something).
Blry (D): blurry; unclear.
Blud (N): blood.
Bluynd (D): blind/blindly; unable to see.
Blw (D): blue.
Blyd (V): to bleed (a fluid); leak.
Blöb (N): blob.
Blök (N): block; a geometrically shaped object.
Bol (N): bowl.
Bold (D): bold; a font style.
Boldr (N): boulder; a huge rock.
Bon (N): bone.
Bor (V): to bore (someone); be boring to; be uninteresting to.
Bord (N): board; pad; a thick, flat piece of material.
Bot (N): boat/ship.
Boy (N): boy.
Boyl (V): to boil (something); make boil.
Brag (V): brag; to gloat (about something); show off.
Bran (N): bran.
Brand (N): brand; a kind of product.
Brantc (N): branch; stick; twig.
Brawn (D): brown.
Brd (N): bird.
Bred (N): bread; roll.
Brekfist (N): breakfast.
Breyk (V): to break (something); snap; shatter.
Breyn (N): brain; mind.
Breyv (D): brave; bold/boldly; courageous; confident.
Bridj (N): bridge; a pathway across something.
Brik (N): brick.
Briq (V): to bring.
Brn (V): to burn (something); cause to burn; incinerate.
Bruc (N): brush; a tool for brushing.
Bruðr (N): brother.
Bruyt (D): bright/brightly; light; shining.
Bryð (V): to breathe (something).
Brönz (N): bronze.
Bröx (N): broth; in a soup.
Budr (N): butter.
Bug (N): bug.
Bugfluy (N): fly; a kind of insect.
Buhuynd (P): behind.
Bukit (N): bucket.
Bulb (N): bulb; an object with a bulb-like shape.
Bulit (N): bullet.
Bulwn (N): balloon.
Bulyv (V): to believe (something); think to be true.
Bump (N): bump; lump.
Bury (V): to bury (something); put underground.
Bus (N): bus.
But (P): but; however; in contrast.
Butn (N): button; key; an input device which is pressed.
Butwyn (P): between; among.
Buy (P): by; happening by means of.
Buyk (N): bike; bicycle.
Buyt (V): to bite (something).
Buz (N): buzz; hum.
Bwk (N): book.
Bwsh (N): bush; a leafy plant.
Bwt (N): boot; a kind of footwear.
By (N): bee; a kind of flying insect.
Bydl (N): beetle; a kind of insect.
Byf (N): beef; the meat of a cow.
Byfor (P): before.
Byget (V): to give birth (to).
Bygin (V): to start (something); begin; initiate.
Bykum (V): to become (something).
Byk (N): beak; the mouth of a bird.
Bykuz (P): because.
Byn (N): bean.
Byp (N): beep; blip.
Byrd (N): beard; mustache; facial hair.
Byt (N): beet; a kind of vegetable.
Bytc (N): beach; shore; coast.
Byvr (N): beaver.
Bywdifl (D): beautiful/beautifully; pretty.
Bödl (N): bottle.
Bödm (N): bottom; the bottom of something.
Bödy (N): body.
Böks (N): box; a container for holding items.
Böl (N): ball.
Böm (N): bomb.
Börbikyw (V): to barbecue (something); cook on a grill.
Böro (V): to borrow; to take temporarily.
Cado (N): shadow; shade.
Calo (D): shallow.
Cawr (N): shower; a place for showering.
Cawt (V): to shout (speech); scream; yell.
Cel (N): shell.
Celf (N): shelf.
Celtr (N): shelter; protection from the elements.
Ceyk (V): to shake (something).
Ceyp (N): shape; form.
Ceyv (V): to shave.
Co (V): to show (something); introduce (someone or something).
Coldr (N): shoulder.
Cort (D): short; in length or time.
Cr (D): sure; certain/certainly; particular.
Crimp (N): shrimp.
Crt (N): shirt.
Cuvl (N): shovel.
Cuy (D): shy.
Cw (N): shoe.
Cwd (D): should; appropriate; proper/properly; supposed to.
Cwgr (N): sugar.
Cwt (V): to shoot (ammunition); fire.
Cy (N): she/her; that woman.
Cyld (N): shield.
Cyp (N): sheep.
Cyt (N): sheet; a thin piece of material.
Cöp (N): shop; store.
Cörp (D): sharp; pointy.
Dad (N): father; dad.
Dam (N): dam; prevents water from flowing.
Dants (V): to dance (to music).
Dawn (D): down; downward.
Dawnlod (V): to load (something); download or place an object into something.
Dawnsiqk (V); to sink (in a liquid); not be buoyant.
Dawt (V): to doubt (something); not believe.
Ded (D): dead; lifeless/lifelessly.
Dedikeyt (V): to dedicate (something).
Def (D): deaf; unable to hear.
Defend (V): to defend (something/someone).
Defuyn (V): to define; specify the meaning of.
Dekey (V): to decay (something); decompose; cause to rot.
Delicis (D): delicious; with a good taste.
Delikit (D): delicate/delicately; fragile.
Delyt (V): to delete; erase.
Demand (V): to demand (something); request; order.
Dent (V): to dent (something).
Dents (D): dense; a lot of mass per volume.
Derekcn (N): direction; way; path.
Derekcnruyt (D): right; a direction.
Derekt (D): direct; the fastest way.
Desk (N): desk.
Deskriptr (N): descriptor (part of speech).
Deskruyb (V): to describe (something); explain; report.
Desuyd (V): to decide (something).
Develup (V): to develop (something).
Devuys (N): device.
Dey (N): day; 24 hours.
Deyndjr (N): danger; peril.Deyt (N): date; time of year.
Deyzy (N): daisy; a kind of flower.
Dezert (N): dessert; the sweet last course of a meal.
Dezrt (N): desert; dry (usually hot) land.
Didjidl (D): digital; not analogue.
Didjit (N): digit; a single character in a number.
Difiklt (D): difficult; hard.
Difrent (D): different; differing; contrasting.
Dig (V): to dig (in something).
Dikcnery (N): dictionary; a list of word definitions.
Dinr (N): dinner.
Dip (V): to dip (something); to put into a liquid.
Dipend (V): to depend (on something); be controlled or determined by.
Disk (N): disc.
Disluyk (V): to dislike; loathe; hate.
Distnts (N): distance; how far it is between two points.
Disugry (V): to disagree (with something).
Divuyd (V): to divide (something); split into parts.
Dizastr (N): disastre.
Dizuyn (N): design; layout; anatomy.
Dizy (D): dizzy.
Dizyz (N): disease; illness; germ.
Djanidr (N): janitor.
Djaz (N): jazz.
Djely (N): jelly; jam.
Djem (N): gem; crystal; jewel.
Djendr (N): gender.
Djenereycn (N): generation; said of people or electronics.
Djenrl (D): general; vague; not specific.
Djentl (D): gentle/gently.
Djeriq (P): during (something); not necessarily from the start to end of.
Djim (N): gym.
Djok (N): joke.
Djoynt (N): joint; hinge.
Djrag (V): to drag (something); move (something) across a surface.
Djrawn (V): to drown (in something).
Djrawt (N): drought; time of little rain.
Djrbl (N): gerbil.
Djres (V): to dress (someone); put on clothes.
Klöxdjres (N): dress; skirt.
Djreyn (V): to drain (something); flush; make empty.
Djrift (V): to drift (on something); move steadily.
Djril (N): drill; a tool for making holes.
Djrip (V): to drip (a liquid).
Djriqk (V): to drink; sip.
Djrum (N): drum; used for music.
Djruy (D): dry.
Djruyv (V): to drive (a vehicle).
Djrym (V): to dream (that something happened).
Djrö (V): to draw (an image).
Djrömu (N): drama.
Djröp (V): to drop (something); make fall.
Djudj (V): to judge (someone or something); form a conclusion about.
Djugl (V): to juggle (something).
Djump (V): to jump (over something).
Djuqgl (N): jungle.
Djws (N): juice.
Djyns (N): DNA; genes.
Djynyus (N): genius; a very smart person.
Djyögrufy (N): geography; the study of earth.
Djyömitcry (N): geometry; the study of shapes.
Djö (N): jaw.
Djöb (N): job; occupation.
Djör (N): jar.
Do (N): dough.
Doneyt (V): to donate (something); give to the needy.
Donut (N): donut.
Dor (N): door; gate.
Dotpyryid (N): period; for ending a sentence.
Drdy (D): dirty; messy.
Drt (N): dirt; soil; ground.
Duk (N): duck.
Dun (D): done; finished; complete/completely.
Dust (N): dust.
Duyagunl (D): diagonal.
Duydjest (V): to digest (something).
Duyery (N): diary; journal.
Duymund (N): diamond.
Duys (N): dice; a cube with numbered faces.
Duyv (V): to dive (into something).
Duz (D): does; makes the sentence a question (optional; removes ambiguity).
Dw (V): to do (something); be involved with; participate in.
Dwdl (V): to doodle (something).
Dyoderent (N): deodorant.
Dyp (D): deep/deeply.
Dödr (N): daughter.
Dög (N): dog.
Döktr (N): doctor; nurse.
Dökywment (N): document.
Döl (N): doll; puppet.
Dölr (N): dollar.
Dönky (N): donkey.
Dörk (D): dark/darkly.
Dört (N): dart; used for throwing.
Döt (N): dot; point; a tiny mark.
Edibl (D): edible.
Edicn (N): edition; draft; a version of a work.
Edit (V): to edit; refine; improve.
Edj (N): edge.
Edjekt (V): to eject (something); make come out.
Efektiv (D): effective/effectively; efficacious.
Eficent (D): efficient; able to work with little resources.
Eg (N): egg.
Egzakt (D): exact; precise; specific; particular.
Egzam (N): exam; a big test.
Egzampl (N): example.
Egzist (V): to exist; be.
Egzit (N): exit; a place designated for leaving.
Eko (V): to echo (a noise); cause to echo.
Eksept (P): except; not including.
Ekskywz (V): to excuse (an action); lessen the blame attaching to.
Eksor (P): or; xor; either one or the other are true, but not both (exclusive).
Ekspensiv (D): expensive.
Eksperiment (V): to experiment (with something); test.
Eksprt (N): expert; professional.
Eksrey (N): x-ray.
Eksrsuyz (V): to exercise (a muscle).
Ekstcru (D): extra; excess; more than necessary.
Ekstcrym (D): extreme; intense; reaching the highest degree.
Ekstent (N): extent; degree; amount.
Eksuyt (V): to excite (someone); make eager.
Ekweydr (N): equator; the plane perpendicular to earth's axis of rotation.
Elektcrisidy (N): electricity
Elekcn (N): election; the process of choosing a candidate.
Eleveydr (N): elevator.
Empty (D): empty.
Emrdjentsy (N): emergency.
End (N): end; the end of an object or span.
Endjoy (V): to enjoy (something); like; prefer.
Endpoynt (N): point; the sharp end of an object.
Endr (V): to endure (something); bear; handle.
Enemy (N): enemy.
Enkeridj (V): to encourage (to do something); motivate.
Enrdjy (N): energy.
Entcrents (N): entrance; a place designated for entering.
Entuyr (D): entire/entirely; whole; full/fully; total.
Enxuzyastik (D): enthusiastic.
Episod (N): episode (of a show).
Er (N): air.
Erer (N): error; glitch; computer bug.
Ero (N): arrow; a pointing symbol.
Erpleyn (N): airplane.
Eryu (N): area.
Esey (N): essay.
Eskeleydr (N): escalator.
Eskeyp (V): to escape (something); flee.
Evapereyt (V): to evaporate (something); make evaporate.
Event (N): event; something that happens.
Eydj (N): age.
Eylyen (N): alien.
Eykorn (N): acorn.
Eym (V): to aim (something).
Eypren (N): apron; an article of clothing.
Eqgl (N): angle; degree measure.
Eqgry (D): angry/angrily; mad.
Eqkl (N): ankle; a part of the foot.
Eqkr (N): anchor.
Eyt (D): eight.
Facn (N): fashion; style.
Fad (N): fad; meme.
Faklty (N): faculty; staff.
Fakt (N): fact; truth.
Family (N): family.
Familysun (N): son.
Fan (N): fan; for blowing air.
Fantsy (D): fancy; formal.
Fast (D): fast; quick/quickly.
Fat (D): fat; chubby.
Fents (N): fence; an outdoor wall made of wooden planks.
Fentspen (N): pen; an enclosure.
Fer (D): fair/fairly; just; right.
Feðr (N): feather.
Feyd (V): to fade (something); make less visible.
Feyk (D): fake; spurious.
Feyl (V): to fail (at something); lose.
Feymis (D): famous/famously; well known.
Feys (N): face (of a person or of an object); side.
Feyt (N): fate; destiny; future.
Feyvrit (D): favorite.
Feyz (N): phase (of matter or of life).
Fic (N): fish.
Fidjit (V): to fidget (with an object); move about aimlessly.
Fiks (V): to fix (something); repair; solve.
Fil (V): to fill (a container).
Film (N): film; for taking movies and pictures.
Filtr (V): to filter (something); strain.
Finish (V): to finish (something); complete; end.
Fiqgr (N): finger.
Fist (N): fist.
Fiziks (N): physics.
Flag (N): flag.
Flap (N): flap; a thin piece of something which covers an opening.
Flask (N): flask; a kind of glass container.
Flat (D): flat; smooth; even.
Flawr (N): flower.
Fleksibl (D): flexible; able to be bent.
Fleyk (N): flake.
Flik (V): to flick.
Flip (V): to flip (something); turn over.
Flo (V): to flow (on a surface); move as a liquid.
Flor (N): floor.
Flot (V): to float (on something); be buoyant.
Flud (N): flood; an excess of liquid.
Fluy (V): to fly (something); make move through the air.
Flwent (D): fluent/fluently; fast and skillful.
Flwt (N): flute; a woodwind instrument.
Flö (N): flaw; caveat.
Fodo (N): photo; photograph.
Fokus (V): to focus (on something); pay attention to.
Fold (V): to fold (something).
Fom (N): foam; sponge.
Fon (N): phone.
For (P): for; intended for; for the purpose of; so that; to.
Fork (N): fork (for eating, or a fork in a path).
Formywlu (N): formula; equation.
Fors (N): force; mass times acceleration.
Fort (N): fort.
Forest (N): forest; a land with many trees.
Forwerd (D): forward.
Frakcn (N): fraction; ratio.
Frdl (D): fertile.
Frekl (N): freckle.
Frend (N): friend.
Fresh (D): fresh.
Freym (N): frame; the edge of a picture.
Freyz (N): phrase; a small group of words.
Frget (V): to forget (something).
Frikcn (N): friction.
Frn (N): fern; a kind of plant.
Frnis (N): furnace.
Frnitcr (N): furniture.
Frst (D): first; initial.
Frum (P): from; away from.
Frunt (P); in front of.
Fruntsuyd (N): front; the front of something.
Fruy (V): to fry (something).
Fruydey (N): friday; the last weekday.
Frwt (N): fruit.
Fry (D): free/freely.
Fryz (V): to freeze (something); make freeze; solidify.
Frög (N): frog; toad.
Fröst (N): frost.
Fudj (N): fudge.
Fl (D): full; with no space remaining.
Fumilyer (D): familiar; recognized; old.
Fun (N): fun.
Funy (D): funny; humorous.
Fuybr (N): fiber.
Fuyl (N): file (on a computer).
Fuynd (V): to find; come to know where something is.
Fuyr (N): fire.
Fuyrwerks (N): fireworks.
Fuyt (V): to fight (someone).
Fuyv (D): five.
Fuzy (D): fuzzy; furry.
Fwd (N): food.
Fwdmyt (N): meat; flesh.
Fwt (N): foot; a part of the body.
Fwtböl (N): football.
Fyd (V): to feed (a food); give as food.
Fyl (V): to feel (an object or emotion); sense.
Fyld (N): field; meadow; a big grassy area.
Fyr (V): to fear (something); be afraid of.
Fyvr (N): fever.
Fyw (D): few; not many in quantity; not many times.
Fywl (N): fuel.
Fög (N): fog; mist.
Föks (N): fox.
Fölo (V): to follow; stay near something as it moves around.
Föls (D): false.
Fönt (N): font; typeface.
Förm (N): farm; a place for raising plants and animals.
Fösit (N): faucet; spout; for dispensing liquid.
Fösl (N): fossil.
Galen (N): gallon.
Galery (N): gallery; a collection of pictures.
Gasilyn (N): gasoline.
Gasp (V): to gasp (something); inhale suddenly.
Geraj (N): garage; for parking vehicles.
Ges (V): to guess (something); decide with little or no useful information.
Gest (N): guest.
Get (V): to get (something); receive.
Geym (N): game.
Gift (N): gift; present.
Gil (N): gill.
Gilty (D): guilty; shameful; feeling guilt.
Gitör (N): guitar.
Giv (V): to give (something).
Glants (V): to glance (at something); look at quickly.
Glas (N): glass; a transparent material.
Glasiz (N): glasses; used to aid vision.
Glob (N): globe; a representation of the earth.
Glw (N): glue.
Glwmy (D): gloomy.
Go (V): to go (on a surface); travel; move one's self.
Gol (N): goal; something to accomplish; target.
Gold (N): gold.
Gost (N): ghost; spirit.
Got (N): goat.
Graf (N): graph.
Grafiks (N): graphics.
Gramr (N): grammar.
Granit (N): granite.
Gravidy (N): gravity.
Gravl (N): gravel.
Grey (D): gray/grey.
Greyd (N): grade.
Greyp (N): grape.
Greyv (N): grave; where someone is buried.
Greyvy (N): gravy.
Gril (N): grill.
Grl (N): girl.
Gro (V): to grow (something); cause to become bigger; increase.
Gros (D): gross; repugnant; disgusting.
Gruynd (V): to grind (something); reduce to small particles.
Grwp (N): group.
Grydy (D): greedy; selfish.
Gryn (D): green.
Gryt (V): to greet (someone); welcome.
Gudr (N): gutter.
Gum (N): gum; for chewing.
Gun (N): gun.
Guvrnment (N): government; a system of law.
Gwd (D): good/well.
Gwdbuy (N): bye; goodbye.
Gws (N): goose.
Gwy (D): gooey; viscous.
Gyr (N): gear; a mechanical part.
Göd (N): god.
Göglz (N): goggles.
Gölf (N): golf.
Gördn (N): garden; a small place for growing plants.
Görlik (N): garlic.
Gösip (V): to gossip (about something).
Habit (N): habit; something done impulsively.
Habitat (N): habitat; where something lives.
Haf (N): half.
Ham (N): ham.
Hambrgr (N): hamburger; burger.
Hamr (N): hammer.
Hamstr (N): hamster.
Hand (N): hand; a part of the body.
Handikapt (D): handicapped; disadvantaged.
Handl (N): handle; for holding.
Hapn (D): happening; occurring.
Hapy (D): happy/happily; glad.
Hat (N): hat.
Hav (V): to have; own; possess.
Haws (N): house.
Hed (N): head; a part of the body.
Hedfonz (N): headphones.
Heksugön (N): hexagon.
Heliköptr (N): helicopter.
Helmit (N): helmet.
Helo (N): hello.
Help (V): to help (to do something); assist in.
Helpfl (D): helpful; useful.
Helxy (D): healthy.
Heq (V): to hang (something); make hang.
Hevy (D): heavy/heavily.
Hey (N): hay; straw; dried grass.
Heysty (D): hasty/hastily; done too quickly.
Hikup (N): hiccup.
Hil (N): hill.
Hip (N): hip.
Hipukrit (N): hypocrite.
His (N): hiss.
Histery (N): history.
Hit (V): to hit (something); beat.
Hiz (D): his; belonging to him.
Ho (N): hoe; a tool used for gardening.
Hol (N): hole; pit.
Hold (V): to hold (something); grab; have in hand.
Hom (N): home.
Homwerk (N): homework.
Horizöntl (D): horizontal.
Hormon (N): hormone.
Horn (N): horn.
Hors (N): horse.
Host (N): host.
Hoz (N): hose.
Hr (D): her; belonging to her.
Hrtz (N): hertz; cycles per second.
Hruyzen (N): horizon.
Hug (V): to hug (someone); embrace.
Hulwsineyt (V): to hallucinate (that something is happening).
Hunt (V): to hunt.
Huny (N): honey.
Huqgry (D): hungry.
Hurikeyn (N): hurricane.
Hury (V): to hurry (doing something); rush.
Husbend (N): husband.
Hut (N): hut.
Huvr (V): to hover (over something).
Huyd (V): to hide (something); make hidden.
Huydjrodjen (N): hydrogen.
Huyk (V): to hike (on a trail).
Huypr (D): hyper; very energetic.
Huypöxesis (N): hypothesis; theory.
Huy (N): high; above.
Huyr (V): to hire (someone).
Huyt (N): height; how tall something is.
Hw (D): which; extracts the subject from a situation noun so that the subject takes the place of the situation noun in the parent clause. Implies that the subject is alive.
Hwd (N): hood; for covering one's head.
Hwk (N): hook.
Hwm (D): which; extracts the direct or prepositional object from a situation noun so that the object takes the place of the situation noun in the parent clause. Implies that the object is alive.
Hy (N): he/him; that man.
Hylyum (N): helium.
Hyr (V): to hear (something).
Hyro (N): hero; idol.
Hyt (N): heat.
Hywmid (D): humid.
Höby (N): hobby.
Höky (N): hockey.
Höl (N): hall; hallway.
Hölidey (N): holiday.
Hölo (D): hollow.
Höqk (N): honk; a honking sound.
Hörc (D): harsh/harshly.
Hörd (D): hard; firm; strong; sturdy; solid.
Hörm (V): to harm (something); damage; hurt; injure.
Hörp (N): harp; an instrument.
Hört (N): heart (organ or shape).
Höspidl (N): hospital.
Höt (D): hot; in temperature.
If (P): if; happening under the condition that.
Ignor (V): to ignore (something or someone); skip.
Ilwjn (N): illusion.
Imadjn (V): to imagine; pretend; think about something not real.
Imigrent (N): immigrant.
Importent (D): important; matter.
Improvuyz (V): to improvise (a performance or creation); act without a plan.
Impyd (V): to block (something/someone); stop; impede; act as a barrier to.
Imydyit (D): immediate/immediately.
In (P): in; inside of; within.
Indeks (N): index (in an array or in a book).
Indent (V): to indent (code or a paragraph); add whitespace to the left.
Indjekt (V): to inject (a liquid or substance).
Industcry (N): industry; business.
Infinidy (N): infinity.
Infleyt (V): to inflate (something); fill with air.
Infr (V): to infer (something); estimate; predict.
Infrmeycn (N): information; data; signal.
Ingrydyent (N): ingredient; part of a food.
Inpwt (N): input.
Inrcu (N): inertia.
Insekt (N): insect.
Instcruktcn (N): instruction; tutorial; manual.
Instcrument (N): instrument.
Insted (P): instead of; in the place of.
Instöl (V): to install (something).
Insuleyt (V): to insulate (a container or space).
Insult (V): to insult (someone).
Intcrest (V): to interest (someone); be interesting to; fascinate.
Intestin (N): intestine.
Intrnet (N): internet; web.
Intrsekt (V): to intersect (something).
Intrupt (V): to interrupt (something); interfere with.
Intrvyw (V): to interview (someone).
Intw (P): into; towards the inside of.
Inuf (D): enough; sufficient/sufficiently.
Invent (V): to invent.
Inveyd (V): to invade; infect.
Invinsibl (D): invincible; unbeatable.
Invizibl (D): invisible; unseeable.
Invuyt (V): to invite (someone).
Iqk (N): ink.
Iqglic (N): english; the language.
It (N): it; that thing.
Itc (V): to itch (something).
Its (D): its; belonging to it.
Iz (V): to be (an instance/kind of).
Kabidj (N): cabbage.
Kabinet (N): cabinet.
Kadegory (N): category.
Kafe (N): cafe.
Kajwul (D): casual/casually; informal.
Kaktus (N): cactus; a prickly plant.
Kalendr (N): calendar.
Kalkywleyt (N): to calculate (a result).
Kalsyum (N): calcium.
Kaml (N): camel.
Kamp (N): camp.
Kan (V): can; capable of; able to do (something).
Kandl (N): candle.
Kandy (N): candy.
Kanen (N): cannon.
Kantsl (V): to cancel (something); nullify.
Kanvis (N): canvas; an area for painting things.
Kap (N): cap; cover; lid.
Kapsl (N): capsule; pellet; pill; pod.
Kasl (N): castle.
Kast (N): cast; worn over a broken bone.
Kat (N): cat.
Kaw (N): cow.
Kawnt (V): to count (something); find the quantity of.
Kawntfor (D): four.
Kawnttw (D): two.
Kawtc (N): couch; sofa.
Kemikl (N): chemical.
Ker (V): to care about (something); have concern for; worry about; respect.
Kerfl (D): careful/carefully; alert; prudent.
Keriktr (N): character (in a story).
Kerit (N): carrot.
Kery (V): to carry (something).
Ketc (V): to catch (something).
Ketcup (N): ketchup.
Keybl (N): cable; wire; cord.
Keydj (N): cage.
Keyk (N): cake.
Keys (N): case; a container for transportation.
Keyv (N): cave.
Kik (V): to kick (something); hit with one's foot.
Kil (V): to kill.
Kis (V): to kiss (someone).
Kit (N): kit; a set of equipment needed for a specific purpose.
Kitcn (N): kitchen.
Klam (N): clam.
Klamp (N): clamp; for holding things together.
Klas (N): class (in school).
Klawd (N): cloud.
Kley (N): clay.
Klif (N): cliff.
Klik (V): to click (on something in a computer).
Klip (N): clip; used for attaching things.
Kloðz (N): clothes; for wearing.
Kloðzwer (V): to wear (an article).
Kloz (V): to close (something); shut.
Klub (N): club; a group of people.
Kluym (V): to climb (something).
Klw (N): clue; hint; tip.
Klyn (D): clean.
Klyr (D): clear/clearly; neat; transparent or uncluttered.
Klö (N): claw.
Klök (N): clock.
Klöx (N): cloth; fabric.
Klözit (N): closet; a storage room.
Kod (N): code.
Koko (N): cocoa.
Kol (N): coal.
Kold (D): cold.
Kom (N): comb; a tool for brushing hair.
Kon (N): cone.
Kor (N): core; the center part of something.
Korekt (D): correct/correctly; right.
Kork (N): cork.
Korn (N): corn.
Kornr (N): corner.
Kort (N): court; an assembly of justice.
Kot (N): coat; jacket; clothes for cold weather.
Kotc (N): coach; trainer.
Koyl (N): coil; spring; for applying a force.
Koyn (N): coin.
Krab (N): crab.
Krac (V): to crash (into something).
Krakr (N): cracker.
Kram (V): cram (something); make fit into a small place.
Krawd (N): crowd; a group of people.
Krawtc (V): to crouch (under something).
Krean (N): crayon.
Kreyzy (D): crazy/crazily; mad; wild.
Krisp (D): crisp.
Kro (N): crow; a kind of bird.
Krsr (N): cursor (on a computer).
Kruc (V): to crush (something); compress.
Krum (N): crumb.
Krust (N): crust; the crunchy part of a food.
Krutc (N): crutch; used to help people walk.
Kruy (V): cry (speech); weep.
Krwl (D): mean; cruel.
Krwz (V): to cruise (on something); move at a fast and steady pace.
Kryediv (D): creative/creatively; innovative.
Krym (N): cream.
Krös (N): cross; a shape of perpendicularly intersecting lines.
Kulaps (V): to collapse (something); topple; make fall apart.
Kulekt (V): to collect (something).
Kulr (N): color.
Kultcr (N): culture; a way of life.
Kum (V): to come (to something or some place); move closer to.
Kumand (V): to command (to do something); demand; forcefully ask.
Kumftrbl (D): comfortable.
Kumpeny (N): company; business.
Kumper (V): to compare (something).
Kumpis (N): compass.
Kumpleks (D): complicated; complex.
Kumpleyn (V): to complain (a complaint); nag about.
Kumpyt (V): to compete (in doing something).
Kumpywdr (N): computer.
Kundens (V): to condense (something); cause to condense.
Kunekt (V): to connect (something); join.
Kunfywz (V): to confuse (someone);
Kunsidr (V): to consider.
Kunsrv (V): to conserve; save.
Kuntcrol (V): to control (something); manipulate.
Kunteyn (V): to contain; include.
Kuntinyw (V): to continue (something); keep doing.
Kunvrt (V): to convert (something or someone); change the ideology or primary function of.
Kunw (N): canoe.
Kup (N): cup.
Kupkeyk (N): cupcake.
Kut (V): to cut (something).
Kuvr (V): to cover (something).
Kuyak (N): kayak.
Kuynd (N): kind; type; sort.
Kuyt (N): kite.
Kuzin (N): cousin.
Kwcn (N): cushion.
Kwd (D): could; the verb could happen; possible/possibly; may; might; perhaps; maybe.
Kwit (V): to quit (an activity).
Kwiz (N): quiz.
Kwk (V): to cook (something).
Kwky (N): cookie.
Kwl (D): cool; a little cold.
Kwoteycn (N): quotation.
Kwuyit (D): quiet/quietly.
Kwölidy (N): quality; trait.
Ky (N): key; used to unlock things.
Kybord (N): keyboard.
Kyp (V): to keep (something); retain possession of.
Kyur (V): to cure (a condition); heal; make healthy.
Kyuryis (D): curious/curiously.
Kywb (N): cube.
Kywkumbr (N): cucumber.
Köf (V): to cough (on something).
Köfy (N): coffee.
Köl (V): to call (speech).
Kölidj (N): college; comes after high school.
Kölm (D): calm/calmly.
Kölr (N): collar; article around the neck.
Kölem (N): column; pillar.
Kömik (N): comic.
Kömpliment (V): to compliment (a compliment).
Kömn (D): common/commonly; normal; usual; ordinary; regular; not rare.
Kömu (N): comma.
Könfidentcl (D): confidential; secret/secretly.
Könkeyv (D): concave.
Könsrt (N): concert; a musical performance.
Könsunent (N): consonant.
Köpr (N): copper.
Köpy (V): to copy (something); make one more; duplicate; multiply.
Kör (N): car.
Körbn (N): carbon.
Körd (N): card.
Körml (N): caramel.
Körnivl (N): carnival.
Körnivor (N): carnivore.
Kört (N): cart; a small wheeled vehicle.
Körtn (N): carton; a cardboard container.
Körtwn (N): cartoon.
Körv (V): to carve (an image/message).
Köstywm (N): costume.
Kötn (N): cotton.
Köz (V): to cause (something); make happen; be the reason for; so; therefore.
Ladr (N): ladder.
Laf (V): to laugh (at something).
Lamp (N): lamp.
Land (N): land; parcel; lot; country.
Lap (N): lap.
Last (D): last; final/finally.
Lawd (D): loud/loudly; noisy.
Ledis (N): lettuce.
Ledr (N): letter (in the alphabet).
Left (D): left; a direction.
Leg (N): leg.
Lemen (N): lemon.
Lend (V): to lend (something); let borrow.
Lenz (N): lens.
Leqx (N): length; how long something is.
Leqxfwt (N): foot; a unit of length.
Leqxintc (N): inch; a unit of length.
Les (D): less; to a smaller extent.
Lesn (N): lesson.
Let (V): to let (something occur); allow; permit.
Levl (N): level (of a game or a building).
Levr (N): lever.
Leybl (N): label.
Leyk (N): lake; pond.
Leqgwidj (N): language.
Leyt (D): late.
Leyzr (N): laser.
Leyzy (D): lazy/lazily; not hard working.
Lidl (D): little; small; not very.
Lidr (V): to litter (something); dispose of improperly.
Lift (V): to lift (something); raise.
Lik (V): to lick.
Likwid (N): liquid.
Lim (N): limb; appendage.
Limit (N): limit.
Lip (N): lip.
Lisn (V): to listen (to); pay attention to a sound.
List (N): list.
Lizrd (N): lizard.
Lo (D): low.
Lod (N): load; what something is carrying.
Lonly (D): lonely.
Locn (N): lotion.
Lrn (V): to learn.
Luk (N): luck; chance; fortune.
Lumbr (N): lumber; wood.
Luntc (N): lunch.
Luq (N): lung.
Luv (V): to love.
Luy (V): to lie (that something is true).
Luybrery (N): library; a place for books.
Luyk (P): like; similar to; related to.
Luym (N): lime.
Luyn (N): line.
Luyt (N): light; either light itself or a light producing source.
Luytniq (N): lightening.
Lwk (V): to look at (something); watch.
Lwkster (V): to stare (at something).
Lwp (N): loop; a shape which has no end.
Lws (D): loose; not tight.
Lwz (V): to lose (something); not be able to find.
Lyd (V): to lead (someone/something); direct; guide.
Lyf (N): leaf.
Lygl (D): legal; following law.
Lyn (V): to lean (on something).
Lysh (N): leash.
Lyst (D): least; to the smallest extent.
Lyv (V): to leave (a place); go away from; go out of.
Lö (N): law.
Löbstr (N): lobster.
Lödjik (N): logic; reason; sense.
Lög (N): log.
Lök (V): to lock (something).
Löq (D): long; with a great length; tall.
Löqher (N): hair; fur; wool.
Lördj (D): large; big; great.
Madjik (N): magic.
Madr (N): matter.
Madrluyt (D): light; not heavy.
Madrweyt (N): weight; how heavy something is.
Magnifuy (V): to magnify; make appear bigger.
Magnit (N): magnet.
Maksimum (D): maximum; the most possible or allowable.
Man (N): man; male.
Manywul (D): manual/manually; with human intervention.
Map (N): map.
Mask (N): mask.
Mastr (N): master; boss; leader; ruler; president; principal.
Matc (N): match; for making a flame.
Matcres (N): mattress.
Matcwr (D): mature.
Mawntn (N): mountain; a 'big hill'.
Maws (N): mouse.
Mawx (N): mouth.
Max (N): math; mathematics.
Medisin (N): medicine.
Medl (N): metal.
Medlkan (N): can; a cylindrical metal container.
Medlneyl (N): nail; used for construction.
Mejr (V): to measure (something).
Melen (N): melon.
Melt (V): to melt (something); cause to melt.
Membr (N): member; an individual in a group.
Memery (N): memory; space for storing information.
Meny (D): many; a lot of.
Menyw (N): menu.
Mery (V): to marry (someone); become a spouse of.
Mes (N): mess.
Mesidj (N): message.
Meyk (V): to make (something); create; produce; cause to exist.
Meyl (N): mail; letter (to be sent as mail).
Meyn (D): main; chief; principal; primary.
Meyz (N): maze.
Midl (N): middle; centre.
Miks (V): to mix (something); stir; jumble; scramble; shuffle; tangle.
Milk (N): milk.
Minimum (D): minimum; the least possible or allowed amount.
Minit (N): minute.
Mint (N): mint.
Mis (V): to miss (something); regret the absence of.
Mistery (N): mystery.
Misteyk (N): mistake.
Mitn (N): mitten; glove.
Mobl (D): mobile; able to be transported easily.
Modr (N): motor; engine.
Mol (N): mole; a digging animal.
Mold (N): mold.
Mor (D): more; -er; to a greater extent; 'long' becomes 'longer'.
Morniq (N): morning.
Most (D): -est; to the greatest extent; most; 'long' becomes 'longest'.
Mucrwm (N): mushroom; fungus.
Mucyn (N): machine.
Mud (N): mud.
Mudjoridy (D): most; the majority; almost all.
Mufen (N): muffin.
Mug (N): mug; a thick cup with a handle.
Muk (N): muck; mush.
Munx (N): month.
Muny (N): money; currency.
Muqky (N): monkey.
Musl (N): muscle.
Mustrd (N): mustard.
Mutyryel (N): material; substance.
Muy (D): my; belonging to me.
Muykrofon (N): microphone.
Muyl (N): mile.
Mwd (N): mood; atmosphere; tone.
Mwn (N): moon.
Mws (N): moose.
Mwv (V): to move (something); cause to go; cause to travel.
Mwvy (N): movie.
Myl (N): meal; feast.
Myn (V): to mean (something); signify; represent.
Myt (V): to meet (someone).
Mywt (V): to mute (something); make silent.
Mywzik (N): music.
Mywzyum (N): museum.
Mödl (N): model; figure; statue.
Mödrn (D): modern.
Möl (N): mall; a place with many shops.
Mölikywl (N): molecule.
Möm (N): mother; mom.
Mönstr (N): monster; beast.
Mönywment (N): monument.
Mönörk (N): monarch; king; queen.
Möp (N): mop; broom.
Mördjin (N): margin.
Mörk (V): to mark (something).
Mörkit (N): market; economy.
Mörkr (N): marker; a kind of writing utensil.
Mörtc (V): to march (on something); walk in a military manner.
Mös (N): moss.
Möx (N): moth.
Nany (N): nanny; babysitter.
Napkin (N): napkin.
Nawn (N): noun.
Nek (N): neck.
Neklis (N): necklace.
Nekst (D): next; following.
Nektr (N): nectar.
Nero (D): narrow; thin; skinny; not wide.
Nest (N): nest.
Net (N): net.
Neybr (N): neighbor; someone who lives nearby.
Neyl (N): nail; on a finger.
Neym (N): name.
Neytcr (N): nature; phenomena not made by man.
Neytiv (D): native; indigenous.
No (V): to know.
Nodis (V): to notice; become aware of.
Norx (D): north.
Not (N): note; a reminder for someone.
Notbwk (N): notebook; a book for recording notes.
Noyz (N): noise; sound.
Noz (N): nose.
Nrs (N): to nurse (someone); care for.
Nrv (N): nerve.
Nrvis (D): nervous; hesitant.
Nudj (V): to nudge; prod gently.
Num (D): numb; unable to feel.
Numbr (N): number; quantity; amount.
Nut (N): nut.
Nuyf (N): knife.
Nuyn (D): nine.
Nuys (D): nice; kind.
Nuyt (N): night.
Nw (D): new/newly.
Nwdl (N): noodle; a piece of pasta.
Nwklyr (D): nuclear.
Nwn (N): noon.
Nwtcrl (D): neutral.
Nwtcryent (N): nutrient.
Nwz (N): news.
Ny (N): knee.
Nyd (V): to need; require; must.
Nydl (N): needle; pin; a long, thin, sharp object.
Nyr (P): near; close to; around; along.
Nöb (N): knob; for opening a door.
Nök (V): to knock (something); hit to make a sound.
Nöt (D): not; makes a word false; no (in response to a question).
Növl (N): novel.
Ocn (N): ocean; sea.
Odr (N): odor; smell; scent.
Okey (D): okay; decent/decently; acceptable.
Old (D): old; ancient.
Only (D): only; with nothing/no-one else; doing nothing else.
Opeyk (D): opaque.
Opn (V): to open (something).
Or (P): or; either one, the other, or both are true (not exclusive).
Ordr (N): order; organization.
Orgenuyz (V): to organize (something).
Orgn (N): organ (of the body).
Orkistcra (N): orchestra.
Orndj (D): orange.
Ornement (N): ornament; decoration.
Ot (N): oat.
Ovl (N): oval.
Ovr (P): over; above.
Ow (V): to owe (money); be in debt.
Oyl (N): oil.
Padl (N): paddle; oar.
Padrn (N): pattern.
Pak (V): to pack (items); put into a bag for transportation.
Pakidj (N): package.
Pan (N): pan.
Panik (D): panicking; frenzied.
Panl (N): panel; a rectangular board embedded in a wall.
Pant (V): to pant; heavily breath.
Pants (N): pants.
Pas (V): to pass by (something); go by.
Paswerd (N): password.
Pat (V): to pat; pet.
Patc (N): patch; a piece of material which covers a weak spot.
Pawdr (N): powder.
Pawr (N): power.
Pawrwyk (D): weak.
Pax (N): path; pathway; passage; passageway.
Pebl (N): pebble.
Pen (N): pen; for writing.
Pendjlum (N): pendulum.
Pentsl (N): pencil.
Pentugön (N): pentagon.
Pepr (N): pepper.
Per (N): pear.
Perent (N): parent.
Perugraf (N): paragraph.
Perulel (P): parallel to; along.
Perusuyt (N): parasite.
Pest (N): pest; nuisance; annoyance.
Pet (N): pet; companion animal.
Pey (V): to pay (money); spend; use money.
Peycnt (D): patient.
Peydj (N): page.
Peyn (N): pain; ache.
Peynt (N): paint.
Peypr (N): paper.
Peyst (N): paste.
Peystcry (N): pastry.
Peyvment (N): pavement.
Pidjn (N): pigeon.
Pig (N): pig.
Pik (V): to pick (an option); choose.
Pikl (N): pickle.
Piksl (N): pixel.
Piktcr (N): picture; image.
Pilo (N): pillow.
Pintc (V): to pinch (something).
Pl (V): to pull.
Plan (V): to plan; scheme.
Planit (N): planet.
Plant (N): plant.
Plasmu (N): plasma.
Plastik (N): plastic.
Pley (V): to play (a game or instrument).
Pleyn (D): plain; not decorated or elaborate.
Pleys (N): place; region; a general area.
Pleyt (N): dish; plate.
Plp (N): pulp.
Plug (N): plug; for electronic appliances.
Plyz (D): please; makes a verb imperative.
Pok (V): to poke (a surface); tap.
Pol (N): pole.
Poluyt (D): polite/politely; civilized.
Polys (N): police; security.
Pom (N): poem; poetry.
Por (V): to pour (a substance).
Post (V): to post (something); place for others to see.
Postr (N): poster.
Poynt (V): to point out (something); point at; draw attention to.
Poyzn (N): poison; venom.
Praktis (V): to practice (a skill).
Prawd (D): proud/proudly.
Precr (N): pressure.
Prepozicn (N): preposition.
Pres (V): to press.
Pretsl (N): pretzel.
Prfekt (D): perfect.
Prfywm (N): perfume.
Print (V): to print (something, using a computer).
Prminent (D): permanent; lasting indefinitely.
Prmit (N): permit; licence.
Program (N): program (on a computer); application.
Protekt (V): to protect; guard; keep safe; preserve.
Protyn (N): protein.
Prpis (N): purpose; the reason for which something exists.
Prpl (D): purple; violet.
Prs (N): purse.
Prsn (N): person.
Prsnalidy (N): personality; character.
Prtcis (V): to buy; purchase.
Prupel (V): to propel; drive; push; cause to move in a direction.
Pruper (V): to prepare (something); condition.
Pruy (V): to pry (something); pull away.
Pruys (N): cost; price.
Pruyz (N): prize; reward; bonus.
Prwv (V): to prove; show to be true.
Pryvyis (D): previous; last.
Pröbibl (D): probable/probably; likely.
Pröblem (N): problem; conflict; issue; trouble.
Prödjekt (N): project.
Pröfit (N): profit; gain.
Prögres (N): progress; development toward a goal.
Prömis (V): to promise (something); guarantee.
Pröses (V): to process; evaluate.
Publik (D): public/publicly.
Pudl (N): puddle.
Pulwcn (N): pollution.
Puly (N): pulley.
Pump (N): pump.
Pumpkin (N): pumpkin.
Punic (V): to punish; discipline; scold; make behave.
Punktcweycn (N): punctuation.
Puntc (V): to punch; hit with one's hand.
Pureyd (N): parade.
Puzicn (N): position; an exact location.
Puteydo (N): potato.
Puy (N): pie.
Puyl (N): pile; heap; mound.
Puyp (N): pipe; plumbing.
Puzl (N): puzzle.
Pwc (V): to push.
Pwdiq (N): pudding.
Pwl (N): pool; for swimming.
Pwt (V): to put; place.
Py (N): pea.
Pyano (N): piano.
Pyl (V): to peel (something); strip.
Pynut (N): peanut.
Pyryid (N): period; moment; time; a span/range of time.
Pys (N): peace.
Pytsh (N): peach.
Pytsu (N): pizza.
Pyur (D): pure/purely.
Pö (N): paw.
Pökit (N): pocket.
Pöln (N): pollen.
Pölygön (N): polygon.
Pöp (V): to pop (something); cause to burst.
Pöpywlr (D): popular; cool.
Pördy (N): party.
Pörk (N): park.
Pört (N): part; piece; component.
Pöstu (N): pasta.
Pöt (N): pot.
Rabit (N): rabbit; bunny.
Rac (N): rash.
Radic (N): radish.
Radl (V): to rattle (something); shake to make a sound.
Raft (N): raft.
Rag (N): rag.
Rak (N): rack; for holding things.
Randum (D): random; chaotic.
Rap (V): to wrap.
Rat (N): rat.
Rawnd (D): round.
Rb (N): herb.
Rbivor (N): herbivore.
Red (D): red.
Redjistr (N): register.
Redy (D): ready; prepared.
Rekteynggl (N): rectangle.
Rekumend (V): to recommend.
Rent (V): to rent; buy temporarily.
Reptuyl (N): reptile.
Resipy (N): recipe.
Rest (V): to rest (on something); take a break.
Restcrönt (N): restaurant.
Reydyeydr (N): radiator; heater.
Reydyis (N): radius.
Reydyo (N): radio.
Reyk (N): rake.
Reyl (N): rail; track; for holding or for trains.
Reyn (N): rain.
Reyndj (N): range; span.
Reqkt (D): ranked; having a place in an order; -st/-nd/-rd/-th; a number will follow; used for ordinal numerals.
Reys (V): to race (someone); compete for speed.
Reyt (N): rate; pace.
Rezolwcn (N): resolution.
Rib (N): rib.
Ribn (N): ribbon.
Rints (V): to rinse (something); wash with water.
Riq (N): ring; a circular object; hoop.
Riqkl (N): wrinkle.
Risk (V): to risk (something); take a chance with.
Rist (N): wrist.
Ritc (D): rich.
Rivr (N): river; stream.
Rly (D): early.
Rn (V): to earn (something); deserve.
Ro (N): row.
Roböt (N): robot.
Romants (N): romance.
Rop (N): rope.
Rost (V): to roast (something).
Roz (N): rose.
Rub (V): to rub (a surface).
Rubr (N): rubber.
Ruf (D): rough; bumpy; uneven.
Ruflekt (V): to reflect (something); deflect.
Rufrec (V): to refresh (something).
Rufridjreydr (N): refrigerator.
Rufywz (V): to refuse; deny.
Rug (N): rug; carpet; mat.
Rugret (V): to regret.
Ruleyt (V): to relate (to something).
Rulidjn (N): religion.
Rulys (V): to release; let go.
Rumembr (V): to remember (something); memorize; record.
Rumuynd (V): to remind (of something).
Rumwv (V): to remove; take away.
Run (V): to run (on something).
Rupleys (V): to replace (something).
Rupluy (V): to reply (speech/text); respond.
Ruspekt (V): to respect.
Rust (N): rust.
Rustcrikt (V): to restrict; prevent.
Rusuykl (V): to recycle.
Rusyt (N): receipt.
Rusyv (V): accept; receive willingly.
Rutrn (V): to return (something); give back.
Rutuyrd (D): retired; not working.
Ruvendj (N): revenge.
Ruvyw (V): to review.
Ruyd (V): to ride (a vehicle or animal).
Ruym (V): to rhyme (with something).
Ruys (N): rice.
Ruyt (V): to write (text).
Ruzrv (V): to reserve (a place).
Ruzist (V): to resist; go against a force.
Rwd (D): rude; impolite; inappropriate.
Rwf (N): roof; the top of a house.
Rwl (N): rule; regulation.
Rwlr (N): ruler; for finding the length of something.
Rwm (N): room; chamber.
Rwmr (N): rumor.
Rwt (N): root.
Rx (N): earth; the planet.
Ryakcn (N): reaction.
Ryd (V): to read (text).
Rysors (N): resource.
Rytc (V): to reach (for something).
Ryzn (N): reason; cause.
Rö (D): raw; unmodified.
Rök (N): rock; stone.
Rökit (N): rocket.
Röq (D): wrong; incorrect.
Sad (D): sad.
Salid (N): salad.
Sand (N): sand.
Sandwitc (N): sandwich.
Sap (N): sap; from a tree.
Sawr (D): sour.
Sawx (D): south.
Sel (V): to sell (something).
Selebreyt (V): to celebrate (something).
Selery (N): celery.
Self (N): self; himself; herself; itself; ourselves; themselves; yourself; yourselves; causes the verb to be reflective; refers to the subject of the containing clause.
Sement (N): cement.
Send (V): to send (something).
Sentents (N): sentence.
Seramiks (N): ceramics.
Sevn (D): seven.
Sevrl (D): several; an amount of.Sey (V): to say (something); speak; talk; tell.
Seyf (D): safe/safely.
Seyl (N): sail.
Seywuyn (V): to whine (something).
Sidy (N): city.
Sik (D): sick; ill.
Siks (D): six.
Silindr (N): cylinder.
Silvr (N): silver.
Simbl (N): symbol.
Simetcrikl (D): symmetrical.
Sinimen (N): cinnamon.
Siq (V): to sing (a song).
Siqk (N): sink; for washing things.
Sistm (N): system.
Sistr (N): sister.
Sit (V): to sit (on a surface).
Skan (V): to scan.
Sker (V): to scare; frighten.
Skeyl (N): scale; determines the weight of something.
Skil (N): skill; ability; talent.
Skin (N): skin.
Skinpor (N): pore; a small opening in a surface through which matter can pass.
Skorpoynt (N): point; a unit of score.
Skratc (V): to scratch; scrape.
Skrw (N): screw; a small metal part.
Skryn (N): screen; monitor; display.
Skul (N): skull.
Skuy (N): sky.
Skuywexr (N): weather; climate.
Skwer (N): square.
Skwerl (N): squirrel.
Skwid (N): squid.
Skwl (N): school.
Skwp (V): to scoop.
Skwyk (N): squeak.
Skwyz (V): to squeeze.
Skör (N): scar.
Skörf (N): scarf.
Slap (V): to slap.
Sled (N): sled.
Slo (D): slow/slowly.
Slop (N): slope; incline; ramp.
Sluyd (V): slide; to glide (on something); slip.
Slyp (V): to sleep (on something).
Slöt (N): slot.
Smel (V): to smell (something).
Smok (N): smoke.
Smuyl (N): smile; grin.
Smört (D): smart; clever; wise; intelligent.
Snak (N): snack.
Sneyl (N): snail.
Sneyk (N): snake.
Sno (N): snow.
Snor (N): snore.
Snyz (N): sneeze.
Socl (D): social/socially; outgoing.
Sodu (N): soda.
Sok (V): to soak (something in a liquid); marinate.
Soldjr (N): soldier.
Sop (N): soap.
Sor (D): sore.
Sort (V) to sort (something); place in order or categories.
Specl (D): special; original; unique.
Spel (V): to spell (a word).
Speys (N): space; void; vacuum; the absence of anything.
Spil (V): to spill (a liquid).
Spin (V): to spin (something); roll; cause to continuously rotate.
Spit (V): to spit (something).
Splac (V): to splash (a liquid).
Spred (V): to spread (something); cause to spread.
Sprey (V): to spray (a substance).
Spriq (N): spring; a season.
Spuy (V): to spy (on something); observe secretly.
Spuydr (N): spider.
Spuyk (N): spike.
Spuysy (D): spicy.
Spwn (N): spoon.
Spyd (N): speed; how fast something is traveling.
Spörkl (N): sparkle; glimmer.
Srfis (N); surface.
Srkis (N): circus.
Srkit (N): circuit.
Srkl (N): circle.
Srtc (V): to search for (something); look for; try to find.
Srv (V): to serve (something).
Stak (V): to stack (objects).
Stand (V): to stand (on a surface).
Stcradidjy (N): strategy; tactic.
Stcres (V): to stress (someone or something).
Stcretc (V): to stretch (something).
Stcreyt (D): straight; extending or moving in one direction only.
Stcriq (N): string; thread; lace.
Stcrukcr (N): outline; format; structure.
Stcruyp (N): stripe.
Stcryt (N): street; road.
Stcrö (N): straw; used for drinking.
Stcröq (D): strong; fit; powerful.
Stem (N): stem; trunk; part of a plant.
Step (V): to step (on something); take a step.
Stey (V): to stay (in a group); be left over; remain; be the rest.
Steydj (N): stage; a place for acting.
Steyk (N): steak.
Steyl (D): stale.
Steyn (N): stain; spot.
Steypl (N): staple; for holding papers together.
Ster (N): stair; staircase.
Steyt (N): state; mode; status.
Stik (V): to stick to (something); adhere to.
Stil (D): still; still true; not moving.
Stiq (V): to sting (something).
Storm (N): storm.
Story (N): story; tale.
Stov (N): stove.
Study (V): to study (something); research.
Stumik (N): stomach.
Stw (N): stew.
Stwdent (N): student.
Stwl (N): stool; for standing.
Stym (N): steam.
Styp (D): steep; with a great slope.
Stök (V): to stalk (someone); creep around one's facebook page.
Stöp (V): to stop (a process); end; brake halt when not necessarily complete.
Stör (N): star.
Stört (N): start; beginning; the start of an object or span.
Sudn (D): sudden/suddenly.
Suk (V): to suck (air); inhale.
Sulwcn (N): solution (to a problem); remedy.
Sumery (N): summary; synopsis.
Sumr (N): summer.
Sun (N): sun.
Supoz (V): to have the opinion that (something is true); suppose; think that.
Suy (D): sighing; exhaling deeply.
Suydluy (V): to lie (on something) resting on a certain side.
Suyents (N): science.
Suyn (N): sign.
Suyz (N): size; scale; how big something is.
Suyzvölywm (N): volume; the size of the matter contained by something.
Sw (V): to sew; stitch; knit.
Swer (V): to swear (speech); curse.
Swet (N): sweat.
Swetcrt (N): sweatshirt; clothes for cool weather.
Swim (V): to swim (in a liquid).
Swiq (V): to swing (something); rock; cause to swing.
Switc (N): switch; for making and breaking a circuit.
Swn (D): soon; about to happen.
Sworm (N): swarm.
Swp (N): soup.
Swt (N): suit.
Swyt (D): sweet.
Swömp (N): swamp.
Sy (V): to see (something); have sight of.
Syd (N): seed.
Sykrit (N): secret.
Syliq (N): ceiling.
Sym (V): to seem like (something); appear to be; look like.
Syrup (N): syrup.
Syryis (D): serious/seriously; grave.
Syzn (N): season (of the year).
Söft (D): soft.
Sök (N): sock.
Sökr (N): soccer.
Sölid (N): solid; a state of matter.
Sölt (N): salt.
Sös (N): sauce.
Sösidj (N): sausage.
Tab (N): tab; indentation.
Tag (N): tag.
Tak (N): tack; for hanging papers.
Tan (D): tan.
Task (N): task; job.
Tawl (N): towel.
Tawn (N): town; village.
Tawr (N): tower.
Tcalendj (V): to challenge (to do something).
Tcanl (N): channel (of television, radio, etc.).
Tcant (V): to chant (something).
Tcants (N): chance; probability.
Tcaptr (N): chapter; a section of a book.
Cef (N): chef; cook.
Tcek (V): to check; inspect; see the status of something.
Tcer (N): chair.
Tcery (N): cherry.
Tces (N): chess.
Tcest (N): chest; torso.
Tceyn (N): chain.
Tceyndj (V): to change (something); make different; modify.
Tceys (V): to chase (someone/something).
Tcikn (N): chicken.
Tcimny (N): chimney.
Tcin (N): chin.
Tcip (N): chip (food or electronic component).
Tcipmuqk (N): chipmunk.
Tcizl (V): to chisel (a message).
Tcok (V): to choke (on something).
Tcrafik (N): traffic; congestion.
Tcranzleyt (V): to translate (text/speech).
Tcrac (N): trash; garbage.
Tcrap (V): to capture; trap.
Tcravl (V): to travel; take a trip; take an adventure.
Tcrey (N): tray.
Tcreyn (N): train.
Tcrik (V): to trick (someone); deceive; fool.
Tcrip (N): trip; adventure; quest.
Tcrp (N): chirp.
Tcruk (N): truck.
Tcruqk (N): trunk; of a car, or a suitcase.
Tcrust (V): to trust; rely on; depend on.
Tcruy (V): to try (something); attempt; make an effort.
Tcruyeqgl (N): triangle.
Tcrw (D): true/truly; in fact; did; indeed; yes (in response to a question).
Tcry (N): tree.
Tcryt (N): treat.
Tcuyld (N): child; kid.
Tcw (V): to chew (something).
Tcyk (N): cheek.
Tcyp (D): cheap; inexpensive.
Tcyz (N): cheese.
Tcök (N): chalk.
Tcöklit (N): chocolate.
Tcördj (V): to charge (an electronic device).
Tcört (N): chart; diagram.
Tekst (N): text.
Tekstcr (N): texture; how something feels.
Televijn (N): TV; television.
Temprery (D): temporary; not permanent.
Temprtcr (N): temperature.
Tenis (N): tennis.
Tent (N): tent.
Ter (V): to tear (something); rip.
Test (N): test; a graded event.
Teybl (N): table.
Teyk (V): to take; get.
Teyl (N): tail.
Teym (D): domestic; tame; obedient.
Teyp (N): tape; either a flat strip of paper, or an adhesive strip.
Teqk (N): tank; for keeping pets.
Teyst (V): to taste (something).
Ðan (P): than; to be relative to; with respect to; in comparison with.
Ðar (D): their; belonging to them.
Ðey (N): they/them; those people/things.
Ðeqk (V): to thank (for doing something).
Ðu (D): the; a specific one.
Ticyw (N): tissue.
Tikit (N): ticket.
Tikl (V): to tickle (someone).
To (N): toe.
Tor (N): tour.
Torneydo (N): tornado.
Tost (V): to toast (something).
Toy (N): toy.
Toylit (N): toilet.
Trdl (N): turtle.
Trky (N): turkey.
Trn (V): to turn (something); rotate; change the orientation of.
Trnip (N): turnip; a root vegetable.
Tub (N): tub.
Tudey (D): today; during this day.
Tugeðr (D): together; with each other.
Tuk (V): to tuck (clothing).
Tumeydo (N): tomato.
Tumöro (D): tomorrow; during the next day.
Tunl (N): tunnel.
Tuq (N): tongue; an organ for tasting.
Tutc (V): to make contact with; touch.
Tuy (V): to tie (a string).
Tuyl (N): tile; for floors, wall, or roof.
Tuym (N): time; a specific point in time, or the concept of time itself
Tuymawr (N): hour.
Tuymyr (N): year.
Tuynöt (N): knot.
Tuyp (V): to type (text).
Tuyr (N): tire; for wheels.
Tuyrd (D): tired; sleepy; exhausted.
Tuyt (D): tight/tightly.
Tw (P): to; towards; in the direction of.
Twb (N): tube.
Twin (N): twin.
Twist (V): to twist (something).
Twl (N): tool.
Twmutc (D): too; excessive/excessively; to too much of an extent.
Twna (N): tuna.
Twx (N): tooth.
Ty (N): tea.
Tym (N): team.
Tytc (V): to teach (something); educate.
Töp (N): top; the top part of something.
Töpik (N): topic; subject.
Tör (N): tar; asphalt.
U/en (D): a; some; no particular instance of.
Ubawt (P): about; concerning.
Ubywz (V): to abuse.
Ubzorb (V): to absorb.
Udapt (V): to adapt (to a condition).
Udiktiv (D): addictive.
Udjenda (N): agenda; list of things to do.
Udjres (N): address; a location identifier.
Udjust (V): to adjust (something).
Udult (N): adult.
Udöpt (V): to adopt.
Ufekt (V): to affect; have an effect on.
Ugen (D): again; one more time; another; one more.
Ugenst (P): against; opposing.
Ugry (V): to agree (with something or someone).
Ukrös (P): across.
Ukywz (V): to accuse (someone); blame.
Ulidl (D): a little; a small amount of.
Ulon (D): alone; by himself/herself/itself/yourself/myself/themselves/ourselves; without the assistance or company of other people.
Ulrdjik (V): to be allergic to (something).
Uluyv (D): alive; living; lively.
Uluyvsel (N): cell; part of an organism.
Ulöt (D): a lot of; a large quantity of.
Umbrelu (N): umbrella.
Umeyz (V): to amaze (someone); surprise; impress.
Umonyu (N): ammonia.
Umywz (V): to amuse (someone); entertain.
Unawnts (V): to announce (something).
Undr (P): under; below; beneath.
Undrluyn (V): to underline (text).
Undrstand (V): to understand; comprehend.
Undw (V): to undo (an action).
Unoy (V): to annoy (someone); be annoying to.
Until (P): until.
Unyen (N): onion.
Up (D): up.
Upgreyd (V): to upgrade (something).
Klap (V): clap (something); aplaud.
Uponent (N): opponent.
Uprwv (V): to approve; confirm; praise.
Uprycyeyt (V): to appreciate.
Upset (D): disgruntled; unhappy; unsatisfied.
Upyr (V): to appear (to someone); become visible to.
Uqkl (N): uncle.
Ureyndj (V): to arrange (something); assemble; move something into an organized configuration.
Uryna (N): arena; a place for fighting.
Usywm (V): to assume (something); expect; think that something is true.
Utcrakt (V): attract (something); cause to come closer.
Uðr (D): other; another; a different one.
Uv (P): of; originating from; possessed by; related to.
Uveylibl (D); available; accessible.
Uvn (N): oven.
Uvoyd (V): to avoid (something); dodge.
Uwey (P): away from; far from; distant from;
Uweyk (D): awake; not sleeping.
Uword (N): medal; award.
Uy (N): I/me; the speaker.
Uyböl (N): eye; a part of the body.
Uydentifuy (V): to identify (something); recognize.
Uydl (D): idle; without a task.
Uydyu (N): idea; concept; thought.
Uykön (N): icon; a picture representation of something.
Uylend (N): island.
Uyrn (N): iron.
Uyrönik (D): ironic/ironically; unexpected.
Uys (N): ice.
Uysikl (N): icicle.
Uysiq (N): icing.
Uyskrym (N): ice cream.
Uytalik (D): italic; a font style.
Uyvy (N): ivy.
Vakywm (N): vacuum; for cleaning up messes.
Valy (N): valley.
Valyw (N): value; worth.
Van (N): van.
Vawl (N): vowel.
Vedjtibl (N): vegetable.
Vent (N): vent; for air.
Very (D): very; to a great extent.
Veys (N): vase.
Vidyo (N): video.
Vinigr (N): vinegar.
Vizit (V): to visit.
Vot (V): to vote (for something); elect.
Voys (N): voice; speech.
Vrb (N): verb.
Vrdikl (D): vertical.
Vuyn (N): vine.
Vuyolin (N): violin.
Vyhikl (N): vehicle.
Völywm (N): volume; how loud something is.
Wagn (N): wagon.
Waks (N): wax.
Wd (D): would; conditional or hypothetical.
Werd (N): word.
Werk (V): to work (on something); do labor.
Werköf (D): off; inactive; not doing anything.
Werkön (D): on; active/actively; doing something.
Werld (N): world.
Werm (N): worm.
West (D): west.
Wet (D): wet; damp.
Weðr (D): whether; expresses the truth of a statement.
Wey (N): way; method; means; manner; mode.
Weyl (N): whale.
Weyst (V): to waste (something); squander.
Weyt (V): to wait (for something).
Weyv (V): to wave (something); to move back and forth.
Wi (D): which; extracts the subject from a situation noun so that the subject takes the place of the situation noun in the parent clause. Implies that the subject is inanimate.
Wig (N): wig.
Wil (D): will; causes a verb to be in the future tense.
Wim (D): which; extracts the direct or prepositional object from a situation noun so that the object takes the place of the situation noun in the parent clause. Implies that the object is inanimate.
Win (V): to win (a competition); be victorious in; succeed at.
Wind (N): wind; gust; breeze.
Windo (N): window.
Wintr (N): winter.
Wiq (N): wing.
Wiqk (N): wink.
Wisl (D): whistling.
Wispr (V): to whisper (text); murmur.
Wix (P): with; along with; accompanied by.
Wnd (N): wound; injury.
Wolf (N): wolf.
Wor (N): war; battle; combat.
Worm (D): warm; a little hot.
Worn (V): to warn (someone); alert; alarm.
Wumen (N): woman; female.
Wun (D): one.
Wundr (V): to wonder (about something); ponder.
Wuyd (D): wide; thick.
Wuyf (N): wife.
Wuyl (P): while; during; for; for the duration of; from the start to the end of.
Wuyn (N): wine.
Wuyp (V): to wipe (a surface).
Wuyt (D): white.
Wuz (D): was; -ed; causes a verb to be in the past tense.
Wy (N): us/we; a group of people including the speaker.
Wyd (N): weed; an unwanted plant.
Wyk (N): week.
Wyl (N): wheel.
Wyt (N): wheat.
Wytflawr (N): flour.
Wöc (V): to wash (something); clean.
Wödr (N): water.
Wödrweyv (N): wave; a formation in a liquid.
Wöfl (N): waffle.
Wök (V): to walk (on something).
Wöl (N): wall.
Wönt (V) to want; wish for; hope for.
Wösp (N): wasp.
Wötc (N): watch; for telling time.
Xiq (N): thing; the most general noun.
Xiqk (V): to think (about something).
Xretn (V): to threaten (to do something).
Xrmömidr (N): thermometer.
Xro (V): to throw (something); toss.
Xrot (N): throat.
Xrsty (D): thirsty.
Xrw (P): through; in and out of.
Xry (D): three.
Xum (N): thumb.
Xundr (N): thunder.
Xyidr (N): theater; theatre; a place for acting or movies.
Xym (N): theme.
Yelo (D): yellow.
Yer (D): your; belonging to you.
Yestrdey (D): yesterday; during the previous day.Ygl (N): eagle.
Ykwul (V): is the exact same as; equal to; identical to.
Ymeyl (N): email.
Yogrt (N): yogurt.
Yok (N): yolk; of an egg.
Yr (N): ear.
Yriq (N): earing; worn on the ear.
Yst (D): east.
Yt (V): to eat (something); consume.
Yuq (D): young.
Yvn (D): even; emphasizes something surprising or extreme.
Yw (N): you; the person being addressed.
Ywnit (N): unit.
Ywnivers (N): universe.
Ywtentsl (N): utensil.
Ywz (V): to use.
Yzy (D): easy/easily.
Yön (N): yawn.
Yörd (N): yard; land around a building.
Yörn (N): yarn.
Zip (V): to zip (something).
Zipr (N): zipper.
Zw (N): zoo.
Zwkyny (N): zucchini.
Zyro (D): zero.
Öbdjekt (N): object.
Öd (D): odd; unusual; rare; strange.
Ödm (N): fall; autumn; a season.
Ödomadik (D): automatic/automatically; with no external intervention.
Ödyents (N): audience; listeners; viewers.
Öf (P): off of; not touching.
Öfis (N): office.
Öfn (D): often; frequent/frequently; occupational/occupationally; as a job; routinely; as the primary purpose; as a tool for.
Öfr (V): to offer (something); present for someone to accept.
Öksidjn (N): oxygen.
Öktupws (N): octopus.
Öliv (N): olive.
Ölmost (D): almost; nearly.
Ölredy (D): already.
Ölso (D): too; also; in addition.
Ön (P): on (something); on top of; touching.
Önest (D): honest/honestly; truthful.
Önt (N): aunt.
Öpcn (N): option; choice.
Öposit (N): opposite.
Ördikl (N): article; a piece of writing.
Örkeyd (N): arcade; a place for playing games.
Örm (N): arm; a part of the body.
Örmr (N): armor; body defense.
Örmy (N): army.
Ört (N): art.
Övuködo (N): avocado.
Öxr (N): author.

In this post you will find 155 Catchy Math Slogans, Math Slogans for Middle School, Algebra Slogans, Math T- Shirt Slogans, Funny Math Slogans, Math Club Slogans, Math Team Slogans and Geometry Slogans.

Math Slogans

Math and Success Add Up

Multiply your success!

Study Math for a better Path

We have your number!

Math builds your brain

Do math, not meth!

Blank Math Pagemrs. N. Gill

Don’t get mad, learn to add

Be a wise girl or guy, Give math a try

It’s no lie, I can multiply!

There’s strength in numbers

Every X has its Y

Solve Your Own Problems

Math is like a solving the puzzle

What’s the same in every country? Math!

Math: Go Figure!

All the proof you’ll need

Prepare to divide and conquer

Exponents: Now we’re talking power

Have Math in your Path

Math is not for the stupid

For every X there is a reason

The possibilities with Math are Infinite

When in doubt work it out

Feel the wrath of math

Merely a problem with a guaranteed solution

Math is radical!

Math Doesn’t Suck

Math-don’t let it bug you

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again

Don’t be scared of inequalities

All jobs now require math

Mathematics: created the Universe!

No doubt, we live and breathe in Maths every minute!

Enjoy the heaven with wonder Maths!

Air, Water and Maths support life on earth!

Blank math pagemrs. n. gillette

Maths: Easy as 3.14159265!

Be ignorant and eliminate math

When you’re dealing with equations, It’s easier than multiplication

Tolerance + Diplomacy + Freedom + Democracy + Human Rights = Cultures of Peace

Greed + Corruption + Inequality + Ill Will + Ignorance + Fear divided by Society = Conflict, Pain, Suffering

Math Slogans for Middle School

Math + You = Champion That sums it up

Math: A lesson that counts!

Calculus: It’s Always Been Integrated

Do Math’s! or you won’t be able to count

Adding and subtracting is quite easy

Math: what you can count on!

Never leave home without it

You Do the Math… oh wait if you haven’t come to class, you can’t.

4 out of 3 people struggle with math


Math: It’s Totally Money!

It’s COOL to like math

Math can be fun for everyone

Don’t forget the correct sign, Math is so easy it’s divine

The Original Truth or Consequences

Math simplifies your life and multiplies your opportunities

Without math there can be no rockets

I like (pi symbol) and I eat it too

It’s why this building hasn’t collapsed yet

Ipega game lobby apk emulator

Math is the problem, thinking is the solution

For Good Measure

As a matter of fact, I can subtract!

Mathematics is made of 50% formulas, 50% proofs, and 50% imagination

We do our Maths fast, just like a rocket, we keep our calculators in our pocket

Math builds happiness no let’s go multiply if you know wat I mean

In math you’re either right or a step towards being right

People hate mathematics because we taught them to hate mathematics

Math: Because people will pay you a lot of money to do their taxes for them

I liked Math in High-School, but then suddenly all the numbers disappeared!

Algebra Slogans

Algebra: The Picasso of Mathematics

ALGEBRA: It’s Hip to Be Squared

Just as delicious as apple pie

ALGEBRA: (u)+me= true love

Getting Back to Your Square Roots

ALGEBRA: Scrambling Numbers, Letters, and Brains for Centuries

Algebra no one really likes this class

Algebra: Weapon of math instruction

Math T- Shirt Slogans

You’ll be glad to know how to add

Math: The only universal language

The Leader in Integration

Math Matters

Fight the math like a warrior

Dear Math, I Love You

It’s Symbolic

Mathematics: It’s Coordinated

Cute as Pi (use the symbol)

Mathematicians have it figured out

Math: Money, COUNT on it!

It’s not a sin cos we like maths


We are > than you

You love Maths!

Math: want me to prove it?

Wonders in Maths!

Maths is life to science!

The Value of X Has Put Upon Me a Hex

Math wizard underneath it!

Maths works wonders for you!

e= mc squared

Math is NOT Scary

Funny Math Slogans

Math makes me mad


Math: It’s what’s for dinner!

Who needs brains? We have calculators!

M.A.T.H.S: Mentally affected teachers harassing students

Dear Math, I’m not a therapist, solve your own problems

Math Sucks

It’s no lie, I can multiply!

May the F=ma be with you… always

Rocket launch in 5 – 4 + 3 / 2 + 1 = LIFT OFF!

Come bust a move where the formulas are made, its chill, its fresh its math class today

Math Club Slogans

Join the Math Club and find out why 2+2 does not equal 5

Math kids get to blow things up later in life

Come join the math club, it will be as sweet as pie (π)

Nerds now, rich later

Math + You = Champion That sums it up

Trigonometry for farmers: swine and coswine

Why? Bill Gates… that’s why

Nerdy? Feeling lost? Join the Math Club — it all adds up!

We will cause math destruction

MATH CLUB: Free your inner geek!

Math Club. It’s Hip To Be2

What a Maths, what a life!

Learn Maths, love Maths, save the earth!

Free the modules! Give them a basis for existence!

Math Team Slogans

E to the Y, dy dx,

To Infinity, and beyond!

E to the X, dx

i^2 keeping it real

Cosine, secant, tangent, sine

  1. 1 4 1 5 9

Square root, cube root, log of pi

lim of gpa-> 0 of BS = BA

We are [your name] Junior High!

Keep Calm and Do The Math

7 8 9 – With the seven eating 9

Watch us kick your asymptote!

Sine = Opposite / Hypotenuse

Cosine = Adjacent / Hypotenuse

Tangent = Opposite / Adjacent

Geometry Slogans

Space Exploration

Without Geometry, Life Is Pointless.

Geometry: Space Invasion

A True Space Odyssey

Geometry: Space Planning at its Best

On Point

Geometry: To a Point

Further Reading

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