Betty Boards Grateful Dead Download

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  1. Betty Boards Grateful Dead
  2. 1973 Grateful Dead
  3. Betty Boards Grateful Dead Download Full

All Music is from Grateful Dead allowed show tapers and thus there is no violation of copyright laws sharing this music. Taper tapes have been traded freely for years and this is some of my collection.

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  2. Download a track or 3 from each, compare 'em, and decide for yourself. Oh, and let us know what you think. Pete: Thanks for the info, Darrin. After downloading a couple of tracks from both, i think that this newly remastered Betty Board does sound slightly better than the version at

The last show I saw before Jerry's death was at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC and while there, out of no where, came the thought, realization, that the last show of the 3 night run, was exactly my 100th Grateful Dead show. Makes no difference, as a number is just a number but I did have some incredible times at GD shows all across the country.

All below were converted from analog tape and are at 128Kbps. As can be expected, quality varies from very good to not so good. Most are 2nd generation meaning that they were a copy of the original taper's tape. In some cases, I have pulled entire set into music editor and equalized or enhanced sound and also cut dead air here and there.

Betty Boards Grateful Dead Download

All labeling is believed to be correct as to venue and date but if you know otherwise, would appreciate hearing from you and I will fix.

As all files are large (> 50MB), I do not recommend you try to download over a dialup line.

The order below is in Venue alphabetical.

Betty Boards Grateful Dead

Betty Cantor-Jackson (born 1948) is an American audio engineer and producer. She is best known for her work recording live concerts for the Grateful Dead from the late 1960s to the early 1980s, including the Cornell 5/8/77 album. She is noted for her ear for recording and her long tenure with the band.

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Dead SetsGrateful Dead - (Fillmore East) (NY, NY) 04-28-1971) (Set 1).mp3(Corrected: Thanks David Edge)

Dead SetsGrateful Dead - (Winterland Arena) (San Francisco, CA) (12-31-1997) (Complete Show).mp3(New 30 Dec 2010)

1973 Grateful Dead

Bob matthews grateful dead

Betty Boards Grateful Dead Download Full

Grateful Dead
May 05, 1977
Veterans Memorial Coliseum,
New Haven, CT
Sets I & II
Source: Betty Cantor's SBD Reel Master > PCM > Beta PCM clone > cloned to wav file on computer by Sony SLHF300 Betamax and modified Sony PCM601esd via spdif output > VX pocket SPDIF input > emphasis decoded in software and played out of computer via SPDIF out into Myteck Stereo DAC96 (balanced analog out with Superclock on) > DBX150X Type I dbx decode (balanced analog in and out) > Korg MR2000 (1 bit) > rendered to 24 48 in Audiogate
Source & Transfer by Anonymous
Edited & Mastered using Adobe Audition by Joe Noel
January 13, 2020
patch info:
- shnid (139355) unknown audience
- s2t05; 03:51 - end
- s2t06; start - 00:15
- s2t10; 01:56 - 02:30
- Thanks to anonymous, for sharing this source while hiding out away from the Bay Area
- Thanks to Pete Ebel for the transfer of the unknown aud. recording.
- none of the circulating sources are patched.
- Set I -
s1t01 - tuning
s1t02 - Promised Land
s1t03 - [a funny thing happened]
s1t04 - Sugaree
s1t05 - tuning
s1t06 - Mama Tried ->
s1t07 - El Paso
s1t08 - Tennessee Jed
s1t09 - tuning
s1t10 - Looks Like Rain
s1t11 - tuning
s1t12 - Deal
s1t13 - tuning
s1t14 - Lazy Lightning ->
s1t15 - Supplication
s1t16 - tuning
s1t17 - Peggy-O
s1t18 - tuning
s1t19 - The Music Never Stopped
- Set II -
s2t01 - tuning
s2t02 - Bertha
s2t03 - tuning
s2t04 - Estimated Prophet
s2t05 - tuning
s2t06 - Scarlet Begonias ->
s2t07 - Fire on The Mountain ->
s2t08 - Good Lovin'
s2t09 - tuning
s2t10 - Saint Stephen ->
s2t11 - Sugar Magnolia
- encore -
s2t12 - Johnny B. Goode
Checksums & tags created in xACT
Tagging notes:
Show information is embedded within the header of each flac file.
It will display on any player capable of directly playing flac files.
If converted to wav during processing, all tags will be stripped,
however audio data will remain unaffected. If you must
transcode to a lossy format, do so directly Flac > Lossy.
Use ffp or st5 to validate audio integrity.
Md5 values will change if tagging is altered.
(J.Noel 14 January 2020]