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Above is a screenshot of the website for Department of Budget and Management with Baybayin. Looks cool as the people on Twitter mentioned but it’s written wrong!

Running head: THE IMPORTANCE OF THE SURAT MANGYAN The Importance of the Mangyan Writing System: The Surat Mangyan Restituto Reyes Pitogo Resource Person, Mangyan Heritage Center, Inc. Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines Presented at the First Baybayin Summit Sison Auditorium, Lingayen, Pangasinan, Philippines April 9-11, 2015 THE IMPORTANCE OF THE SURAT MANGYAN 2 Abstract The Mangyan. 1899 – Baybayin Act of 2013 March 24, 2014 AN ACT INSTITUTIONALIZING THE USE OF BAYBAYIN IN ALL OFFICIAL LOGOS OF ALL GOVERNMENT AGENCIES, DEPARTMENTS AND OFFICES. 결의안을 제출한 지 일주일이 지나 리웨이웨이는 법으로 선언 된 필리핀 역사적 인물이 없다는 것을 깨달았다. 2009년 8월 10일, 리웨이웨이는 의회에서 그녀의 특전 연설(privilege speech)에서 1995년 당시 전국 영웅위원회에서 추천하였던 9명의 필리핀 영웅을 열거했다. The President also stressed that while the Constitution upholds the freedom of the press, the function to broadcast is a privilege granted by government to media organizations. “It is imbued with the best interest of the nation and our people,” said the President, adding that his administration will not tolerate any abuse of such privilege. KBL11 BAYBAYIN 101: Efforts of Revitalization. KBL12 PM Baybayin 101: Bakas ng Lumipas.

It’s supposed to be “Kagawaran ng Pagbabadget at Pamamahala” but actually says “kagawarana naga pagabaAbadeta ata pamamahala”

Baybayin Privelege Speech

There’s even an extra A there.

With the government support of Baybayin via the pending National Script Act house bill, more government websites are incorporating the script. All is this is good but as I mentioned in a post last year, there are some concerns. One that I talk about in my lectures is that with popularity and passion without a basic understanding will lead to embarrassing errors like this.

UPDATE: I reached out to them to help with the error and as of April 28, 2012, all is good.


The Pre Hispanic Native Royal Houses and Principalia Families of the Republic of the Philippines

The Principalia familiesof the Philippines are the descendants of the prehispaniclakan, sultan, datu, rajah, hadi of the different ancient prosperous native settlements all over the country that were eventually recognized by the Kingdom of Spain as part of the their royal administration in the country.

This could be a result of the informal alliance between Lakan Bunao Dula of the Lakanate of Tondo with the Kingdom of Spain. Among the agreement of the Lakanate of Tondo and the Kingdom of Spain are : there will be no more armed conflict between the two kingdoms, the native hereditary leaders will be allowed to use their ancient surnames, they will be free from paying taxes, and they will be appointed as gobernadorcillos of their own settlements. As a gesture of this diplomatic alliance between the Kingdom of Spain and the Lakanate of Tondo, Batang Dula, the eldest son and heir apparent of Lakan Bunao Dula and Senorita Goiti were betrothed and the palace of Lakan Bunao Dula, will be under the protection and maintenance of the Kingdom of Spain. Later, the palace was converted into a dormitory and eventually, a church was built on it.

Baybayin Privilege Speech Language

Baybayin privilege speech download

It is now known as the Sto. Nino Church of Tondo. According Rev. Fr. Lito Villegas of the Church of Sto. Nino de Tondo, with the death of Lakan Bunao Dula, the Sto. Nino became the 'Lakan of the Kingdom Tondo with children of Lakan Bunao led by his eldest son and heir apparent Batang Dula acting as the regents of the native kingdom. In the later part of the nation’s history, the Philippine Revolution against the Kingdom of Spain will eventually be led by natives of Tondo, Andres Bonifacio and Macario Sakay. When the Philippine Revolutionary Government was hoodwinked by both the Americans and the Kingdom of Spain through the Treaty of Paris, the revolutionary government led by Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo filed a formal protest against the treaty and in their protest letter, they mentioned that the sovereignty and mandate of the revolutionary government was derived from the Lakanate of Tondo's mandate of Lakan Bunao Dula.

Baybayin Privilege Speech Download

Computer monitor recording software. The recognition of the rights and privileges of the Filipino Principalía as equivalent to those of the Hidalgos of Castile appears to facilitate entrance of Filipino nobles into institutions under the Spanish Crown, either civil or religious, which required proofs of nobility. However, such approximation may not be entirely correct since in reality, although the principales were vassals of the Spanish Crown, their rights as sovereign in their former dominions were guaranteed by the Laws of the Indies, more particularly the Royal Decree of Philip II of 11 June 1594, which Charles II confirmed for the purpose stated above, in order to satisfy the requirements of the existing laws in the Peninsula.

The descendants of Lakan Dula has been spearheaded by the lineage of Batang Dula, through the cadet line of David Dula y Goiti where the Dulay Tribe all over the country emerged. They are recognized by the organizations of indigenous Filipinos headed by Rajah Julian Canonoy and other datu as well as principalia families, royal families from Sarawak, articles, blogs, heritage websites, and historians - - as the cadet line of the Lakanate of Tondo. The descendants of Lakan Dula which is headed by the 5th hereditary leader of the Dulay Mendoza Clan of Marikina, through their foundation, Ceferino Dulay Memorial Foundation, Inc. (CDM Foundation) has been doing advocacies and projects such as 1. Animal Shelter, 2. Marikina News, 3. Pro - Poor Projects (Feeding Program, Outreach, and Gift Giving), 4. Baybayin, Arnis and Kundiman Revival, 5. Lakanate of Tondo, Royal Houses and Principalia Families, 6. Descendants of Lakan Dula, 7. Sumpa ni Lakan Dula, 8. Indigenous tribal groups in the Philippines and 9. Dine with the Ancestors. The CDM Foundation was organized by the elders of the Dulay Tribe among them was Simon Dulay Sr. of Laoang, Northern Samar in honor of the lineage of the eldest son Ceferino Rivas Dulay, the 4th hereditary leader of Dulay Mendoza Clan of Marikina Valley. The Presidency of the foundation is now with the eldest son and legal heir of Ceferino who is known as the 5th hereditary leader of the clan.

The Family of the Patriarch of the House of Dula

Baybayin privilege speech languageA circle of advocates on specialized fields were involved in the projects: Pastor Jay Enage, founder of Baybayin Buhayin, Inc., Samuel Bambit Dulay for arnis, Arjhay Laurea for Kundiman and the family of the late national artist Lang Dulay for tinalak. The leader of the descendants of Lakan Dula had been interviewed by bloggers, I - Juander of GMA, different students and I -Witness of GMA; and the House of Dulay Mendoza has been a favorite venue for films and documentaries. One of those who took notice of the activities of the descendants of Lakan Dula was a Fil American from New York representing the Wangdom of Ma-I in Bulalacao Mindoro. He wrote a letter to the head of the House of Dula and an informal alliance between the Lakanate of Tondo and Wangdom of Ma-I was discussed in principle to support the existing projects and advocacies. The alliance embarked on a US Mission to Recover Doctrina Cristiana now kept by the US Library of Congress which was coordinated with the Office of the President, National Historical Commission and the Department of Foreign Affairs. The people behind the God's Culture in YouTube visited the House of Dula for a Dine with the Ancestors Ritual Havilah Version. A principalia who is a high ranking Filipino priest and papal official based in Vatican City in Rome later participated in the visioning of an organization of the principalia families in the Philippines which in essence became the foundation of the council. In a meeting between the patriarch of the House of Dula and the parish priest of the Sto. Nino de Tondo, a pilgrimage of Lakan Dula descendants to Tondo was discussed and the necessity of formalizing the Principalia Council was deemed as historical priority.

The Descendants of Lakan Dula of Tondo are united, their unassuming secretive patriarch does not rule, he reigns privately