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Posted : admin On 8/22/2021
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The islamicbook is a website that facilitates access to islamic books that are freely readable over the Internet. It also aims to encourage the development of such online books, for the benefit and edification of all. Understanding Ramadan: Fasting, Tarawih, I'tikaf, Lailat Al-Qadr, Sadaqat Al-Fitr & the two Eid Prayers.

Despite the distorted image that is promoted by media, the world witnesses unexpected wide spread of the religion of Islam, and this is an absolute proof that this religion has extraordinary attractive force, once the one starts to read about this religion's principles and values.

For this reason our site will provide our visitors with a new service, as you can get any of the following books for free. Not only that, but also these books will reach your home anywhere.

You can order up to 3 books monthly and We will send them to your door for free with no charge at all. Of course the priority will be to non-muslims or Muslims who can not easily get Islamic books, especially in non-islamic countries.

You only shall Fill the order form

All Islamic Content In One Placeread Books Online


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Sample books

Holy QuranA Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding IslamIslam The religion of AllThe True Religion of IslamExistence of GODProphecies in the Bible for the Advent of MuhammadPriests Embracing Islam The Quran and Modern Science Compatible Incompatible
Principles of IslamPrayers Human Rights in Islam and Common MisconceptionsThe Concept of God in IslamWomen in IslamInnocence of JesusStories of New MuslimsIs the Bible God’s Word

Islamic books are those books that guide Muslims in all aspects of their lives. The laws that are stated by Allah which governs all aspects of their lives are mentioned in these books and Muslims believe these books to be holy and follow them with complete faith.


All Islamic Content In One Placeread Books Online Read

Quran is considered to be the most sacred books among Muslims. Quran is the main and the central book in Islam that every Muslim follows without any doubts as it is said to be revealed by Allah to Prophet Muhammad through angel Gabriel. It took around 23 years for the complete book to be revealed. As the text were dictated by Muhammad, many of his companions wrote down the book. There are 114 chapters in Quran, from which the first chapter is recited the most. Download The Holy Quran PDF here


Sunnah consists of written records of what was preached by Prophet Muhammad and also what was interpreted by the actions and sayings of the prophet. The Sunnah consists of laws describing how a Muslim is supposed to lead his life. The teachings of Quran and the Sunnah, when combined together forms the basis of the law that governs a Muslim’s life, the Shariah law. It is considered compulsory for all the Muslims to live his/her life as per mentioned in the Sunnah and Shariah law.


According to Islam, there are four books that were revealed by Allah to the prophets – Moses, David, Jesus and Muhammad. As mentioned in Quran, Musa was the one who received the Tawrat from Allah on the mount Sinai. The literal meaning of the word is instruction or the way of guidance. As the book has been translated many number of times, Muslims do not believe the book to be in its original form anymore.


Before Quran, there were three books that were revealed to the prophets and Zabur is one of those four books and is considered holy by the Muslims. The book was authored by Dawud, when it revealed to him by Allah. The book is said to be revealed to him as chants. Even though the original texts of the book is said to be lost, most of the Muslims read and follow it.


Injil is one of the four holy books of Muslims that was revealed to Jesus by god. It is believed by many that Injil points towards the new testament, but it has been stated as per many scholars that the Injil points towards Gospel – not the translated one, but the original one that was truly revealed to Jesus. According to Muslims, Jesus was a prophet, not the god himself.

All Islamic Content In One Placeread Books Online Order

These are the books that must be read by all the Muslims at least once in their lifetime. These holy books of Islam not only teaches them about the foundation of their faith, but also describes their behaviour in the contemporary world. These books are a must-read for those who want to learn about Islam and its people.