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Posted : admin On 8/23/2021
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Provided the file system supports long file names, the [email protected] File Recovery will support them. Some combinations of Operating Systems and File Systems, like DOS installed on FAT12 or FAT16 may not support long filenames, thus neither the operating system, nor file recovery software can operate with long filenames on these disks. [email protected] File Recovery for Windows enables you to find, review and recover lost or deleted files. It scans computer hard drives in a matter of minutes and displays all recoverable files. Active File Recovery is an application aimed to save and recover lost files or those deleted by mistake. What stands out the most on Active File Recovery is how easy it is to find folders that are apparently not on the hard drive anymore. The program works with FAT and NTFS units, and all.

Restore accidentally deleted partitions, fix damaged volumes and disks

[email protected] Partition Recovery is a freeware toolkit that helps to recover deleted and damaged logical drives and partitions within Windows, WinPE (recovery boot disk) and Linux (recovery LiveCD) environments.

Simple QuickScan easily detects and recovers recently deleted partitions, as long as they were not formatted / overwritten to after deletion

Advanced low-level SuperScan may detect partitions which were deleted a long time ago, even if you have created new ones and even formatted them.

Last Chance recovery method detects and recovers files by their signatures on volumes having severely damaged file systems, where physical volume recovery isn't possible! Recovers NTFS/ReFS, ApFS, FAT/exFAT.

[email protected] Partition Recovery FREEWARE
[email protected] Partition Recovery for DOS FREEWARE
[email protected] Partition Recovery User Guide
[email protected] Partition Recovery for DOS User Guide
See more details on [email protected] Partition Recovery website

Key Features

Recover partitions and disks

Restores lost partitions and disks back to working state

QuickScan for fast partition recovery

QuickScan easily detects partitions which are deleted but not re-formatted

SuperScan for low-level partition detection

SuperScan uses low-level scan process to detect re-formatted and damaged partitions

Last Chance recovery method

Last Chance technology helps with severely damaged filesystems on volumes

Rollback partitioning changes

Backup and restore disk partitioning info and ability to rollback changes

Fix vital disk structures

Fix damaged Partition Table, MBR (Master Boot Record) and GPT records

On-the-fly recovery

Performs partition recovery on-the-fly (no machine reboot is needed)

Manual mode for advanced users

Manual mode for the correction Volume Boot Sectors provided for advanced users

Unicode and long file names

Supports multi-language characters (unicode) and long file names

[email protected] File Recovery Software Download

Recover to another location

Ability to recover all files and folders from disk images to another location

Pricing Table

Please choose the correct version and licensing model according to your business needs

Active File Recovery Software For Android

Windows application, Windows Installer

Active File Recovery Software


plus [email protected] Disk Editor, LastChance recovery, File Organizer & Copy All Data

Active File Recovery Software

plus [email protected] File Recovery, WinPE-based Boot Disk & Linux-based LiveCD to repair unbootable PCs

  • Personal license - for non-commercial purposes. The Personal License will be assigned to the individual's name.
  • Corporate license - for commercial use. With a Corporate License the company can use the program in a business, academic, or government environment.
  • Unlimited license - Business license that provides unlimited worldwide licensing for corporation.

Since the introduction of USB data recovery software, the impact of data lost due to virus attack, unintentional deletion, formatting, unallocated disk, or lost partition is no longer felt heavily. Today, even the tiniest of sensitive or personal data and media files can be recovered using a USB recovery tool. Nevertheless, knowing the right USB recovery tool to employ when you lose important data and files is crucial in recovery a great percentage of the lost file. There are several USB recovery tools, and we’ve studied and evaluated a good number of them based on users review, efficiency in recovery data, and recommendations.

The Best Photo Recover Software – AnyRecover

AnyRecover Data Recovery Software is the best USB flash drive recovery tool and the top 1 option in our top 5 USB recovery software review. What makes AnyRecover our best USB data recovery software is that it can recover all kinds of files and data lost on a flash drive. Hence, AnyRecover is potent in recovering deleted, lost or formatted data and media files from devices such as memory cards, hard drives, USB flash drives, recycle bin, digital camera, smartphones, and camcorders. Therefore, if you need a USB flash drive recovery tool that’s professionally designed to recover lost, deleted, formatted or corrupt files from flash drives in a fast and easy way, then choose iMyFone AnyRecover.

Pros of iMyFone AnyRecover:

  • AnyRecover is the safest, reliable, fastest, and most efficient USB flash drive recovery software.

  • Recover lost, formatted, deleted, and corrupt files from USB flash drives and other USB supported devices.

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  • Supports the recovery of lost data from other devices such as Windows PC hard drives, memory card, recycle bin, and many others.

  • All kinds of data lost situations can be solved via AnyRecover.

Steps to Recover USB Data via AnyRecover for Windows:

Step 1. Download AnyRecover and then install it on your PC. Launch the program and from the Home interface select “External Device Recovery” mode .

Step 2. Connect the USB flash drive to your computer.

Step 3. Click “Next” button and select the USN flash drive. Then, check the file type you want to recover and click “Scan”.

Step 4. You can preview files first, then select the files that you lost and click “Recover” tab.

Other 3 USB Recovery Tools

The following USB recovery software are our other best 3 USB flash drive recovery software.

#1. Active File Recovery Tool

Active File Recovery allows users to recover lost, corrupt and deleted files from USB flash drives. It made it to our review of the top 5 USB flash drive recovery tool due to its recovery speed. The software is relatively new and yet to have other features. Hence, the developers need to include some other functionalities other than USB data recovery.


It’s fast in scanning and recovering data on a USB flash drive.


The lost or formatted vector images cannot be recovered by it.

The interface is not very advanced and friendly like AnyRecover, and some features are hard to find.

The recovery process can be quite confusing.

#2. Undelete 360 Recovery

Whether you deleted your USB flash drive files unintentionally or intentionally, Undeleted 360 Recovery can help you to retrieve such files without much hassle.


It offers a free trial version that recovers all lost files with ease.


It often times changes the first letter in the name of the recovered file to the strange letter, thereby making it hard to identify.

#3. iCare Data Recovery Software

If your USB flash drive files and folders were lost due to unintentional file deletion or formatting, then iCare Data Recovery Software will be useful in recovery them. This tool also recovers data from other devices, but it’s not good in recovering photos because it can only scan to identify them but fails to recover them.


The tool supports data recovery on other types of media devices.


It doesn’t have any progress statistic chart to show the level of the recovery process.

Which USB Flash Drive Recovery Software should you get? AnyRecover is the right USB flash drive recovery tool for you. You can easily get this tool on this page or by clicking the link on the review.