A Classic Act

Posted : admin On 8/22/2021

A Classical Act

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Meet our in-house BBC Proms team Stephen Hughes, Cara Smith and Griff Hewis. deltalive have been the contracted audio supplier for the BBC Proms since 2000. Having successfully secured a further three year contract, we would like to share the wonderful, exciting and challenging journey our team go through every year to deliver the Proms!

The world renowned classical music festival is held at the Royal Albert Hall every summer, consisting of 75 unique shows, back-to-back from July to September. With over a third of the shows being amplified our “Proms Team” have the huge task of designing the sound solutions for each show. The process starts when our team receive the brief from the BBC Proms department. Team work and in-house planning begins the process of mapping through each show and devising the perfect structured sound solution for every individual artist, in conjunction with BBC Radio 3 and the BBC Proms team. deltalive supply all the audio equipment and the main PA system for all amplified live shows.

Mrhythmizer vst mac free downloadeverxx. To find out more about our experienced deltalive team who work behind the scenes to orchestrate these events, we’ve asked them to share their personal highlights and how they managed the challenges of working on such a complex and exciting project.


What are the biggest challenges you face as a team when working with the BBC Proms?

Stephen Hughes, Account Director: “All of the shows we work on vary massively in scope from year to year. Although there may be some similarities on some projects, we design a unique sound solution for each show that we’re involved in. Naturally, throughout the process each show will continue to change and evolve right up to the day of the event! Therefore, our goal is to keep on top of the technical changes as they develop, normally in relation to the changing artistic demands of the show. The late-night Proms pose their own challenges, with complex shows stacking up on each other and little turnaround time before the next production. It’s fundamental to thoroughly know the sound design for each show. This is where sticking to time schedules and supporting each other through good team work is of paramount importance. It keeps stress to a minimum and most importantly delivers the perfect service.”

Class Act

What would you say is the most rewarding part about being involved in the iconic BBC Proms?

Classic The Active Agent


Stephen: “The most rewarding part for me is the celebration of the music, as the Proms are all about the music and the audience’s experience. When you take the opportunity to acknowledge the diversity of each of the artists and listen to the amazing orchestras we get to work with, you realise that it’s a really privileged position to be in.”

Cara Smith, Project Manager: “Overseeing the whole process from conception to completion is highly rewarding. It’s great to watch how each Prom evolves and grows creatively and technically through all the planning leading up to the season. When you see all the hard work that you put in as a team having contributed to a successful event, it’s a great feeling! This year will be my fourth season and working alongside Stephen and Griff is also very rewarding, when everything gets really busy and is a bit manic, it’s great to work in a team where you know everyone’s got each other’s back and are making sure that everything is covered.”

A Classic Act

Griff Hewis, Associate: “Having a classical music background and having worked in the industry for the last 15 years, I’m always delighted to be involved with the Proms. Reading scores and understanding the nuances of each piece, as the front-of-house engineer, really helps to create the right balance in the hall and, importantly, ensure that we create an exceptional deltalive experience.”

The Classic Actress

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