63: A Good And Faithful Servant

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If there is anything that people love to hear it’s approval for a job well done. It gives you confidence knowing that you are performing or have performed at. Well done good and faithful servant. Come share your master's joy.' After Schulte was appointed to lead the New Orleans archdiocese in 1988, but before he was installed, Muench said, the Pennsylvania native was a virtual stranger in the New Orleans Catholic community. Bernard Ingham was Margaret Thatcher's Press Secretary from 1979 to 1990. Blunt, tough and widely feared, he was once called the most powerful man in Britain. Robert Harris, 'Sunday Times' columnist and a former lobby journalist, has written a detailed account of Ingham's career: his methods, his. “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” “You wicked, lazy servant.” Secretly I hope one day to hear the first sentence addressed to me by God and not the second. One thing we can learn from the parable today, among its many lessons, is the paralyzing effect of anxiety.

63: A Good And Faithful Servant
The Good and Faithful Servant
Written byJoe Orton
CharactersBuchanan, Edith, Mrs. Vealfoy
Date premiered1967
Place premieredEngland
Original languageEnglish

The Good and Faithful Servant is a darkly comic television play by the English playwright Joe Orton.[1] It was originally written in 1964 and was filmed for British television by the company Associated-Rediffusion for ITV shortly before author Joe Orton's murder in 1967.[1][2][3]Paramedic learning games.

The play was later performed theatrically.[1] A production directed by Fred Proud was performed at the King's Head Theatre in Islington, London in 1971.[4]

Original television cast[edit]

  • Donald Pleasence – Buchanan
  • Hermione Baddeley – Edith
  • Patricia Routledge – Mrs Vealfoy
  • Sheila White – Debbie
  • Richard O'Callaghan – Ray
  • Jack Bligh – old man

63: A Good And Faithful Servant In The Bible


Buchanan, a doorman who has worked at the same company for fifty years is close to retirement when he meets Edith, a cleaning woman, who turns out to be his former lover and, unbeknownst to him, mother of his twin sons. Buchanan, destroys his retirement gifts after having reflected on a wasted life, and in the following scene we see Buchanan and Edith, whom he married, waking up in bed together and whilst she happily natters away Buchanan, tears running down his cheeks, closes his eyes and silently dies in bed next to her.[5]


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Good And Faithful Servant Song

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