213 Selfsoothingdialectical Behavioral Training

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213 Selfsoothingdialectical Behavioral TrainingTraining213SelfsoothingdialecticalTherapy

Behavioral Relaxation Training (BRT), a set of ten overt behaviors directly taught by prompting and performance feedback, was compared with frontalis EMG Biofeedback (BIO), Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR), and a Music 'attention focusing' (MUS) control, on five dependent measures of relaxation, in four groups of volunteers for a 'stress-reduction' project. The human subjects training certificate is valid for three years and can be renewed by completing a refresher course. This course is offered in a social-behavioral version and a biomedical version. Both versions contain 6 modules with a passing score of 80%.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Dbt Techniques

Training participants will be strongly encouraged to provide candid feedback about their training experiences. If complaints emerge during this evaluation process or during any phase of the training, the follow steps will be taken: the participant will be given the opportunity to meet privately with the training staff onsite. If the participant requests in writing and should it be necessary, he/she will be given a full or partial refund of training fees, or credit for subsequent training/workshops. A copy of the written procedure can be found here.

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