108: Isaac The Courageous

Posted : admin On 8/22/2021

108 Days 108 Ways How I Save the World - One Woman’s Pilgrimage from Pain to Purpose is a transparent and truthful biography that describes, with fun and faith, how embarking on a personal quest, aligning with the cycles of nature, and adopting simple wellness practices, can create a solid and powerful container for individuals in deep transitional times. This is a true story about a boy who had courageous faith in the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. This boy was torn away from his home and transported many miles to a foreign nation. He was taken captive and made a slave. He was stripped of his name and was forced to learn and adapt to living in a pagans.

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108: Isaac The CourageousCourageous full movie

— Osho

Courageous 2011

108: Isaac The Courageous Movie

108: Isaac The Courageous

Courageous Full Movie

“Working with Libby energizes my faith in humanity. As a long time practitioner of yogic sciences such as Ayurveda, I have met people from all walks of life - all manner of constitutional temperaments, conditions, challenges and triumphs. While its true that we are all unique and naturally endowed with special gifts, Libby is simply one in a million.”


108: Isaac The Courageous Book

108: Isaac The Courageous

Movie Courageous 2