01.death Of The Old Ordermr. Mac's Virtual Existence

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I have been asked by many VMware Administrators about how MAC addresses are assigned to Virtual Machine?. We all aware that first 3 octets will be 00:50:56. The first three parts never change. This is the VMware Organizational Unique Identifier (OUI). How do other 3 octets are generated?. This may be the biggest question in our mind? Let’s discuss How MAC addresses are assigned to VMware Virtual Machines by the vCenter server. This post only applies to the VM MAC generation, in which ESXi host is managed by vCenter Server. ESXi host which is not managed by the vCenter server will have the different mechanism to generate the MAC address for Virtual Machine.

01.death Of The Old Ordermr. Mac's Virtual Existence Date

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Chapter 6: Regional Profile Transvaal. In 1960, when the National Party (NP) government extended the pass laws to women, widespread public dissatisfaction crystallised into the mass protest that ended with the killing of sixty-nine demonstrators in Sharpville on 21 March. How to list all MAC address of all VM’s on Hyper-V# This tip shows you how to list MAC addresses on local or remote Hyper-V servers. A media access control address (MAC address) of a computer is a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications at the data link layer of a network segment.

How vCenter Assigns Virtual MAC Address to VMware Virtual Machine?

As we aware that, First 3 Octects will be 00:50:56. This is the VMware Organizational Unique Identifier (OUI). How does 4th octet of VM MAC address are calculated? Let’s begin the Calculation.

4th Octet of MAC = (128+ vCenter Instance ID) Convert it to Hexadecimal

To get the vCenter Server Instance ID -> Login to vSphere Client ->Administration -> vCenter Server Settings -> Runtime Settings. Note down the vCenter Server Unique ID. My vCenter Server Unique ID is 24.

How to Calculate 4th Octet of the VM MAC Address?

The automatically generated MAC address has the fourth octet is equal to 128 + the vCenter instance ID converted to hexadecimal.

4th Octet of MAC = (128+ vCenter Instance ID) Convert it to Hexadecimal

01.death of the old ordermr. macMac

= 128+24 = 152

4th Octet of VM MAC = 98 (Conversion of 152 to Hexadecimal)


I have confirmed the Same from the few of Virtual Machine MAC Address. 4 octet is assigned as “98”. Wolfsberger ac 1920 kitsempty spaces the blog example.


The last two bytes are assigned in the mechanism so that each MAC address is assigned would be unique. I hope this is informative for you. Thanks for Reading!!!. Be Social and share it on social media, if you feel worth sharing it.

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